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Thread: A Fresh Start Group! R2

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    Welcome akarhulik! Welcome!

    Wow... great losses... woot! woot!

    I eat Brussels sprouts on the diet and they don't seem to bother me -- cabbage is allow so I guess I just assumed these would be okay too. I also do broccoli. I guess I will know what the culprits are if I start to stall... LOL!

    Anyhow, welcome!


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    Yahoo! Thanks for doing this with us cemaestas!

    I'm relieved to hear your experience of having lots of energy... and that your daughter waitressed with no problems! I was a little concerned just about having to touch greasy or fatty things, but I've got to just deal with that when it comes.

    R1 was so full of days that I could barely move because of my fake hhcg that I don't know what's normal for me for injections yet. I was really low energy last night, but I think that was a combination of only 5 hours of sleep and hurting my lower back pretty badly yesterday. Going to the chiropractor today hopefully. I think I'm also in those first days of adjustment- feeling a little down and low energy even in the morning, which is very abnormal for me. My normal routine is to have a cup of coffee and go for a high-intensity interval run or do a weight workout- usually around 5:30 a.m.

    Janna- your losses are incredible! Whoohoo! So glad to hear that you're waking with energy! I'm hoping for that for day 4. I am also not able to sleep until later and am getting up earlier than normal. This hcg does funny things!

    VLCD 3 for me and I was .9 lbs down today. I'll take it! That's 4.2 lbs. down in 2 days and .8 under my pre-load weight.

    Going to try to be as close as humanly possible to 500 calories today. I don't think eating a whole onion yesterday helped me. I also drank a couple drinks of my boyfriend's diet coke before I even realized what I was doing. Onward!

    Lucy- headaches gone yet?? You're coming to the end of them from what I can tell on the boards. Folks seem to say that the first 3-4 days are the hardest with headaches, tiredness, and grumpiness (the last two apply to me!)

    Have a great day everyone and I'm so thankful we're doing this together!

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    Janna- the bath...I think it was Chewwy that mentioned the epsom salt baths and I searched the forum and other folks mentioned adding baking soda (1-2 cups) and ginger. The baking soda makes your skin soft and the ginger increases the detox sweat. They also said to wrap up in a robe and get under the covers to increase the sweating time. I only had a couple of tablespoons of baking soda and didn't do the ginger. Other tips I read were to keep your hair out of the water (makes it feel like straw) and to stay in the bath between 20-40 minutes and drink water during.

    I'm going to take another bath tonight hopefully. Maybe it'll help this aching back. In the mean time, I've got 2 bushes to plant this morning!

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    Hi everyone!!

    Welcome cemaestas! Hope your HCG proves good
    I did not find the pilates stalled me in past rounds- probably because my body is so used to it (been going pretty consistently for 2.5 years and love it).

    Joy-full -- my name is Angela- my name displaye don here is just my first intitial and last name. I guess I didn't think about it when I created my profile or I would have been more creative. Good luck with the new job!! I always seem to have MORE energy when on hcg (though not a lot of stamina, if you KWIM-- I got pretty tired by the end of pilates class this morning and the abs reps seemed way more arduous than usual) -- super "motivated" and seem to get a lot done.

    Lucy-- hoping your headache is gone for good! I will def. look up HCGChica- thanks

    Jhare -- awesome losses!!! YAAAAAAAY

    AFM-- feeling great. VLCD #3 in effect. Down 4.7 overall. Have to meet a former colleague for lunch in a few- thinking of getting lettuce & grilled chix. Boring, but SAFE.
    Hope everyone has great losses to report after today!

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    Hi guys!

    VLCD3 here for me, haven't weighed because I follow Weight Loss Apocalypse's approach and I don't weigh every day. My stomach is gurgling but I'm not actually hungry, I remember that happening my first 2 rounds, it's definitely a weird feeling. I do still have a bit of a headache It's not nearly as severe as it has been the past few days so I am hoping it's gone by tomorrow. I'm also experiencing the same thing with sleep, I'm going to sleep later than normal and getting up earlier than normal but my energy levels are up. I'm liking injections so far, I like that it takes less than a minute and then I'm done for the day. I've been doing them on my inner thigh because that's where I have the most fat, and the needles are so tiny it doesn't hurt.

    Everyone is doing awesome - keep it up!!

    ~ Lucy

    I am a Weight Loss Apocalypse follower, using The Hunger Scale for life!

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    Angela, your losses are fantastic!!


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    Uggg, my energy is so low today... it's all these late nights and early mornings!! lol!

    Seriously though... I am finding it tough today... I just want to sleep b/c my energy is low and I can't -- work/school calls...! Since I can't sleep... guess what my body wants for energy instead? Yep - food!

    I am fighting through it because I promised myself I would follow the protocol to a T this time, but man it is tough today. I am going to make myself a herbal tea to see if that helps.

    Stay strong my friends!


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    Janna! I went and got a B-complex shot and a B-12 shot today and I'm rockin! Maybe that would help??? Went to the chiropractor and have been doing hard physical work outside my house all day! 3 cups of black coffee have helped a little too...

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    Oh Joy-full! That is a brilliant idea! I wonder if I have to go to my doctor for them... I am not really sure how it works here. Nonetheless... it is a fantastic idea!

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    Janna, I found a place that does walk-in B-12 and B-complex shots. I'm going to get one every week of this round. It seems to really effect my energy level, mood and weight loss...in the past I lost more the next day after taking it.

    Doing Hcg is like camping....everything I eat tastes so darn good!

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    Keep eating your toast

    Hi, all. One of you mentioned that you are going to avoid the Melba toast on this round. I can't say for sure where I read it, but I thought I'd share this tidbit. You should eat the toast or the grissinni because it is important to have a few carbs. If you starve your body of all carbs, your body won't know what to do when you add them back in.

    I have broken Dr S's cardinal rule: I have not weighed myself.

    I hoped to see a little loss and then get on the scale. If this doesn't work, I'm considering weight loss surgery. Does anyone have an opinion. I weight 145 at 5'7" wearing a size 10 to being over 200 pounds in 2 years wearing a tight 16. I am feeling very discouraged. Can't wait to feel a little boost of hope with some weight loss. I'm only 32 bmi or so (guessing -since I haven't weighed) so I might not qualify.

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