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Thread: Lovely Losers 2019 - DETERMINED in DECEMBER!!!

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    Wow, what a difference a few days makes! I didn't realize I had been gone that long! I've been on a "roller coaster" kinda week! So today is D3 of P3 for me. Somehow I managed to drop .8 below my LIW. I made it down 11 lbs for the round. That makes it a total of 21 lbs for 2 rounds. I'm pretty happy with that as I am feeling quite well in my clothes right now! 🙂

    Pearly- our moms seem to be on the same path right now. 😣 My mom is down over 30 lbs the past couple of months & it is so disheartening. I remember the docs putting my grandma on Megace & it really increased her appetite & made her gain. Need to monitor that as my grandma gained too quickly! I'm not sure that would work for my mom as it's hard to get her to take pills.

    Kar- Yes, Dec IS Not a great time to be on a diet for some, but I have found that I tend to watch what I eat as opposed to overdoing it all the time. I have a tendency to go overboard & I like the way I keep myself in check more. Even if I go up 1 or 2, it's peanuts compared to what i could & do gain!

    Cheering you on, Linder, rk & t1ght! 🙆*♀️ You can do this! We ALL can!

    Stay Focused! 😳

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    Good Morning Lovelies,

    Gem Girl that is wonderful about your weight loss! ALso congrats on P3, always tough. I agree that it is better for me to be on a diet during the holidays, it helps to stay focused on long term goals. Next year when I am at my goal weight I will really have to give myself daily chats.

    I am also with you and Pearly on the Mom issues. It is very hard to see one's parents deteriorating. I am also in the trenches increasingly taking care of them, with no other family left to help.

    Today I am down .8 which is amazing for me.

    Hope everyone has a great day and stay focused on the goals.


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    Happy TGIF Lovelies!

    Gem - congrats on P3 and being under LIW! Keep up the good work!
    RK - you're on a roll! Hoping to follow you closely down that path soon!

    Taking care of parents can be rough, especially when you are the sole caretaker/family member. Hugs to all of you going through it and hoping that your personal support system is strong. Make sure to take care of You also.

    AFM: Today, I am back on P2 after my 4 day PI. This morning TESS said that I had gained 2.2 over those 4 days - OMG! I don't know how that happened. I was good. I ate mostly P2 with a few P3 foods to keep hunger at bay. Stayed between 800 and 1000 calories each day and making sure to only eat to satisfaction and not a bite beyond. Hoping it is mostly water and will disappear quickly once the hhcg gets back in my system. {fingers crossed}

    Have a great Friday and weekend all! Stay warm and dry!

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    Pre-HCG SW: 175
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    R2 SW: 151.3 LDW: 144.0 May 2017
    R3 SW: 135.9 LDW: 130.9 October 2017
    R4 SW: 137.0 LDW: 132.0 March 2018
    R5 SW: 142.6 LDW: 132.1 November 2018
    R6 SW: 144.8 P2D15: 136.9 -7.9

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