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Thread: July 4th Loaders..

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    Happy and Safe July 4th to all of you I am starting my loading today. Got subway sandwiches with avocado for today and tomorrow. I am allowed 6 0z of protein. So bought the groceries and split the meats into correct portions and put them away in frig. I am indian. Trying to come up with creative recipes using indian spices. I am learning a lot about planning meals.
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    Ugh!! Hi everyone. So glad I found this busy thread as am hoping someone can help me. I started loading yesterday and I have been up all night with quite painful heartburn. It comes over me every thirty seconds or so. I have managed to grab an hours sleep here and there but am wondering if this is usual for some people. Im going back to bed now to try and sleep but hopefully will find some answers when I wake up. I am trying Biomedx hhcg...(also vivid dreams??)

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    Biomx has two formulas, no all are available everywhere - can you check the label, does it actually say hcg 6x 12x 30x or something similar?

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    Hi Sweetiepie,

    Yes it does. It's 6x 12x 30x 60x. After reading lots of posts in these forums, I knew if I was going to get hhcg, I needed to get one with those (wouldn't have had a clue otherwise). Im thinking of going with reliable rx but while I was doing my research I chose Biomedex. Now if Im honest, I have been gorging for the past week and upped the fats yesterday on day 1 of taking the drops. I also only took one lot of ten drops as they were delivered yesterday afternoon. I also had slight heartburn before taking the drops, but nothing like last night. They just kept going on and on.....ugh - what do uyou think it is?

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    Beginning of Day 5 VLCD 180.8

    Gained .2 yesterday, Had a wonderful BBQ. Back on track today, it's a blessing I don't have to re lose a ton of weight. Keeping my head up and myself a float really need this to be my last round so I have to do the darn thing.

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    Good morning Everyone,

    I just love this way of life and waking up to my scale ( at least so far ) I was a little worried yesterday, I had planned my diiner and my grill wasn't working, got a new tank and found that there is a leak in the hose ;( ended up going out to dinner ordered a Ariz grass fed burger with a salad ate 1/2 the burger used lemon and mustard as dressing had lots of water...and ta da I was still down 1.2 lbs for a total of 5lbs released woohoo doing a happy I even had a few choco covered coffee beans...

    will need to get a new fitting for my grill or a total new one like really quickly. I hate doing meat inside during the summer and heat up the kitchen

    going to try doing my zumba gold class today it's only 45 mins and see how it goes and how I feel I'm going to save an apple and eat 1/2 before and 1/2 after to keep my blood sugars level..

    alit2...BBQ can be though but your doing great it good for all of us that the holiday is over and were ready to really get down to business here! check back later

    every one have a great Thursday...


    restart 6/30/12
    2 load days
    restart 7/2
    w/load 188.2
    P3 17 days 172
    p2 172 load
    p2 171.4 load
    p2 D1 171.6
    p2 D2 170.6
    p2 D3 169.4
    p2 D4
    p2 D5
    after 79 days Releana
    last drop weight 165.8
    started p3 on Wed 9/21 17 days
    restart p2 VLCD Wed 10/10/12

    Total released 22.4 lbs
    Total inches 26.25

    goal 140 lbs
    swimming down stream!

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    good morning everyone, it seems like everyone's doing really well and getting a good start on p2, Im on load day 2 and totally gaining back the weight I lost on round 1 sucks, but live and learn, so tomorrow is vlcd 1 for me and looking forward to getting this water weight off. I didn't load as good as I thought I was going to as far as being a holiday and all, didn't really like the food sister-n-law made, so I came home a pigged out and it was very late at nite, so Im still holding on to that, but so far so good, so well see how tomorrow goes with cutting back to 500 calories again.

    Vlcd 1 164.8
    Vlcd 2 164.0 (-0.8)
    Vlcd 3 164.2 (+0.2)
    Vlcd 4 164.0 (-0.2)
    Vlcd 5 163.6 (-0.4)

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    I am looking *forward* to VLCD. Honestly, I didn't eat all that much on day 1, mainly some veggies, fat, and fatty fish... and gained something like 4 lbs in a day. Yup, hcg is definitely taking over my system here... So one more fatty dinner today - and then finally P2, with no real choices to make.

    Since I am doing a 30-day round again, it really isn't that much of a hardship to stick to chicken, veal, fish, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, and radishes... that is all the choice I have, and that will be just peachy.
    Let's hope the loading weight goes down quickly!

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    Goodmorning everyone - Did everyone have a great Fourth of July? Well I am starting my VLCD 1 today at 151. 0 that is 6.0 over LIW. That should be fine, I wish it was a like 3 pounds less but live and learn huh Niane. This last week I ate terrible and went into loading feeling already loaded. I didn't eat as much as I had planned yesterday but still gained a pound from loading on pasta salad and
    devil eggs, ice cream. So I definately got my fats in! I am going to be very strict on this round as it will take me 16 pounds now to get to my goal for this round - which I'm not sure
    I can do- as I usually only lose about 13 pounds per round. I will know by the end of this first week, next thursday.

    It is nice to be joining those already eating P2 foods, to tell you the truth I feel way better eating such a small amount of food - wish I could learn from that. But then I get something
    very yummy and you would think it is my last opportunity to eat it. I hate this vicious cycle, and I am working hard to break out of it.
    Happythin & Krista Welcome to the thread. Good luck on your journeys, if anyone has recipes to share or ideas as we go that would be awesome.

    I officially changed my ticker and I would of never believed I would be starting in the 150's again. At least I know that won't last long!!
    Have a great day ladies, and please keep us posted on how your doing!

    R1P2 start - 173.0
    R1P2 LIW - 157.2
    TOTAL LOSS - 15.8

    R2P2 start = 159.0
    R2P2 LIW = 145.0

    R3P2 WEEK 1 = 151.0 - 143.0 ( -8.0 )
    R3P2 WEEK 2 = 143.0 (-0.0) I deserve that!

    R3P3 WEEK 4 = 141.0
    R3P2 RESTART = 145.0


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    Started R3P2 hHCG drops
    I am on VLCD1 today and had two fun filled loading days...I enjoyed burgers w/cheese and pasta and chips last night for the 4th celebration and lasagna the night before. I am on round 2 and although I'm only 2 pounds over LDW the inches creeped back on and I'm not happy about that at all. It's like my distribution of fat that I thought was a goner has come back in the form of inches, but was able to keep the weight down. I am back for 23 days of P2. I stabilized great in P3 so I think I sabotaged myself in P4 with adding too many carbs back in (in the from of tortilla chips - oh how I love them!!). But I've found that my body type is a "mesoderm" and apparently I will be struggling the rest of my life to keep weight off (sigh). And with that body type carbs and sugars are the enemy. So by being back in P2 I hope to get rid of my carb craving and then once I hit P4 this time, I will maybe just reward myself once a week with them and not daily! LOL!

    Good luck to everyone and I look forward to hanging out here with you all!

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