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Thread: A Fresh Start Group! R2

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    Oh my gosh! It's so good to read through your posts! This is the first time I've been on here since before the wedding. Thanks for saying hi to me now and then- I feel loved!

    My LIW is 138.3 and today I was 141.8. I kept stead under 139 for many weeks after the wedding, even with traveling and only weighing in occasionally. Then last week I made an apple cobbler - it had mostly good ingredients, but I ate it like a starving child for a couple days and then made my rosemary cookies. In moderation I do well with those, but I kicked moderation out the window. So even after a fage day last Friday, here I am above my 140 limit. Working on getting it down- weighing in every day.

    Being married to Tom is better than I hoped. Really. He's soooo good to me. I've got to get a picture on here...my wedding day was the best day of my life. I knew I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing and the whole day was really blessed. And I was 137 on my wedding day! That really made me happy.

    I'm up past my eyeballs in nursing school again, so I won't be on here regularly, but will check in when I can.

    I'm so proud of you for keeping up the good work and continuing on with your rounds! Yeah!!!!

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    Wow, you girls were sooo right, I have been sooo tired. I ended up deciding to come off P2, just didn't feel safe. I have committed to doing this marathon next year with a friend of mine who had a stroke in January, he had recovered so well, he is so determined, we have started training together as well. My goodness, if he can do it, I need to pull my socks up. When I stopped P2 I blew out on choccy, had a really emotional couple of weeks including my oldest daughter moving out so I figured I deserved a bit, but forgot what it is like, sooo addictive, have had a messy 3 days, have to shoot back into P3 properly to support all this running. It also makes me feel horrible, forgot about that too. Not sure what I will do, may spend the next month getting used to 8 - 10 km per day and then go back into P2, see how I go.
    Welcome back Cari, would loooovvveee to see those photos.

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    Cari! Welcome back girlfriend and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you! Yes, photos! Please!

    Ang, how'd you make out today with your weigh-in? Was the CD successful?

    Vic, so glad you're easing back... our bodies can only handle so much right?

    Lisa, yes I am pretty sure I am losing inches... I stayed that same again today...! Sigh, Ugggg, Blahhh, Dang-it! LOL! I am still sticking to protocol though and I know I will eventually see the results. My goal for this short round is only 10lbs... surely I can hit 10lbs under my last LIW right? Fingers crossed!

    Am traveling for the next couple of days but will check-in again on Friday.

    Hugs to all!


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    Oh and Ang, don't be discouraged GF! You have a plan if your CD doesn't go as planned... do a short round and be on P3 for your trip... it won't be easy to resist some of the decadent foods but maybe a few bites of your hubby's will fill the void while you chow down on the P3 foods. If you are anything like me (and we both know by now we are SO similar) then you can eat P3 foods VERY liberally and in large volumes and still not gain. It is once you add those devilish sugars and starches (hello pasta!) that we get into big trouble.

    Stay strong Ang!

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    Morning all!

    Cari, it's SO good to have you back on here! I'm so happy for you! Yes, please post pics! I really did LOL when I read that starving child thing!!! I think we've all been there!
    vic, good for you for listening to your body! We don't want to have to visit you in the hospital!
    Ang, glad your sis is liking hCG. It's really so awesome. I can't believe I never heard of it before last year! A final round would be amazing, but I always keep it in the back of my mind that I could do another round any time I needed to for years to come.
    Janna, hope things go well while your traveling!
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    Hi lovely ladies

    Vic, you are a rock star training like that- definitely something you need the extra calories to be able to do well! What a great friend you are, too. That is inspiring!

    Lisa, hope you are doing well and no more CDs needed. Seems you have got it down!

    Cari- Cari, Cari, Cari!! Congrats!!!! Please do share pics. We have missed you!! So love hearing about your BLISS!

    Janna, I am joining you in P2 on Monday! I will mix my hcg tomorrow, load Sat & Sun. My short round goal will also be 10 lbs below my LIW from last round (139). I will enter P3 the morning we leave for eastern europe trip! May make it a planned interruption (P3 eating!) and do 20 more days when I return, we shall see...
    Hope you are seeing some good drops on the scale now, but I agree that some rounds are a lot of reshaping//inches instead. I bet you will see some bigger drops (1-2 lbs at once) soon.

    Have a great day all!!!

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    Morning all!

    This trip wasn't my friend... it was super tough to find appropriate food as we had working meetings the whole time. I ate off protocol and I so I avoided the scales this morning as I am tired and didn't want to validate any bad news. Blah. I am sure whatever damage I did will come right back off tomorrow and I can truck along for the next 13 days.

    Ang, that is great news! Remind me what a planned interruption is again? Maybe I can do that too? I am gone for 10 days.

    Well, we are getting everything packed up for our trek off to university tomorrow... I am going to need a few boxes of Kleenex I think...

    Have a good day ladies!


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    Morning everyone!!

    Sorry I have been so quiet... was getting my son off to university this weekend and then wiping my tears the rest of the time...

    How are you all doing?

    Vic, are you feeling better now that you are off P2 again?
    Lisa, the travel was soooo hard! Thankfully I am home all this week and then take off again this Sunday for a crazy couple of weeks traveling again. I intend to stop my injections on the 11th so I am starting P3 the same day I head West. I pray and hope I am at my goal of 10lbs by then. It is slllooooowwww going this round. I am down only 4.5lbs from my start weight. I am sure it will be easier this week with no traveling though. Maybe this will be the week!
    Ang, how is your new P2 going? How was your gorge weekend?
    Cari... hugs!

    Talk to you all later... hope you're all doing super great!

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    Morning everyone! I'm still hanging in there. I'm doing a SD today. I just fluctuate up and down, but at least I spend most of my time IN my window. I wish I'd just get stuck at a weight so I wouldn't have to do correction days!

    Janna, {{{HUGS}}} I feel for you! I'll be a basket case when my kids move away. So far they both still live at home even though they're out of high school. I love having them here! My last round was a slow one. Hopefully this will be your week and you'll hit that 10 pound mark!
    How is everyone doing?
    Lost 125 pounds since May 2012 with hcg!
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    Hi all!

    Janna, so sad for you! Big ((((hugs))))))! Hard to say "so long for now" especially knowing this is the beginning of a very different chapter, but also fun to see your kids moving on with goals and purpose! Hope your losses pick up this week. The short rounds can be hard in lack of big numbers, but it is so nice to have an end in sight.

    Lisa, Hope your steak day goes well and you get good results! I do so dislike the fluctutation, but we have our "tools" for staying (right around) where we need to be....

    I am back in P2 as of yesterday. I did an "excellent" job loading Sat-Sun (ugh, felt so bad doing that) and as of this morning I am 6 lbs above LIW from last round-- YIKES!! Say what?! Hoping for some big drops this week. Going to try to have a restful P2-sleep, lots of water, and little or no alcohol. I'll let you know how it goes...
    One thing different this round, I bought b-complex and mixed it with my hcg and bac water. DANG it stings when injecting! Anyone else try this? Wowza.

    Hope you all are in the swing this week xoxoxo

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    So...down 2.6 this morning, which has me at 3.4 OVER LIW. I cannot wait to get back down to LIW and to start losing "new" weight! I also forgot how brutal the first few days of "detox" can be after loading. Yikes. Made it through vlcds 1-2 though, that is something. I really need to cook some meals to have on hand. "Winging it" is not a good strategy....I will make sure to do that soon, but probably do not have the time today/this evening.
    Anyway, hope you all are doing well!!

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    Ang, good for you! 2.6 pounds is great! I've added liquid B12 to my sublingual drops before, but I've never done injections. I'm a chicken! LOL!
    Lost 125 pounds since May 2012 with hcg!
    Certified health coach
    Nesta Certified Lyfestyle & Weight Management Specialist
    Certified PraiseMoves Instructor
    Opportunity of a Lifetime! https://shopmyplexus.com/lross

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