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Thread: A Fresh Start Group! R2

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    Well, this morning was my last dose. I ended up being down 20.4 pounds this round. Not as much as previous rounds, but my first week I didn't have the big losses that I usually do because I tried to keep using my essential oils....not good! I'm happy with 20.4 pounds gone though!

    I had a bit of a scare earlier in the week and thought I might have to go longer. I unexpectedly started TOM. The protocol says to go for 3 more days after TOM is over...oh no! I asked on here and Beth said she thought I'd be fine to quit like I had planned. I so did not want to go longer! Plus I didn't want to waste a vial for just 2 or 3 days.

    I'm trying digestive enzymes this time for P3. Someone on another thread says she uses them and she thinks they really help her to stabilize. I always have the worst time stabilizing. I pretty much have to eat proteins and good fats to get stabilized. Even broccoli makes me gain. How crazy is that!?!?

    Joy-full, how exciting for you getting your wedding dress! Enjoy your time off! And Woo-hoo on the loss!
    Janna, we should just keep this thread going! I plan on staying. I just am really busy in the summers so I may not always be on here daily. Woo-hoo on your loss too!
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    Morning ladies... on my way out the door... but am down .6 again... so so so so happy I am finally losing again. down 16.2 since VLCD1...! So happy to see that gone! I hope to pass the 20lb mark (hell, even the 25lbs mark!) before I finish.

    Whoot! Whoot!

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    Hi all! Great job, Janna!!! Whoot whoot is right!!!

    Cari- have a great trip with your man!

    Lisa-hope the transition off the hcg is going well!

    I am yo yoing! BUT, got TOM this morning so hoping that is it. Was up .6- blech. Oh well! Will ckeck in again soon! Have a great day everyone!!

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    Morning ladies! I lost .4 yesterday. I'm hoping to lose again the next couple of days (aren't we all? lol!) so that I'm a little under my LDW. It always makes things easier that way. On my last round I stayed the same as my LDW during the 72 hours with no hCG. Then when I started P3 I had to do a correction day soon after P3...not fun!

    I hope you all have a great weekend!

    Janna, yay for a .6 loss!
    Angela, I think TOM was what messed me up towards the end of P2. Hang in there!
    Lost 125 pounds since May 2012 with hcg!
    Certified health coach
    Nesta Certified Lyfestyle & Weight Management Specialist
    Certified PraiseMoves Instructor
    Opportunity of a Lifetime! https://shopmyplexus.com/lross

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    Quick from me, too-

    138.2 today- -.1 from yesterday. Camping trip cancelled Okay though, lots to do.

    Yeah for P3 Lisa! Outstanding 20 lbs. loss!!!!!---and great losses Angela and Janna (Angela, that .6 today is a mirage, it'll disappear right after TOM)----You ladies are all rockin!

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    Feeling weak tonight....want a glass of wine soooooo bad... it's been a hell of a week work/school wise. Talk me out of it quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your trip Cari

    Angela... TOM = Blah

    Lisa... go girl!!!!

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    Oh I wish I would have read your post last night Janna! I used to be an every day drinker, that was pre-3years ago. During my two hcg rounds I didn't get those cravings at all and I feel for you having those while hcg-ing! I had to stop altogether and when I look back at pictures of myself I can see my alcohol belly even though I weigh the same as I do now. I don't know how people drink and stay thin. I guess it's moderation, just like sugar, but I don't know how to do that either! So I have to say no to both for life. Sugar really is poison for me and I have to choose other alternatives. Sugar takes me down a 'more, more, more' road and I can gain 5-10 lbs. in a week. During my last P4, I had a few bites of a sugar dessert if I was with other people- but not while alone. For alcohol, I just can't do it at all!

    So how did it go last night??? How much longer do have in P2?

    What's your and Angela's plan for wine during P3? In the past have you been able to have it occasionally and still stabilize?

    I was exactly 138.2 again this morning. So weird! And that was with walking 4 hours in the blistering heat yesterday. I thought I was going to melt into a pavement puddle. So now that I have two days off and two days of less physical work on Monday and Tuesday, I'd better cut back on my food intake. I slept terribly last night....feeling pretty draggy this morning....

    Good luck to you all for getting through a Saturday sticking to POP!

    Lisa, how goes your first days of P3?

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    Thanks Cari... I actually did have a small glass of wine and then slept for 12 hours straight.... Gah!

    I have been burning the candle at both ends for the last two weeks and it caught up with me.... am not feeling great today and have an upset tummy a bit. I am pretty sure a half glass of wine would have that impact would it?

    I am down another 1.4 today... the losses have picked back up again which is so great! I would love to end this with a bang. Hopefully the little bit of wine doesn't invoke a stall...fingers crossed.

    I am going to try to keep going on round 2 until the 17th. I am technically suppose to end on the 12th as that will be 40 injections... but I might try to push it 5 extra days... I ready somewhere that Grammy has said you can go as long as 47 days.... That would give me an extra 5 days of potential loses.

    Angela, what day did you say you are stopping?

    Lisa, how was the P3 transition?

    Cari, love hearing about your exciting wedding plans/news... keep it coming GF!

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    Hi all, I am sitting at neighborhood pool watching my 3 girls and hubs swim, what a
    beautiful Saturday!
    Having a killer TOM- so bad - it always is on hcg, but oh my gosh!
    Also up yet another .3 despite staying on protocol. I do feel totally bloated though so really hoping that's it! Ugh...
    Going out to dinner with my mom and stepdad tonight. Checked out the menu and I can get 1/2 filet and asparagus.
    I really need to see a big loss day to keep me motivated. Feeling frustrated. Boo.
    Janna, I am going to stay on P2 until June 18, so we are on almost exact same schedule! SUPER losses lately -you are having a great round!
    Cari- good for you on being strong and knowing yourself! Sounds like you are always looking to make yourself and your life better which makes the journey worth it! Enjoy your couple of more chill days- so deserved!!!
    Alrighty, gotta pay attention to these cuties now! TTYS!

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    Sorry to jump on this thread so late, but I have only just found you guys, I am R2 P2 Day 28. I am planning to go into P3 on the 21 st June. I seem to be able to do P2 ok(except for the boredom), last year I lost 10 kilos in a 28 day round, but didn't understand the importance of P3 and went back to eating normally ( bad) so put it all back on. I am terrified on going into P3 this time and want to make sure I do it right!! Any advice welcome. Congrats on all of your losses.
    Jhare, I had a night like that last week, sooo stressed and just wanted a glass of red, got no answer for you, just kept busy, distracted myself and got over the urge, not easy when you're stressed though. I have read where people have felt quite ill after having a small amount of alcohol during P2, so maybe the reason?

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    Oh just a suggestion for eating out, I always order the Caesar salad, no dressing, than only eat the poached egg and lettuce. I have had to eat out 3 times so far this P2 and it hasn't affected my losses, just a suggestion.

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    Vic- Welcome aboard! So we'll all be in P3 by the end of next week! Your ceasar salad suggestion reminded me that at the beginning of my R1P3 I ate out and had a chicken caesar salad with the dressing- loved it- and didn't gain from it- I was absolutely amazed and had one of those moments where I felt like hcg was magic.

    I've been in P3 for 9 days now and completely maintained my LIW. LIW is 138.2. I didn't exercise much yesterday- (1/2 hour of weights, but repetition, not heavies) and was fairly inactive...spent hours laying next to a creek- it was heavenly. It was outside of Sedona and about 105- felt like a convection oven- but so nice to get in and out of the water--Clear Creek. Took my food with me and maybe I'll tell you what I ate yesterday just to give you an idea of how I'm eating...
    greek yogurt with stevia and vanilla (always!)
    sauteed onions, portabello mushrooms, and zucchini with basil and parmesan
    fresh red pepper, cucumber, sliced grilled chicken with homemade drsg
    almond milk with stevia (been drinking tons of this----2 gallons in the last 5 days--30 calories for a cup and only 1 carb)
    scallops and shrimp in cream sauce and a romaine and tomato salad
    more greek yogurt and handfuls of cashews, almonds and peanuts late at night

    I thought FOR SURE that my nutty binge at 10 p.m. would have landed me over 140 today, but it didn't! I also drank 2 more cups of almond with stevia and I put cocoa powder in them and had chocolate milk (my fav).

    138.5 this mornin! So I don't know if this is going to catch up with me today or not as it sometimes takes a couple days for things to inflame my system. But I'm pre-emptively doing my first wonderful correction day today and I'm LOVING it! I get to eat greek yogurt all day and cream in my drinks...YUM! I'm pretty much at my LIW, but want to get down in the 136's hopefully to give myself some breathing room. I want to make those rosemary almond cookies and eat the batter as I go. So to do that, I need to get a bit lower first. So even though I'm not 2 pounds above my LIW, I'm doing a fage day.

    Janna! Down 1.4! You're disappearing! Wow! You're rockin the end of this round!!!! Hey, how did your presentation go on Friday?

    Angela- hcg sure does a number with our TOM huh? You'll see that weight come off here in a bit, but until then you have to stick to POP with faith! I FINALLY just got done with mine. My TOM went for 9 days! I usually go 7, which is long anyway, but 9? Good grief!

    Lisa- would love to hear what kinds of things you're eating in P3!

    Wedding bells!!!!
    I tried to put a picture of the dress on here, but I can't copy and paste it....it's beautiful though! Floor length...So many friends that I had no idea would come are going to be coming from all over the country! Feeling super loved and supported by family and friends. My daughter is coming for the summer on Saturday- then the french toast begins! I have a hard time resisting that. That's my true test, when I start cooking for her.

    Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

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