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Thread: LOVELY LOSERS 2020 - Marching Forward in MARCH!!!!

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    Arrow LOVELY LOSERS 2020 - Marching Forward in MARCH!!!!

    Hope Everyone is doing well. Here's your new thread for MARCH 2020.

    Our jovial and joyful group have been starting new threads every month for several years to prevent people from having to sort through literally thousands of old posts, and making it easier for new people to join.

    Each new thread is called ďLovely LosersĒ + something or other (hopefully clever, witty or inspiring!).

    Although we call ourselves "Lovely Losers" - 'cause that's what we are! Ė everyone is welcome, including Lively Lads!

    Please note:
    We are all in different phases of HCG & we all use different methods of HCG.
    What is right for YOU, is right for YOU and we respect that. We donít judge.
    MOST importantly, while we can be a little naughty (with humor!) we are NICE to each other!!

    So whether you are just starting, finishing or somewhere in between . . . YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!
    The Moderator currently known as Coco :

    Stable @ 150 for over 5 years. Height - 5'10
    Starting Weight: 220 lbs.
    Lost 70+ lbs. in 4 rounds.
    Went from Size 14/16 at my heaviest to Size 4/6 !!!

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    I'm here. Again. For the umpteenth time. I was having a pretty good round near the end of 2018 and then found out I was very unexpectedly expecting and stopped the protocol. The little sweetie is worth everything but boy am I anxious to lose all this weight! I'm back to where I was in 2010 when I lost 69 pounds. This is my second loading day. I unfortunately started my cycle today, but I'm still going full force tomorrow. I just want to feel good by summer! Good luck to each and every one of you!

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    Reposting this here on our new thread!

    Good Morning Lovelies,

    Pearly: Someone may have "sold me a bill of goods" that there were easy to use smart phones. Yes, my parents never remember to turn their cell phone on, lose it etc. OR it is on but the volume is off. They are very frustrating. The job search is Never fun! Can you get new clients just by cold calling or asking your existing clients for referrals? I would especially ask the client that cut back your work 30% if he knows anyone you could call. Then call the new clients and use his name. I know the job hunt sucks as Tracy said. Hang in there! There will be good things in store for you.

    Tracy: Yes "office Walk". Let us know how it goes. I track my steps on my phone, because I am a natural lazy ***. I notice when I travel and am walking a ton I do not gain weight. So that is my step inspiration.Smart not to weigh if that helps you. I always think the gain or no loss is worse than it is, so it helps me to weigh.

    AFM: Since I could not get a chance to eat dinner until 9 I was worried about the scale. I am down a pound. Yahoo back to my weight. Friends, My parents are just too intense. Mom fell and hit her head, then went to play bridge, then decided maybe she should get it checked out so they called me from the ambulance at 6 PM and that was the evening. I can't keep going on at this pace with my folks. I can barely get anything done in my own life. IN other news, I am the only one surprised by this, but they refuse to give up their keys!!!! So the insurance company is totaling their relatively new car, so I am going to sign them up for rides. Say that Dad needs to get healthy, I figure the state will have a say about Mom driving after this accident, and see if I can postpone the next car until it fades from view... Not sure what else to do....They will not listen and they will buy one without me because I will not help them with it.

    I ate a bigger breakfast than I probably should have. Interesting that I don't feel stuffed. Lunch has been difficult to get in somedays so I am bringing a salad to the Care Center for me and some hard boiled eggs. DH has important interviews today, so hope that goes well.

    Take care! I am thinking about you all. Have a wonderful day!

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    Wow, Coco... I didn’t even realize we were in a new month. Where did February go? And even with an extra day this year...

    Welcome back, coffeegirl!

    RK, I’m exhausted just thinking about what you’re going through with your parents. Hang in there.

    Ms. P, focus on your pages and stay the course. The TESS maths will work out. Onward!

    P2D11 for me and I saw a nice drop this morning. I’m feeling a bit hungry today. While I recently had to up my dose, I just hit a weight where I have always had to decrease. I’ll play the skip dose game again tomorrow morning.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!

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    Kar - how long are you going this round?

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    Hi All!

    My name is Rosey; I did HCG years ago with much success. It's a trip reading my old posts lol (Rosey84). The forum seems a lot "quieter" these days. I attribute that to the smack down on online drops lol. Anyway, I start loading Friday and will be on Dr prescribed hcg injections - a 30 day round. I'll be doing a reduced calorie hcg 2.0 sticking closer to the 500 cal VLCD but primarily protein and veggies. I've dropped about 17lbs already doing low carb and Phen (I know I know ... phen is terrible... blah blah blah lol) so I'm already in a keto-esque diet. Looking forward to seeing how the results compare by not following the "strict" old school protocol. I lost 28.6lbs on a 40 day round the first time and I had a cheat or two ... what can i say ... i have a thing for tacos

    To those new to HCG - it works and I kept the weight off for quite some time... but alas... I'm almost a decade older and well.... that apparently sucks for your waistline ... looking forward to getting to know you over the next month ...GOOD LUCK

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    I will say this ... if Simeon had me give up all my beloved skincare products back in 2011 for naught .... I will fight his ghost lol.

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    Hi Rosey - I'm glad I won't be doing this alone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeegirl View Post
    Hi Rosey - I'm glad I won't be doing this alone!
    Hi Doll! (I call everyone Doll)

    I read your prev post and it seems we are in a similar boat. We both did this 8-10 years ago and are back and we actually just both started our cycle lol... kismet... this is why I am waiting to load until Friday. I've heard its fine to start on the tail end of your cycle and you get to deal with some of the pesky cravings while loading!... Where are you at in your phase?

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    Good morning, Lovelies!

    Coffeegirl, I'm planning my last dose for March 27. We'll see how that goes.

    Welcome back, Rosey. Yikes! I don't want to see that fight... but after about the 3rd round I stopped avoiding my regular skincare products and didn't notice a difference. That said, I'd never discourage anyone from following OP.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

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    Howdy March! I just finished a 24 day round. Iím currently in the 48 hr window (beginning today). I managed to lose 15 lbs! Iím still 4 lbs away from my goal which was my pre pregnancy weight but Iíll take it!!!

    It has been a few years since my last round. I am hoping I have an easy time stabilizing! Definitely excited to add some more foods in but going slow so I donít rock the boat! I promise I wonít share that part. I I ow how evil that is while youíre in P2!!! Haha. I hope everyone has a fantastic month!!!

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    Welcome Rosey and Coffee Girl! Rosey, I remember fen-phen! I had a short term prescription waaaay back, like 20 years ago and boy I never felt better. I lost a little weight too!
    Excited for you both to restart!

    AFM, I'm calling it a few days early. Saturday was meant to be my last day but the hunger is for real. This round was magical, too - not a lick of hunger from morning to bedtime so I know something is off; the dose, the juice - either way I'm super uncomfortable. I've already had coffee, a cup of chicken bouillon, a carrot, 1/4 cup of cottage cheese and I'm looking at my lunch like "hey baby, sup?"
    "The only thing stopping you is you."

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