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Thread: A Fresh Start Group! R2

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    But wouldn't I have been hungry this entire time then if my dose was off? It's VLCD4 and I have not been hungry until today...

    ~ Lucy

    I am a Weight Loss Apocalypse follower, using The Hunger Scale for life!

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    Hmmm...Lucy....150 iu of Corion hcg is what I'm on as well, but everyone is different. Have you read Grammy's info on dosing? You probably have...Girl, just drink tea and sweeten it with stevia and get through the day. Wish I had better advice! If I were you, I'd read up on dosing as much as possible. I was just wondering today if I could possibly go this whole round without messing with my dosage, that would be nice! So far my hunger has been dealable and usually passes. Let us know how it goes...

    Angela- Muffintopless' site looks like it has a bunch of good info. Love that six-pack she's sporting! I'll have to check out the weight workouts on there, no time yet for that. I've done the Body For Life weight workouts and LOVE working out with weights to my maximum capacity.

    Welcome hcg cheerleader! 80 lbs. is a huge milestone!!!! Great job! And 8 lbs. for this week is awesome!

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    I am just curious... are you all doing IM injections or subcutaneous?

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    Good morning Fresh Starters!

    Well I didn't lose anything yesterday... I did another intense workout (my calves are killing me today) plus I had a late supper (with a 5oz glass of wine) and I think I might of had too much protein with my steak salad. Blah! I am disappointed with myself. I have had wine on the protocol before and it did not affect my losses but maybe I am developing a sensitivity to it.

    No workout now until Sunday so I am hoping that my losses are good over the weekend. It will be challenging because I have girlfriends here all weekend and the wine will be calling my name but I just cannot compromise this round by stalling and messing with the protocol. It is way to important to me.

    How did you all make out?

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    Good Morning Girlfriends!

    Janna- did you sleep more last night? I finally got 6 1/2 hours of sleep, which feels like a normalish amount since I'm used to 7...

    I only lost .3 from yesterday. And I followed protocol to a 't' and had lots of energy. I think after such a big loss the day before, maybe that's to be expected. So that's -6.9 lbs from after load weight, and -3.5 from pre-load wt.

    When you all say your total amount lost, are you going from pre-load weight?

    Janna, I'm way surprised that you didn't gain from the wine! I think that's a success! Wine turns straight to sugars in your body from what I understand...Good luck to you this weekend with your girlfriends here. You'll be so glad you stayed away from the wine though! You have the potential to lose, what, from 1-4 lbs. between today and Monday, and if that wine tangles with that hcg, it could result in a gain...so I'm your no drinks till June supporter! Incredible though that you were able to have it before and still had great losses! We're all different...

    I am going out of town with a friend to a conference today. Leaving in the afternoon and back by tomorrow afternoon. So I'll not weigh-in tomorrow morning or be posting much till I'm back. I'm going to pre-cook my meat and just take celery in acv/stevia for one meal and cucumber and meat for the other. Taking everything I'm going to eat and I've warned my friend already. I'm mentally prepared to catch some flack, but I understand, because it took me months of research and reading a friend's research paper on it for me to feel good about it.

    Is anyone else skipping an injection soon? I'm skipping tomorrow- supposedly I only have enough (subq Janna)for 26 days, but I want to make it stretch as far as I can. And with being out of town, I don't have to try to keep it cold in a cooler in my car while in Phoenix- that may be impossible.

    Super happy with my energy level though...it's night and day from last time.

    Looking forward to hearing about everyone's day and hearing what your losses have been!
    It's a brand new day!

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    Hey Joy-full! I actually did not sleep any longer last night... I was wide awake at 5:30 again...hopefully I can have a good sleep in tomorrow.

    Have fun on your road trip! So proud of you for being organized! I have done that in the past as well when I travel for work... pre-cook and pack! It's the only way to ensure success!

    I am skipping on Sunday... I know that it is a long stretch without a skip day (9 days) but it just works better for my schedule.

    It's funny, I was just wondering this morning how we are suppose to calculate our losses... I am 4.2 below my starting weight and 7.4 below my VLCD1 weight. I am curious as to how we should calculate our averages.

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    Morning, ladies! I had another day with no loss! In all my past rounds the longest I've went without losses was 1 day, so I'm a little bit spoiled. I'm hanging in there though. I know things will start moving again soon.

    Lucy, sorry I can't answer your question. I'm not sure if your dose could just all of a sudden be off. I'd ask Grammy.
    Joy-full, thanks! Hcg has been a total God send for me! As far as what weight to count, I alway count post load weight, but usually I load with good fats and proteins and not starches and sweets, so I don't usually gain much. I figure if I do gain and I have to lose that weight, it counts.
    jhare, I'm using sublingual dosing. When I first found hcg I was afraid my husband and kids would think I'd finally went over the deep end if I told them I was going to do this diet where I give myself shots. LOL! It was easier to get their blessing with sublingual.
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    Good morning pretties!!

    Been a busy few days, so have not been able to post, but I am relaxing with my sweet 3 year old now while she watches a movie.....just sipping my coffee and catching up here.

    Lucy-- so glad the headache is gone, but sorry about the possible dosing issue. Any better on hunger today?

    Janna-- I hear ya on the socializing! Dinner out for me Thurs, Fri and going to a coworkers for dinner tonight- ugh. And, I too looooove my wine. Had 2 vodkas with club soda both evenings and still had losses, though not near what I probably would have had if I had prepared my own food and avoided the drinks. But, still gotta live and enjoy people and experiences so I'll take it. Did scallops Thurs evening though I think there was certainly some sugar in the sauce on them. Small filet with asparagus last night. All yummy. No idea what we are having tonight-- praying it is not pasta! I Don't want to discuss the diet with my work folks, so I will make due with whatever it is and may have to just rearrange food on my plate ! Hope you are having a wonderful visit with your friends!
    Oh and I am doing subq injections.

    Joy-full--I was scared to weigh before and during loading bc I thought it would make it hard for me to load properly, so first day I weighed was vlcd 1. I guess I am going from my post load weight by necessity
    I think I will skip an injection Monday and make that my weekly skip day. Funny, my first round I never skipped....but definitely want to make certain I have enough to get to goal this round. Glad you have lots of energy!! I'm feeling good too- partly bc it is just nice to just know I am taking action instead of beating myself up/dwelling on weight gained.

    Hcgcheerleader-- I bet you will have a big loss after that stall! Keep us posted...
    Congrats on your awesome losses overall!!!!

    I am down now 6.7 total- only .2 loss yesterday and .6 today. Keeping on, keeping on!! Thanks for sharing & helping me feel connected -- much needed. Not many understand this protocol, so I am very grateful for the support!!

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    Good Morning and Happy Mother's Day!

    It's VLCD7 and without weighing in yesterday, I'm -1.2 over the last 2 days...-8.1 after-load and -4.7 pre-load.

    When I get a little father along, I'll drop that pre-load weight. Right now I think it helps me psychologically to look at that big number!

    Conference was inspiring and wonderful...took all my food and that went great. I've stuck to protocol 100% except yesterday I had an extra 150 g of strawberries. It was my skip day and I was tired, it was the first day that I felt tempted by other food. My boyfriend's cream cheese brownie was calling and saying "Just one little bite won't hurt!"...but oh, yes, it would! So I abstained and am glad I did!

    Doing strawberries for both my fruits today because it's what I have. Remembering that last round I ended up doing that toward the end when I realized my losses were bigger that way. So this'll be a little experiment.

    I'm so curious how everyone is doing! I know it's the weekend, so I'll look forward to hearing updates when everyone has time.

    Expecting transformation! How's it going!?
    Lucy- headaches gone all the way? How are your losses? You and I are on the same day, let me know how it's going...
    Janna- Compadre! Good time with girlfriends?! How'd it go with the drinks?
    Angela-Remind me what VLCD day you're on...you're doing so good with the positive attitude...keeping on...I've thought about only weighing in every other day because I get down with small or non-existent loss days (I'm sure they'll come), but then when morning comes around, I can't keep myself from getting on the scale! If I start beating myself up, that should be the first thing to go for me.
    hcgcheerleader- Has your stall ended? You're well acquainted with hcg, so I'm sure you know all the things to try...- how's today for you?
    Chewy-Missing hearing from you- whassa happenin?

    Well, my mother's day present is to not have to go out to eat with my boyfriend and his mom. We're going to her church with her this morning, then I get to come home...going to finally clean the biggest room in my house from top to bottom. And taking a break mid-day to lay in the sun on my porch for a little bit...one of my favorite things.

    You can do it ladies! Let's stay focused on the goal!

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    Happy mother's day!

    Hi - hope everyone is having a terrific mother's day!!! I am- slept in until 9 (unheard of!!!), hubby working on honey do list. We had lunch at my sis and bro in law's-- yet another meal away from home. But, I just looked at my calendar and no more scheduled meals out of my control until 5/27 when I have a work dinner.

    I am on vlcd 7. Another .6 loss this morning for -7.3 total (including loading weight). Excited to see losses this week staying POP. So far, I feel really good and no hunger issues, so grateful for that.

    Joy-full- hope you got lots of cleaning done and a nice break in the sun!! I am going to go out and spray some weeds and plant some flowers shortly, I love working in the yard, so therapeutic.

    Lucy-- how you feeling? Hunger better?

    Where do you all live? I'm in Indianapolis.

    Hope to hear from you all soon-- wishing for lots of big losses for all!!!!

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    Good morning everyone! Happy Mother's Day!!! What a crazy weekend! I am happy to report that as of this morning I am down .4 from my weight on Friday. It was such a hard weekend to stay on track with my girlfriends here and it being mother's day and all. Uggggg. I am thrilled that I am down after all is said and done and not up.

    Congrats on your losses Joy-full!
    Angela, so excited to read your losses!

    How is everyone else doing?

    Here's to a really really strong week for us all...

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    Question Help!

    Quick from me for now. I'm supposed to take my injection in 1 hour, but I know I need to adjust my dosage and can't figure out which way! I've been searching the threads for an hour now trying to figure it out.

    On my skip day (Saturday), I felt abnormally tired- and somewhat hungry- not a huge deal though. I attributed the tiredness to the conference. So yesterday morning I continued on with my normal dose, 150 iu. The last week, I have not felt hungry and have had an incredible amount of energy.

    I was starving yesterday! I could have really blown it, as it is, I just ate more of what I was supposed to at each meal. Before my bm this morning I was up 2 lbs! I still weighed everything out yesterday and had 800 calories of completely protocol foods, so I'm surprised it amounted in that much gain. I'm not worried about that so much as it was before my bm and I know that I just need to adjust my dosage to get back to that no hunger and lots of energy feeling of the previous week. After deep cleaning my house yesterday, I slept! I normally can't sleep in the day time unless I'm sick- so tired and hungry, to me, means 'change dosage'.

    I'm looking everywhere on the boards though - I know the information is here somewhere- and can't find what I should do! Help!
    Is anyone up this morning and can respond in time for me to take my 6:30 a.m. injection?

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