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Thread: Lovely Losers 2018 - DECEMBER'S Decisions!!!

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    Hello ladies! Hi Pearlymae!
    I havent been on since July! And ive gained 20lbs! Im not sure what has happened! Been chatting with Grammy as my metabolism has plunged to nothing. I am not currently doing hcg. Trying to decide if i will. Ive done 15 rounds in 8 years. Not sure if that is what hass messed me up. The last 2 rounds i lost beautifully, p3s were awesome. I was eating clean 98% of the time. Every time i ate something off, i would gain. Correction days stopped working. Now, even when i eat clean i gain! Super frustrated. Glad to see everyone doing well. If i do decide to do this again, will be end of January. Going to Texas and Oklahoma to see 3 of my 5 kids.

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    Round 1: 140.6
    Age: 39
    Height: 52
    Weight lost: -14.8
    LIW: 125.8
    Lost Inches: 19.5
    Current weight P3 day 20: 125.4
    Current total lost: -16
    Current total inches: 22

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