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Thread: A Fresh Start Group! R2

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    Mornin Friends-

    I appreciate your being happy for me, but yesterday was the worst day yet unfortunately. Sunday was so incredible- energy through the roof (80iu). Then yesterday (100iu) I didn't make it through the day. Exhausted, irritable and hungry again and I was working....so hard for me to be positive with my client. Had a huge cheat last night that I don't even feel bad about and am up to 142.0 this morning. Asked Grammy questions about my dosage. She says to stick with the 80iu and ride it out for a while even though she thinks I should't lose any more weight. She thinks I should up my calories and stick to protocol foods. So that's what I'm doing.

    Starting my canvassing job today where I'm walking and talking with folks for 6 hours. Time will tell how today will be, although it seems better than yesterday morning at this time. I'm thinking that maybe my last injection day will be Friday...will see how my energy is this week. This dosage thing bites though, because if it was't for that I'd be almost at my goal. Oh well! Looks like I'll have to be happy with 140 if I can get there!

    Janne- so sorry to hear about your son. Kid probs are some of the hardest. Mine is 12, so the teenage fun has just begun. It's great that you're down a little bit though even with that stress! I bet you have a bigger loss tomorrow...

    Angela- how're you feeling?? Hearing that you were down 2 days after a cheat, gives me hope!

    Crossing my fingers for a better day...

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    Hi friends! Happy Tuesday that completely feels like a Monday- blech.
    Janna- good job, -.2. A loss is a loss! I cannot imagine how stressful having teens will be. And, I'll eventually have 3 at once. Hope your son straightens up for you. I am betting you see good losses this week- mine are always smaller when I do not sleep well.
    Cari- so bummed you are still having issues with fatigue & hunger. I was really hoping yesterday would be like Sunday for you. Grammy's advice is always sound- maybe time to go to P3. Hope you aren't too bummed!
    I think the reason I was down after my cheating weekend was that my cheats did not include any sugar/starch. Just fruits/protein/fage. But, still means lost days I could have been losing. OH WELL- one big lesson I am trying to learn is to not think it is perfection or nothing- that is what gets me into to trouble. I think if I have one "cheat", all is lost and I should give up hope and just abandon the whole thing. Have been struggling with that way of thinking for years. I am doing somewhat better with that....it is a sure way to self-sabotage. I was down another .8 this morning. Very happy with that...
    However, I am super hungry right now. Already ate my fruit. Think I will have lunch soon (chicken, spinach soup) and then make myself drink lots of water and tea for the afternoon.
    Oh and I have NOT been doing skip days. I know I should, but afraid of skipping!
    Keep us posted on how you are doing, Cari- big (hug) to you - hoping today is a good day (in the eternal words of Ice Cube, lol).

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    Cari, how was yesterday?

    Angela, did the hunger pass? .8 is so great! Way to go!

    I have 15-20 days left (the stop date will depend on my results)... I am down another .2 today. Like you said Angela, a loss is a loss...

    I have such a busy week for the next week... I have two major papers due by next Monday and they are humdingers... GAH! I am kind of hoping for rain this weekend so I am not looking longingly out the window all weekend!

    Cari, how was the 1st day of the new job? How is the painting coming?

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    Girlfriends! I'm back among the living! So sorry about my bummer of an attitude...This dosage thing has had me whacked- it's not been pms, I know what that's like. 80iu seems to be my sweet spot- I never would have thought!

    I'm down -.9 today to 141.1 (same as 8 days ago!). Grammy's advice was to up my calories but still eat protocol foods, no mixing foods, etc. And wait it out so that I have a better chance of stabilizing. Yesterday I had about 800 calories of all strawberries, cucumbers and chicken. I walked for 6 hours in a very hilly area--it was like being on a stair machine off and on all day. But I had energy, and wasn't hungry! Came home in the evening and prepared chicken for 2 hours and then finally fell into bed, and slept like a baby for 8 1/2 hours. Zzzz.... It's a happy day. I also woke up to a wonderful present- TOM! (freakin finally!) I won't see all my water weight come up for at least 2 or 3 days and my cycle lasts a full 7 days- but thank goodness the pre-part is over. And I love this new job...I live in a super beautiful area full of big trees and kind people. I had a really wonderful day yesterday.

    Today I'm off to my other two jobs that won't be as physical. Going to have about 600 calories of all protocol. (or that's the plan anyway!) I REALLY want to get in the 130's and stabilize there and now that my dose is on, that seems possible. We'll see how it goes though, I'm definitely getting to the end of my hcg.

    Painting is done for me...the main color has two coats on all the walls. Sweet Tom is doing all the trim. Whew! It's looking great!

    Janna- good luck on those papers! It sure takes a special kind of concentration to write like that- processing and integrating information in dynamic ways. Good luck! You are steady in your losses- that really is awesome. If I'd been as steady as you this last week, I'd be in the 130's! Things mellowed with your son a bit so you can focus on your papers??

    Angela- what a big loss girl! What's today's number? It's amazing to me that you and Janna haven't needed to lower your dose yet. If you were hungry yesterday, that may be the case. Mine seemed to be good for a week at a time and then need lowering. How was your hunger throughout the day? Hope today's a better day!

    Week 4!

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    Morning ladies! Sorry I haven't been posting much lately! My son's graduation party is this weekend so I've been getting ready for that. He was in a wreck on Monday and really messed up his pretty little car, but thankfully he was fine!

    I had a nice surprise yesterday. I had to go to Wal-Mart to get some things for the grad party. I decided to try on some dress pants that were on clearance for $2. I took several pairs into the dressing room and they were all too big!!! I was 2 sizes smaller than I thought I was! Woo-hoo! The last time I was in this size I was 30+ pounds lighter than I am now. I do this exercise program that develops long lean muscle and I think it must be working!! Woo-hoo!

    Joy-full, glad you got your dose figured out! Thanks for your help with mine! Grammy told me to go to 100iu and it seems like I'm doing much better at that dose. You're so busy it makes me tired reading about it! LOL!
    "Hi" to everyone else!
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    Hi hcg-ers extraordinaire!!
    I only have a minute bc I need to read bedtime stories as soon as this cartoon is over....
    Good luck with the paper writing and the big party, Janna & Hcgcheerleader!
    Cari, so so glad to hear things are looking up
    I did not weigh today, I got up to go to 6 am pilates & left in a hurry without thinking of it- yikes, imagine that!?
    Anyway, a decent couple days hunger and eating wise, hoping for some good losses.
    Good luck to all! Let's keep up our streak!

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    Hey special peeps! Late checking in today... I had a very early start today and it's been a long one!!!!!

    I stayed the same but I am not surprised b/c I was up super late and then up at the crack of dawn -- so not much sleep. I am really hoping for a good sleep in this weekend... my body needs it!

    Lisa, that is such a happy thing to share... am so excited for you! Yipee!

    How are you all making out? What's all new?

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    Good morning everyone!

    Well, I was up a pound today... ugggg... I can't seem to get past this mark - I have been hovering around this weight for 5 days now moving up and down this same pound.... ugggg.... BUT I am not hungry and it's easy to follow the protocol so I just need to continue to be patient and persevere. Our bodies are funny like that eh?

    I am still swamped with papers and work is crazy busy. When it rains it pours right?

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    Janna, are you at an old set point? I bet you will have a "sudden" drop once you get past it- a big loss day (-1+)! It is so funny how we can keep on with this - having the right dose is so critical! I think I am there b/c very little hunger these past several days, only right at mealtimes.
    Not sure where you live, but you may have gotten your wish for a rainy weekend! It is super rainy here in Indy today and looks like that is the weekend forecast.

    I don't know if it is related to the hcg, but my skin is a MESS! So broken out all over, painful even. It is so bad that I asked the nurse at the medspa I have gone to for skin treatments to call in a mild antibiotic for me. Yuk. Anyone else have issues like this? Could be hormonal I guess?

    I am down .6 today. Happy with lack of real stalls this round. I drew up 13 more shots last evening- think that will be it for me (40 days), BUT I do have some left in my vial, so I guess I can extend if I want to? Does anyone remember the "max" length of round? I will so a quick search on the forum.

    I also cooked extra lean burgers, chicken breasts, and made some chicken soup last eve. I find having food ready to go is a must for me. Otherwise, I do silly things.

    Cari, you still truckin? Hope all is good!

    Lisa, keep on with your bad self!! I love a bargain and even more a bargain in a small size that fits! WOOT! What exercise program are you doing? I love pilates, but the place I go has a really limited schedule that is geared toward people without jobs. I'd love to find something I can do at home with similar results.

    Alright, well, time for me to get to work here! Takng my girls to have a little FUN later today- probably museum due to weather. Yesterday was last day of school for the year.

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    Wink P3 Tomorrow!

    Sorry I was MIA yesterday..

    Lisa- great to hear your good news about being 2 extra sizes down! That is worthy of celebration! Makes me wonder what size I'll be when I start trying on wedding dresses! Going to try to find a used dress or something inexpensive...nothing big and poofy for me!

    Angela- how's it goin? what's your weigh-o'-the-day? hunger manageable?

    Janna- so sorry to hear about this stall for you...I think this qualifies as a stall, right? And it sounds like you're doing everything right...you're attitude is spot-on though...persevere and it will pass! I wonder if the stress has your cortisone levels up and is making it harder for you to lose right now. ?

    As for me...
    I spent from 5/21-5/29 at 141.1....getting down as low as 140.1 and up to 142.0, but hovering right there. on Wednesday I injected 80iu again and was prepared for a rockin day only to have another exhausted, irritable, starving day! So I'm done! So, so, so OVER IT! I can't handle one more miserable day like that and will have to make peace with not getting down to 135. I was so hungry that day by evening that I ate fage yogurt, peanut butter and hershey's syrup, pb and j (no bread), cream cheese- and it felt so good! No guilt at all because it felt like I was in survival mode.

    However!...Yesterday I couldn't bring myself to get on the scale and spent the day making peace with ending my hcg-time in a complete meltdown cheat and wondering how to move in to P3 from here. Yesterday I got my B-shots and ate ONLY strawberries, cucumbers and chicken and a lot of them. Didn't weigh them. I also did my walking job for 4 1/2 hours of walking hills- whew! and it felt good and had great energy for it. Even tried to pick up my pace a little and make it a mini-workout. And no injection yesterday or today....

    Today! 139.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you believe it? I can't. Those B-shots are magic- I guess combined with 4 1/2 hours of walking. And I wonder since I was doing such a low dose if it's out of my system faster. I'm going to try my hardest to stick to protocol today. And then....drum roll....start P3 tomorrow! I can't even remember what to do in P3 and have had no time to refresh my memory. Just add foods in slowly. I remember last time eating eggs and veggies for breakfast for a month till I couldn't stand it anymore. Today I'm going to try to stick to chicken and cucumbers for the first part of the day and chicken and romaine for the last part of the day and no strawberries. I cut and froze all of mine for treats during P3.

    Now I need a little advice. (sorry I'm so long-winded gf's)
    Don't you think if I continued to bring my weight down a couple more lbs. in the next few days and maintained that for P3 that it would be the same as maintaining a LIW? My understanding is that it's maintaining within 2 lbs. of a particular weight for a month or so (and longer) that creates the new set point.
    I'm curious to see what I could get down to by Sunday and then maintain that. If I could get to 138 and be able to maintain within 2 lbs. of that- I could theoretically get down to 136 and be close enough to 135 that it would make my summer!

    Either way, I'm so happy to be in the 130's! I'm hoping that after 6 hours of walking today and no strawberries to get down a little further before maintaining my 2 lb window.

    May ask Grammy too....

    I'm going to keep posting here- hope you won't mind hearing about p3 foods!

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    Just read a Grammy post that said that most people's losses pick up again after day 25! You go girls!

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    OMG Cari!!!!!!! That is wonderful that you are in the 130s girlfriend!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo excited for you!

    It sucks that the past week was so incredibly hard and I am sure miserable... (I am not sure how to answer your question re: stabilizing... I would love to know what Grammy says though)

    I am keeping this short and sweet b/c I am completely swamped but yes please do stay here P3 foods or not! I am sure Angela agrees!

    Angela... way to go on the .6! Yes, you are right it is likely a previous set point... like you I have between 12-18 more injections left... depends on how I feel and my losses. And Cari, yes, likely increased cortisol levels are not helping either. Things will settle down for me after next week hopefully! (and things have settled with my son (thank God!) so that is something to be thankful for).

    I live on the east coast of Canada (Atlantic Canada specially) in New Brunswick (we border Maine)... it's sunny (somewhat) here today and I haven't even looked at the weather report for the weekend. I will have to put my blinders on if it's nice though... LOL!

    Lisa, how are you making out?

    TTYL ladies... I gotta get some of this stuff off my to-do list before I lose my mind!

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