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Thread: Loading day 2, PH2 starts sunday

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    Loading day 2, PH2 starts sunday

    I first started HCG in 2012 and lost about 30 pounds which was amazing. I was in menopause and could not lose the weight around my belly. I had topped out at 178 and could not stand myself. i carried all of my weight in my middle and everytime i bent over i would have a hard time bc of the huge ball in my mid section. I had always exercised and never ever thought that i would ever have a problem with weight. This diet has been a godsend. I have never gained back the original weight loss but i seem to struggle with a 12-14 pound gain. I seem to keep my weight off for months and months and then there seems to be a trigger (usually work or personal stress). this time in May 2016 i started gaining weight with NO changes in diet due to my 87 yr old mom's needs increasing. Between May and now, i have gained close to 14 pounds. the ball in my belly is back and i feel horrible and sluggish. I have don HCG at least 5 times in the past. I worry that this diet has bc a crutch for me but honestly it works. Ph2 starts sunday! I have learned not to go crazy with the loading days. so i focus on alot of avocado, rib eye with fat, cheese, etc. I worry about long term side effects from this diet but i have not been able to find any posted on line. Thanks for listening.

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    You're loading? Wish I was loading. My neighbor is a professional baker and filling an order for 8 double dipped chocolate cakes with chocolate AND double fudge AND chocolate chip frosting. They smell amazing and the aroma is blowing into my window. I went over earlier because she wanted me to see how pretty they look. My mouth actually watered. When does that ever happen? Yeah, I looked in the kitchen. The spoon full of chocolate was just sitting in the bowl, taunting me. She even asked, "want the spoon?" No, I'm only P3, made some pork chops.

    Will you run out and eat a piece of chocolate cake for me? Not a little bite, a big piece.

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    Why don't you ask your neighbor to freeze a piece of cake for you, then you can have it in P4? That's what I always did on my rounds if there was something (sweets or fats) that I couldn't eat at that specific time. Loading day 2, PH2 starts sunday

    Delayed gratification is fun to me!!!!

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    I will be going through my birthday and my anniversary on this round and, so yes I will absolutely freeze my cake as I have done that before in the past. Looking foward to a frozen cake with buttercream frosting is so oolalah!


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