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Thread: LOVELY LOSERS 2019 - Altogether we're AWESOME IN APRIL!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mairi View Post
    I am talking to myself but I need it to stay on track so...
    At LDW this morning so am happy Tomorrow: YOGURT!
    I am taking my food intake to make sure I know what I am eating. Calories P3D1 were 948, and D2 1133. I hope to get to 1500 but it seems difficult. I ate a lot yesterday! I have however not bee eating enough fat, so the whole yogurt will help with that hopefully.
    Not talking to yourself LOVELY LOSERS 2019 - Altogether we're AWESOME IN APRIL!!!! Iím going to respond more to you in a bit. Have an internal audit at work and trying to survive haha

    Ps - Iím living thru you and your yogurt LOVELY LOSERS 2019 - Altogether we're AWESOME IN APRIL!!!!

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    Hello Lovelies,

    The May 2019 thread has been started here:

    The Moderator currently known as Coco :

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    Iíve also been doing a lot of walking/jogging and strength training so not sure how much muscle Iíve built, maybe 4 lbs. so my question is whether anyone else is using Sams Club Protein2O protein water (60cal w/ 15g protein 1g carb 0g sugar but does have sucrolose ugh)or Vega Organic Protein&greens (150cal w/ 21g protein 1g sugar 6g carb) to add protein without so much meat lol.

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