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Thread: A Fresh Start Group! R2

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    It will have been 5 weeks, I think the 'ideal' is 3 weeks P3 and 3 weeks P4, I need to get back on it while hubby's away again, and am also considering cycling, will see how I go???

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    You're a brave woman! I don't think my body or my mind would let me start again. And I can't believe it's been 5 weeks, but it really has been! This summer has been flying by. Did you have hair loss? My hair falls out in handfuls starting about a month after p2 ends. It did it the first time and it's happening again now. I took biotin my whole p2 and took fish oils, biotin and multi vitamins as soon as I started p3, but still getting really thin. It'll start showing that I was eating food again in another month or so, but that hair cycle just didn't have what it took to grow there for a while and this is the result.

    137.2 this morning. -.5 under LIW. Thank goodness for fage days. Now to eat clean today. Whew! Wish me luck!

    How is everyone? I miss you!

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    Hello all my dear friends!!!!!! Oh how I missed you all last week!

    I had such a wonderful week vacation... I really needed it. The next few weeks for me are going to be nuts...nothing like jumping right back into the fire! ha ha

    I did very well maintaining while away. I stayed within a 1lb range all week. We flew home on the red eye Friday night so I didn't get to weigh myself yesterday... and yesterday I had a major fall off the wagon day (nothing like being tired to help with that huh?) so I didn't weight myself today either. I am automatically going to do a steak day today instead so I can get back on track and I am thinking about sticking to P3 all week this week since I did have a few cheats last week (bites of dessert was the biggest of my cheats). We will see what the scales say tomorrow.

    So, Cari, you must be sooooooooooo excited for your big day -- only 6 more sleeps for you right???? Whoot! Whoot! Way to go stabilizing girlfriend...especially considering everything you have on the go right now. Kudos to you! (also, so sad for the firefighters... one of my best friends is a firefighter and they mourn all over the world when this stuff happens)

    Lisa, way to go with your studies...! I bought the T-tapp dvd you recommended for my mom and it came last week while I was away and now she is away till the end of this week... I am going to give it to her when she gets back and hopefully she will enjoy it.

    Vic, was in Vegas in the dessert (hot hot hot) and tried to send some warmth your way... we have pretty cold harsh winter's here in Canada too (especially here in Atlantic Canada!) so I can completely empathize with you.

    Angela, I am going to be doing another round eventually too... maybe we can be buddies again depending on when you do it? I am kind of thinking I want to start mid to late October (Lisa, that is around when you are planning too huh?) b/c I just have so much on the go till then it will be difficult to do. Plus I want to stabilize this time really well.

    Well gals, I must keep this short as it's Sunday and the family is all here.

    xoxo Missed you all!


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    Oh my gosh Janna, it did warm up for a few days, thanks so much for that, you'll never hear me complaining about the heat( it does get hot here too) only the cold, just makes me grumpy, glad you had a lovely time.

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    Morning ladies! Last week I actually had time to get on here and everyone was MIA. LOL! I'm still hanging in there under my LDW. I did have to do a surprise correction day on Saturday though. I ate some zucchini with spaghetti sauce on it and a little to much yogurt and had quite a jump. Darn! I love that yogurt but it doesn't seem to be working for me!

    Janna, so glad you had a nice vacation! We're getting ready to go on vacation 7/27. I'm so ready for one! Your mom will like that workout. I'm trying to remember, did she get the one called MORE? If so, it's a really good one (they all are). It has a couple of really short workouts on the DVD so if she just doesn't feel like it, or doesn't have much time, she can still get a good workout in. It's also very rehabilitating.
    Cari, you need to get some MSM powder for your hair loss. It really works! I had hair loss my first round and someone told me about it. I just bought a little spray bottle at Wal-Mart and then I put 1/4 tsp of MSM powder in the bottle with water. Then after my shower I dry off and then spray that over my body and let it air dry. It's also supposed to help with loose skin. Here is the one I buy. If you've never bought anything from iherb you can use my invite code and get $5 off. It's FAM926
    Vic, I'll be thinking about you starting P2! I'm glad I'm not far enough along to be on P2 again yet! I'm so not ready for it yet! Since I've done so many rounds I have to wait 20 weeks now in between.
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    Hi all!

    Sorry to have been MIA-- we were at the lake from Wed.-Sun. and I was housing/feeding LOTS of people including 9 little kids- whew!! Luckily I had a food game plan for all meals and stuck to it. Still a major operation.
    I did not weigh while there, but good news is I was "pretty" good (couple of dessert bites, but no "binge-y" behavior at all) and same weight this morning as when I left, but BAD news is it is I am STILL 4 lbs above LIW. I am officially "done" with P3 though I will continue P3 eating regardless. If I add carbs they will def be low glycemic (ezekiel bread etc).

    Feel like I REALLY want to do something to take off the 4-5 lbs. Trying a cross fit workout on Thursday- the gym has a cross fit challenge program too, where you eat clean/paleo and do their workouts - going to get some info. Will have to see what I think...

    I do feel like I am having a little reshaping going on- felt decent (not great, but decent) in my swimsuit at the lake, and that is saying something!!

    May do another round eventually (Sept/Oct- so maybe we could give it a go together, Janna!?). I an NOT mentally (or physcially) ready for another round now. Going to order some hcg soon b/c I also get "generic" latisse (bimatoprost) from the online//overseas pharmacy and getting close to needing that. Why pay shipping twice, ya know?

    Lisa, way to stabilize! Sorry about the yogurt, but it does seem dairy is your nemesis. I will say I sometimes see big gains with squash (spaghetti, butternut)- but zucchini is usually ok.

    Cari-- this is YOUR week, GF!! Stay blissed out- eternally. Sounds like you are STABLE. So awesome. Lots of love-y, happy, wonderful thoughts your way!!

    Vic- Good luck with P2! I know you'll do well- only you know when you are really "ready." Keep us posted! We are here for ya!!

    Janna- welcome back- so glad you got that break AND are also a stable mabel!!

    OK, back to the grind here. So much to do now after "resting" for a few days.
    Talk soon! xoxoxo

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    Morning friends! I'm doing another correction day today! I have no idea what's going on!!! I was so stable below my LDW and now all of a sudden I seem to be back to my old pattern of 1.5 - 2 pounds gains for no apparent reason. It's SOOOO frustrating!

    Angela, Yay for you staying on track on vacation! We're leaving for a vacation at the lake on the 27th. I can't wait! I'm doing another round at the end of October. It would be fun if a few of us were on a round at the same time again!
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    Hi there, day 1 p2, was sort off looking forward to the structure of it again, must admit got a bit bored today I suppose because I have been enjoying paleo so much. I have decided to cycle this time so will let you now how I go! Hope the wedding was fabulous, to those on holiday - enjoy. Hope everyone is going well x vic

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    Morning Friends! I feel like I'm signing off for a while. This is the day before our wedding and then we'll be gone for a week, back for a week and then gone another week. I may check back in if you all keep the thread going. If not, you all have rocked as a support group through this journey and really helped keep me on track! It's definitely a fresh new start!

    137.9 today. -.4 below LIW and hoping to keep it there!

    Good luck everyone with your next round and I will definitely look back here and read throughout these next weeks when I have time.

    So much love to you! Cari

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    Morning all! I hope we do keep this thread going! It's been great for accountability and friendship.

    Cari, I'm so happy for you! I'll be praying for you on the big day!
    vic, what is cycling? I've seen people talk about it, but I guess I'm not sure what they mean. I enjoy paleo too! It's hard to go back to P2 at first! It does seem boring!! Hang in there! You can do it!
    Lost 125 pounds since May 2012 with hcg!
    Certified health coach
    Nesta Certified Lyfestyle & Weight Management Specialist
    Certified PraiseMoves Instructor
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    Cari, am thinking of you today my dear friend.... wishing you all the happiness possible!

    I truly hope we keep this thread going... or if not, let`s please exchange email address so we can ensure we stay connected.

    I, for one, would be all for keeping this thread going though. Some dayséweeks I am busy and may not be able to check in but I think of each of you every day.


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    Hey vic, good luck with this round girlfriend... keep us posted on this journey too...

    I have had a tough week sticking to P3 foods cos I was traveling for work again.... am doing a steak day today so I can get back to the 1.5 - 2.0 lbs under my LIW. I am determined to stay there

    Missing you all... want to know what everyone is up to.


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