Hello eacwa,

My favorite meal tracking app is FatSecret, I also use their website, FatSecret.com

It is connected to a huge food database, and has an active and supportive forum. It is international, and I think developed by a group in New Zealand, though I could be wrong about that. We have members who post from UK, Australia, Greece, Spain, as well as US. I think the site administrators filter what we see by language; but occasionally I see posts in other alphabets and languages.

In P3 you gradually increase your calories and test adding different foods, to see which cause gains. For me, that is carbs.

Your weight will fluctuate during P3 and that's OK, as long as you are within your 2 lb window. Hopefully you will identify problem foods, so that you know to limit or avoid in future.

I try to gradually increase my calories in P3, but I typically fail and eat too much! My biggest problem is adding nuts too early - they always cause me a gain in P3.

My P3 day goes like this: Breakfast: 6 cups coffee with Heavy Whipping Cream, total of 154 cal; at lunch, 2 eggs scrambled with butter, 176 cal; dinner, a meat dish of 300 to 400 cal; snack (optional) 85% cacao chocolate, 100 cal.

After P3, I continue to limit carbs to 20 g per day, protein about 65 g per day, and the rest fats; but my total calories will be up to 1300.

I hope that answers your question.

Good luck,