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Thread: A Fresh Start Group! R2

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    Talking A Fresh Start Group! R2

    Hi All!
    I'd love company on this Round 2 journey if anyone wants to join me. I'll start loading Saturday 5/4/13. Any others starting their 2nd round at the same time?

    My first round was in the fall- lost 15 lbs. and kept it off until 1 month ago when I started slipping in to old habits and have gained back about 5. I want to nip this trend in the bud and get down to my goal weight of 135. I've been afraid to weigh myself this week, but one week ago today I was 147. I'm doing a 23-day round of subq injx's, although if I have hcg left at that point, I may be able to go longer.

    I'm excited to start and a little nervous. Last time I began with hhcg and switched midway as I realized my hhcg wasn't working because I was extremely hungry and felt like I was going to keel over. This time it's injections from the beginning and I'm looking forward to that consistency as it seemed to take me weeks last time trying to get my dose right and by then it was time for me to stop.

    Anyone else want to compare notes as we go?
    I'm 39 and am in Arizonee where it is absolutely gorgeous right now. Good luck to all you hcg'ers out there- you can do it! We can do it!

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    Hey Joy-full!

    I just started loading today and would love, love, love to have a buddy to do this with. My VLCD will start on Sunday so we will be one day off from each other but that`s okay :-).

    I turn 42 on Monday (yikes!) and I would like to lose between 25-30lbs. My son graduates on June 20th - I have that goal in mind to motivate me even further!!

    I am in Atlantic Canada...envy your gorgeous weather there...it is still on the chilly side here.

    Woot! Woot! let`s do this!

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    jhare! You're an answer to my prayers! Have you done hcg before?

    Sooo happy to be doing this with you! Have fun loading and planning. So today was your first hcg day right? Injections or hhcg?


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    Joy-full this is crazy but I am also loading tomorrow and I have the same goal weight as you! Small world eh? I weigh a little more than you right now and am probably shorter, I'm 5'3. I'm hoping to do a full 40 day round and hopefully get down to my goal weight with just one round.

    I am 27 and I've decided I am done, done, DONE with being overweight. I've never been obese but I've gotten pretty darn close, I've been around 20lbs overweight for probably 6-7 years and I am just done with it. I am single and on top of wanting to be "marketable" to find the man of my dreams, I am sick and tired of not wearing cute clothes because of how I'll look in them. I'm officially done with insecurity!

    I am going to be taking Rx HCG injections, the last two times I've done Rx sublingual but I recently read about how the HCG molecules are supposedly too big to be absorbed that way, similar to insulin it has to be injected. Not sure if I believe that but I figure better safe than sorry, at least with injections I'll know I'm getting 100% of the HCG. I had ordered from escrowrefills.com and last night got soooo fed up with it sitting in customs for over a week, I went ahead and ordered a 28 day supply from ushcginjection.com and because I paid for USPS Express mail, I will have it in my hands tomorrow!! Whoohoo!!

    ~ Lucy

    I am a Weight Loss Apocalypse follower, using The Hunger Scale for life!

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    I agree - whooohoooo! I am very excited to have some buddies to stay on track with.

    I have done this diet twice before with great success - it really does work! However, I did not do phase 3 properly and therefore never really stabilized (either time ). I am going to follow each phase to the T this time!! I feel very silly for this yo-yoing I have going on.

    I also am doing the injections and yes, today was my first hcg day - first load day. I want to do a 40 day round too so Lucy...happy your doing a long round too...!

    Giddeyup ladies!


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    jhare it's crazy how alike we three are here! I am the exact same, I've done 2 rounds before and it worked great (this is the only diet I lose consistently on), but once I got into P3 I just didn't do it right and so not surprisingly I gained everything back. So frustrating but I only have myself to blame and this time I am going to do it right no matter how long it takes or how hard it is.

    ~ Lucy

    I am a Weight Loss Apocalypse follower, using The Hunger Scale for life!

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    Amen to that! I am completely with you!

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    Hi Ladies! So glad to see you joined us Lucyinthesky!

    Jhare, I'm so proud of you for choosing to be on vlcd part for your birthday- My birthday at the end of March was the beginning of me getting off my good eating habits I've stuck with so well since ending R1. It really is a fresh new start to be actively losing so much weight on your birthday. It will probably be one of the days you'll lose the most!
    I had a great P3 partner online here and we really helped each othere. I was able to stabilize really well and stayed within my 2 lbs. for about 2 months and then within 4 lbs. of my LIW until the end of March. I'll weigh-in on Monday, but I'm dreading it! Hopefully we can stay in contact through P3 - I think it was why I was so successful the first time.

    Lucy- that is exciting to have the same goal and starting the same day! Yahoo! Hopefully you're mail comes early...I'm going to mix mine up in the morning and take that first injx!

    Last time I did crazy carb/fat loading days. This time I've way over done the carbs this last week didn't have hardly any yesterday or today. For the next two days I'm having mostly protein, fats, and non-starchy veggies. Not planning what I'm having too much, except I know I'm going to have some cheese!

    Thanks so much for sharing your fresh start with me---count me in on the 'no-to-the-yo'....the yo-yo-ing has got to go! I read Weight Loss Apocolypse too and loved it.

    Woot! Woot!

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    Good Morning!

    Just did my first injection. The initial mixing is so nerve-wracking! I'm in nursing school (taking my first semester final on Monday!) ((nail-bite teeth-chatter)) and I would have thought I'd been better at that part. I didn't withdraw air out of my powdered hcg before injecting the first bit of bac water, so when I withdrew the needle, the precious hcg spurted out and I know I lost some. I continued on being a little frustrated at how the water/air combos inside the bottles continually were surprising me with water spurting even though I thought I knew how to do that part! Well, what's done is done and now it'll be up to adjusting my dose as to how I feel because I know the amounts are going to be a bit off. But I'm starting off with what I think is 150 iu.

    Janna- what iu are you starting off with? and is today your 2nd loading day?

    Lucy- let us know how your mixing and first injx goes!

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    Hey ladies, day two of loading is going good... I feel sooo sooo full!! ha ha. Today we are having my birthday festivities (i.e. dinner out and cake) so that I have no temptations come tomorrow.

    Joy-full, I am starting off with 170ish IU - I found this was my magic number to ward off the hunger so that is what I am going to start with again this time.

    I only gained .6lbs on my first load day, which seems low compared to the other rounds I have done, but hey, it's less I will end up having to lose. I wonder if it is good or bad to have only small gains during the load days? Hummm

    I am thrilled to have some buddies for this journey!


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    Happy Birthday Janna! Low gains are great! My totally uneducated take on the load days are that we should be having more fat and less carbs and if done really well could result in no gains. So I think that's awesome. And whatever water weight you take on from yummy birthday goodies will come right off in the next few days- so, enjoy!

    Kind've funny- my sweet boyfriend is taking me out for my birthday dinner today too even though it was at the end of March. He ended up having the stomach flu on my birthday, so we rainchecked it till now so I could celebrate being done with my school semester.

    Eggplant parmesan for me tonight- no bread or dessert though...I've had PLENTY this last week.

    Ciao! Chow!

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    I would love to join this group. I actually started loading on Friday so I will start the VLCD on Sunday. I hope its ok for me to join up still?

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