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Thread: Lovely Losers 2019 - DETERMINED in DECEMBER!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gemgirl View Post
    I always cringe when I step on the scale after a steak day loss. So, when I stepped on this morning & I was only up .2, I was ecstatic! 😁 that was even after a Christmas dinner last night! I tried to stay low carb & it seems to have worked.

    Beachy- Wow, so sorry to hear you are struggling in many areas. The food situation can really get you discouraged as well. 😣 That always messes with how I view myself, although I shouldn't let it, & has an effect with how I may cope w/everyday life.

    Perhaps reaching out to one of the "coaches" here can help. You can go over your food choices & see what could be making you gain or stop you from losing.
    That is sure a lot of foods that you should be able to eat w/o gaining- at least they are for me in P3. I was able to eat a variety of fruits w/o probs as well.

    Good luck & try hard not to be to discouraged as it can cause you to slide down a "slippery slope."
    This is the perfect place for you to come to get encouragement & tips.

    Until then, Stay Focused! 😳
    Quote Originally Posted by Gemgirl View Post
    Beachy, do you exercise? Perhaps walking or some sort of aerobic activity can increase your metabolism & help burn off some calories. Weight lifting can also increase your muscle mass (I know muscle weighs more) as well as revving up your metabolism.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kar View Post
    Good morning, Lovelies.

    Beachy, I hope you're able to get a handle on that metabolic issue. I can relate to some extent. It's so frustrating being afraid to eat the tiniest little thing.

    Gemgirl, congrats on your day-after-steak-day weight! lol

    keke28, welcome! I've had some week-long stalls before. You need to trust that the HCG is working, even when the scale doesn't show it. Your cells are just holding onto some extra water, which will eventually WHOOSH away.

    chawna, I haven't tried the shake, but I understand your frustration in P3. The "steak day" key seems to be that you're fasting all day, then eating high protein w/ a little fat, followed by the apple or tomato. I know of some who have had success with chicken thighs or eggs. So if you decide to do a correction day, substituting seafood may work for you.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
    Quote Originally Posted by rkthin View Post
    Good Morning Lovelies,

    LinderLou: your body is probably reshaping. I know you will have a big loss soon!
    Kar: I am also a Purell fan, my queen ha ha!
    Chawna: So Sorry about the loss of your mom. I don't consider this the worst time to do the diet--especially when you consider this is the time of year when most people (especially me) gain! So 10 pounds down is not bad! At Least we are not in the gaining mode!
    GemGirl: Great job on your steak day! Nice that you are still in your window after a Christmas diner! That is wonderful!
    Beachy: I'm so sorry it sounds like you have had a very tough time of it. Grammy always recommended, "The Fast Metabolism Diet" by Haylie Pomroy to fix any lingering issues of "Carb and other Sensitivity" like you (and I in the past) had. I got her book out of the library and it really helped me when I was on the "meat and veggies or I gain" wagon. Grammy has also recommended "Trim Healthy Momma" but I never tried that. Think about giving one of those plans a whril? Also, and probably a better idea is maybe start a new thread and ask Leez what to do? I know others have faced this, and another girlfriend of mine after HCG several rounds and that issue also did Haylie's book with great results. Don't give up! Others have faced this and there are solutions out there. We don't have to live like that.

    Welcome KeKe! Try not to cheat. Often people cheat because their dose is slightly off and they are hungry. It always takes me several days of not losing after a cheat to get losing again. If you are cheating because you are hungry, then your dose is slightly off and I would try to get help from the veterans regarding your dose on the other threads. ( I do hHCG and so I am not able to help). For what it's worth, I have found Being on HCG was a good time to work out my own emotional eating issues and get past them. But I suspect it is a dosing issue. Apple Days, Dr Simeons says are more for psychological benefit and I have never found them to work personally. I prefer Detox baths and Inflammation smoothies. Also, most rounds I end up in at least one stall, even with no cheating, and I notice I lose inches even though the scale does not move. It is frustrating but it will pass. Don't give up!

    AFM: The scale is moving better than my previous rounds, and I am doing nothing different....So it makes no sense to me but I am grateful for a .7 lb loss today. I wish I could figure out why my losses are so much better for any future rounds, but I am not doing anything differently. I was not feeling well yesterday, just pooped. I don't know if it was the diet, the holiday stress, or my family's sick people's germs trying to get me. Today I feel better! I'm way behind but moving forward...at a snail's pace.

    Onward as Dear Pearly says.

    Have a great day!
    Quote Originally Posted by LinderLou View Post
    Wow RK - you are doing great! Keep up the great work! I am trying to catch up with you. Glad you're feeling better today. Don't let those germs catch you!

    Beachy - so sorry to hear of your troubles. I like RK's ideas about following a plan to help your metabolism. I've not tried those myself, but have read many success stories about people who have.

    Keke - Welcome! Yes, unfortunately stalls are all part of the process. I've had plenty of those myself. So, even though the scale doesn't move, the inches probably are. The beauty of this protocol is that you lose inches in places that no other diet enables you to! Don't give up!

    Kar - Thanks for all your good advice and support! Hope your maintenance (you're in P3, right?) is going well. And hope you're over your illness soon.

    Chawna - sorry about the loss of your mom. While it doesn't sound like the best time to be doing a diet, it does give you an opportunity to take care of YOU. 10 pounds lost is much better than 10 pounds gained ;-)

    Gem - Good job on keeping your steak day loss! And braving a Christmas dinner on top of that. Good for you! I'm getting better at navigating my way through "regular" food meals and just sticking with low carb options in P3/P4. P2 is a little harder to do!

    Everyone else - hope things are going well. This thread is getting busy again, so I've lost track a bit...

    AFM: Down 0.3 this morning on P2D21, so I'm at the halfway point, more or less. Still about 1 pound above where I was before the beginning of my PI and 2.5 pound gain, but I am zeroing in on continuing my downward journey. I've got 19 more days to go and feeling like I can stick with it. I don't measure, but I can feel the inches coming off. My pants are baggy!

    Have a great rest of your week everyone!
    Thank you so much ladies! I have missed all of you! I don't know if you will see this in the December thread; so I'll see I can move this over to Feb too.

    I have missed all of you and am so excited to see you still here, losing, maintaining and succeeding!

    Thank you for all the great ideas. I am going to get The Fast Metabolism book from the library. I have tried so many books but no that one. I have the Trim Healthy Mama books and use some of their menus, but ONLY the Low carb ones. So I haven't done THM. I am so afraid to try their carb meals because once I gain a lb. it won't come off without doing a fat fast. Even then it is a losing battle. Kind of 2 lbs on, 1 lb off. It's a nightmare. So I am going to see if the Fast Metabolism is for me. Leez has given great advice in the past. I think I am just to scared to add carbs and need to find a way that I can. I have tried, and so far it has always caused a gain that stuck.

    The exercise thing is big. I only do light exercise. I walk several times a week, bike, and do gentle exercises. I don't enjoy the ones that work up a sweat quickly. But I need to just do it. Thanks again for all the encouragement. I am not giving up!
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