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Thread: LOVELY LOSERS 2019 - Fighting the FAT in FEBRUARY!!!!

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    Morning all. Weighed in this morning and was 0.6 up. My boyfriend made me take off my pants and sweatshirt and weigh again...and it was a 0.9 loss! FINALLY.
    Started at 152.3, at 149.5 today (VLCD 9): 2.8lb loss. Not much but at this point, I’ll take anything. It’s tough being motivated to stay on plan with such disappointing results but maybe today’s loss will start a pattern!

    I am mixing up my foods today to see if that helps. And I’m eating earlier in the day. I woke up at 530, had coffee and breakfast at 830am. Small apple, 96/4 beef and “sautéed” cabbage with a little egg white. I’ve cut out the cashew milk as well (though it did not have carrageenan). I definitely feel more full from the cabbage so that’s nice!

    How’s everyone else doing? Any fun plans for the weekend?

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    Susan - boo on the flu I would think you'd keep going but I've never done injections. I'm sure someone will chime in soon.

    Yay - You mean you don't weigh butt naked after your morning pee?? Woohoo congrats on the loss! Sounds like you have a very supportive BF.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xexymess View Post
    Good morning Lovelies,

    Feeling a little bit better today and I think it's because I ate utter nonsense yesterday. Down .02 to 152.2 after I had a big chicken empanada, some ranch tuna with celery, some steamed asparagus with parmesan cheese, a bite of steak and a bite of au gratin potatoes along with a generous glass of wine. I expected the wine to be dry but it was as sweet and bubbly as Martinelli's. I only finished half of my baked tilapia...which tasted pretty boring.

    @April: you seem to be easing in to P3. In past rounds I've ratcheted up the calories quickly since Grammy seemed to recommend something closer to 3,000 a day. I don't count them, just stay away from the sugar and starch. Is slow and steady a better approach? I stabilized below LDW and kept it off for a year before this round, but I've also lost much more slowly this round. I'm really looking forward to P3 but perhaps I need a different approach...

    @Amber: the textures do get to me in P2! I just ordered an air fryer to see if I can shake things up for these last days.
    In the past I did too..really ratcheted up my calories. These times I have just gone a little slower and decided that I would eat like I was going to eat going forward with multiple good healthy meals and snacks such as almonds etc. I have not counted calories either, but when you add in a whole avocados, cheese, nuts a little goes a long way. I have settled a little up from my previous rounds in 2012 also but I am also much older.

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