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Thread: A Fresh Start Group! R2

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    Morning sweet friends! We had a great holiday yesterday. Just hung out with our 23 year old daughter most of the day. We don't get to do that much anymore. She still lives at home, but it's really just her home base. She's a busy girl. She works full time at a bank, is a youth leader at her church, and she's in Bible college. I cherish the time just hanging out with her!

    Janna, YAY!
    Angela & Vic, thanks for the anniversary wishes!
    Angela, I still keep wanting to pinch myself! I NEVER stabilize this easy! The key for me has been absolutely no dairy. Cheese has always been one of my favorite foods. I didn't eat a lot of it, but my body doesn't even like a little. Without the cheese I can even eat fruits and be fine.
    Vic, you're being an awesome role model just taking charge of your health!
    Cari, I finally found Fage yogurt! I'm afraid to try it though because of my dairy problems. I'm just going to have a little today and see what the scales say tomorrow. Cheese, milk, & cottage cheese really seem to be my biggest problems.

    My story: I was a little chubby in junior high but after I grew (I'm 5'7") I was fine. I always weighed in the 125-135 range. But it was always a struggle for me to stay thin (maybe the dairy). Once I had my kids and my thyroid took a dive, I gained a ton of weight. Then every year after that I just kept gaining and nothing I tried to lose weight ever worked. I always exercised and tried every diet without cheats to no avail. Hcg has been a God send for me!
    Lost 125 pounds since May 2012 with hcg!
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    My ladies! It's been such a crazy week where I live! I live in the town where the 19 firefighters died- it's a small enough town that everyone knew the men, the families or knew someone who did. Between huge memorial services, July 4th, and the 'World's Oldest Rodeo' happening now- town has been so full- every motel full- and it takes a day and a year to get around town. I still have been getting between 5 and 6 hours of sleep every night and am starting to take Benadryl pretty consistently to sleep longer. On July 4th I showed no self control, which for me now, is still not eating the bun on the hamburger, but having a brownie and some cookies, and delicious salads with who-knows-what-kind of yummy dressing. I didn't even weigh myself yesterday morning! But this morning I'm 137.9, -.4 below LIW. I thought for sure I was looking at a correction day. And I slept for 7 hours and feel normal this morning!

    I love hearing your stories! And Janna and Lisa- so far under LIW! I'm really glad that you're stabilizing so beautifully after struggling with P3 in the past. Angela- are you in your 2 lb. window today? You've done such a great job persisting in getting back to it! Vic- are you also in your 2 lb. window? Thank you Vic, for sharing your story aThe nd asking to hear ours.

    My story! I grew up on kool-aid and sugar cereal- don't remember drinking a glass of water till I started playing volleyball in high school. My family was not active or outdoorsy, but generally preferred to eat above other things. My dad was 350 lbs. and died of a heart attack at 41- his dad also died at 41 of a heart attack. My grandmother and uncle died of diabetes. So from early on, I've known that I had a predisposition to these things and that it would be life threatening at a young age if I didn't watch it. I was always within a normal weight range until I was 18, but not in good shape until sports in high school. Looking back at pics, I was fine- I always thought I was terribly fat though. And I never did look good in a bathing suit! Then I went to college- gained the freshman-15, my dad died and I gained and gained, got married at 20 to a man who was unfaithful and gained till I was 200 lbs. and miserable in every way till I was 22. Then I had a slight turn and decided that if I was going to live, I needed to make a long-term goal to be at my goal weight of 135 by the time I was 40 and here I am! It's been a long, slow road. My biggest changing point was losing 180 lbs. of man that was dragging me down and that was 3 1/2 years ago. I've been the happiest I've ever been in my life since then- but that change came as a result from me dedicating my life to God- then it was obvious I couldn't stay with this man.

    I am long-winded! (You all know it!)

    Hope everyone's 4th was good- we're going to the waterpark in Phoenix this evening and I get to wear a new bathing suit from Athleta that I adore. I probably look better in this bathing suit than I've EVER looked in one! Miracles do happen.....

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    Hi all-
    Had a great long holiday weekend at the lake and celebrated my oldest daughter's 9th bday yesterday at our neighborhood pool followed by a sleepover for her friends.

    Cari- I was so saddened by the deaths of those firefighters- what a true tragedy. That will take its toll for a long time to come.
    Happier note- you are just few short days from your lovely shower and only 12 more to being the bride yay!!! Great job staing under LIW- you are going to rock that (tiny after alterations!) wedding dress.
    I literllay lol'ed at your comment about losing "180 lbs of man."

    Lisa- so wonderful to get the QT with your daughter. Isn't it crazy how we can live under the same roof and yet still have to take time on purpose like that-- I feel that way about my hubby often. We are together every day, yet I will start to "miss" him and have to find a way for some us time! How'd the fage test go?
    When will you start your next round again? I'm definitely going to have to go back to P2 (more on that later). I am thinking of starting labor day (9/1).

    Janna- I think you are on your much needed vacation! Hope you are loving every minute of it!

    Vic- how are you doing? Hoping the weather there is not too bad.

    I am "stabilizing" ----but 4 lbs ABOVE my LIW. Hovering right there- CDs bring me down but then the 2nd day after I go right back. ARGH. It is maddening. I am eating P3, pretty clean (some dairy, a few nuts but not much). Going to do yet another steak day tomorrow and see where that gets me. Funny thing is, I am motivated to get back down, just feel stuck. Feeling like a short clean up round is becoming inevitable b/c I am not happy stabilizing at this weight. Anyway....I know there are so many worse problems in the world, but after working hard this is driving me crazy. I want to work out more and harder, but I am so afraid of the water weight gain.
    Enough of my whining....

    I hope your week is off to a good start! TTYS!!

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    sorry for my typos too!

    funny, I read it the first time and it looks fine, but reread and eeeek!

    On 2nd thought, I have a whole container of Fage- maybe a Fage day tomorrow.

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    Hi All- I'm doing a fage day....too scared to even get on the scale yesterday or today. I started eating little bowls of raisin bran in almond milk two nights in a row and peanut butter (that has sugar in it) by the spoonful throughout the day. Little stressed and getting sloppy.

    I'll weigh in tomorrow- have my dress fitting- hope all is within range...

    You can do it Angela- I can't remember- how did your fage day go last time?

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    Cari,so sorry about the firefighters, so sad x it will be hard on your whole community.

    I am sneaking up a little, don't have todo steak day, but am going to try for a whole fage day, will have to keep busy so I don't get too cold.
    We have got another month and a half of winter and it only gets colder from here, send me warm thoughts.
    My hubby is home for a week and then I will go back on P2 again, funny, not looking forward to the load days at all this time. From the sound of it there will be plenty of people eating yoghurt today. Happy Fage Day!! Xx

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    Morning friends!

    Well...I ate too much over the weekend too! LOL! First it was just half a cookie, then we had some friends over and she brought this awesome fruit salad that the dressing was cream cheese and brown sugar. It was so good though! Yesterday I was bordering on a steak day, but I just decided to eat clean (no fruit, no starch, no sugar) and I was down almost 2 pounds this morning. I'm going to do the same for the next couple of days so that hopefully I'll be back under my LDW. I like being under since that's never happened to me before.

    I started studying for my Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist certification. After that I'm going to start the personal trainer cert, and then I have to mentor with a T-Tapp trainer and go teach the workout in front of Teresa Tapp (no pressure there) to get certified to teach that. Who would have thunk I'd come from 263 pounds to personal trainer! LOL! Only God can do something like that!

    Cari, that's so sad about the firefighters! Your story is sad too! I'm so happy for you that things are looking up for you! The big day will be here before you know it! Isn't it funny how we always think we're fat when we aren't! I always thought I was so huge until I really did get huge. Then I wished I could be the size I used to be again. I always compared myself to other people that had a way different shape then I did.
    Angela, those sleepovers will bring life long memories! My daughter and I still laugh about some of her sleepovers we had. Great times! That's so true about quality time with family. We just have to make the time sometimes. I don't start another round until 10/27. Since this will be round 5, I have to wait a lot longer in between rounds.
    Vic, enjoy your time with hubby and stay warm!
    Janna, How's it going?
    Lost 125 pounds since May 2012 with hcg!
    Certified health coach
    Nesta Certified Lyfestyle & Weight Management Specialist
    Certified PraiseMoves Instructor
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    138.1 this morning.... -.2 below LIW. My body really recognizes this as my new set point. I feel like pinching myself! So busy and things are so good. My fiance is just beaming at me all the time and we are all blissed out....busy and blissed.

    Off to work! Cari

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    So happy for you, Cari!
    Lost 125 pounds since May 2012 with hcg!
    Certified health coach
    Nesta Certified Lyfestyle & Weight Management Specialist
    Certified PraiseMoves Instructor
    Opportunity of a Lifetime! https://shopmyplexus.com/lross

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    We're all MIA! I haven't weighed myself in 3 days! Doing a fage day today. Been going a little crazy and I feel like I'm over 140. Fage today, clean day tomorrow and another fage day on Monday because that's my last day till family is in town and I won't be able to after that. Bridal shower was awesome last night. Feeling very filled up.
    Gotta go.

    How's everyone doing????

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    Hi Cari, has been a little quiet round here, I am starting P2 again on Thursday so the emotional roller coaster begins again, I have to be a little more accepting when there is no or small weightloss and 'enjoy' the journey. Exciting times for you ahead, would love to see some pictures!

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    Vic- don't you have to wait a certain time period before doing p2 again?

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