Hey everyone from the land of Snow and Cold. It's not COLOrado, it's COLDOrado. Yeah, we are really just getting started, but I already am ready for spring. Hate snow. bah humbug.

So, April, maybe it is something in the air. I was a happy and contented 129 on FRIDAY. 129.4 on Saturday. Sunday I was creeping up to 130.2 for some reason and yesterday, 132.8! What the heck? Today, 133.4!!! Whoa! Hey! Stop that!

I had some good old Campbell's chicken noodle soup on Sunday night, so thought yesterdays huge gain was just a reaction to all the salt in it ---have been tired and grouchy lately so did not want to cook, but found that in the back of the cupboard, kept on hand for my niece, and thought how bad can it be? Well, if that was the culprit, I had a super clean day yesterday and shoulda been DOWN not further UP.


My new primary care Doc cut my thyroid meds (I go through this every time I get a new doc. Sigh) and it's been about 8 weeks. So, according to her, I don't need that much T3. Nope. My hands are freezing again, I ache in every joint when I get up in the morning, I am as tired when I wake up as I was when I went to bed, which is to say, exhausted, and I've been watching my waistline soften and gain an inch and a half before I even saw a weight gain. No, I don't need that T3 stuff. Only if I want to live.

Oh, did I mention I am GROUCHY????

On.... never mind. Gonna sit here and sulk.