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Thread: LOVELY LOSERS 2020 - Marching Forward in MARCH!!!!

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    Day 99991999199919919


    I missed you! my wifi was out and and I couldn't get my hotspot to connect. I think the companies are metering our data / internet because too many of us are home. The past week or so my wifi was cutting out every few hours.. but yesterday it cut off and nada! The service woman suggested I GO TO THE ATLANTIC BROADBAND OFFICE TO GET A ROUTER..... blank stare smh.

    Any way ... I'm here I haven't deserted you my dolls! I haven't weighed yet - but I am getting curious lol.

    Savannah - I didnt try them yet. I've been sticking to my shakes trying to drop water weight. I do look much less puffy. I think I will try one tonight so I'll let you know.

    I see a bunch of new faces .... i'll circle back to read through everything in a bit ...I gotta go shoot up

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkthin View Post
    HI Lovelies,

    Rosey, Your posts are the best and so funny. In response for your request for funny posts, A friend of my daughter's sent this:

    I'm giving up drinking for a month.
    Sorry, bad Punctuation.

    I'm giving up. Drinking for a month.

    No one try this! Ha ha.

    Onward! as Pearly says!

    lol.. I'm about ready to join her lol ... thanks for the laugh chica!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savannah View Post
    Rk, sounds like you are right on track. I think testing your reaction to foods is a good idea after each VLCD phase of HCG. Exercise is good?

    Rosey, good for you in marching on without the scale a few days. Iíve never had turkey in P2. Did you go with it? Howíd it turn out.

    Rosey 2.0, quick rebound. Knitting for the NICU babies is such a sweet gift of your time. My MIL does quilting for her local hospitals up in Idaho also.

    Kristy, welcome back. I agree that this is a perfect time for hcg (if you can find the fresh ingredients). We are locked down from doing much else.

    Tracy, itís nice to know liquor can work in P3. Sounds like youíll transition to P4 flawlessly.

    AFM, I caved yesterday and had a couple heavy shots of Patron plus I lifted weights again. I was DEFINITELY going to skip the scale but I need to know how my actions/calculated risk impacts me so I stepped on. Today, Iím down another 0.2 lbs. I kind of consider the last two losses of .2 each kind of like a plateau.

    I do have a question... TOM is still not here and was due Saturday. Itís not all that uncommon to go a day or two over the 28 days here or there. Iíve been on a dose of 125 IU (injected) since my last skip day. Now, I understand HCG is used for fertility and Iím getting worried now. My question is if I took a home pregnancy test, would my hcg possibly give me a false reading? Have any of you VETS seen HCG throw anyoneís cycle off a week or more who was NOT pregnant?

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    I'd be worried about the patron.... rumor has it thats a pretty strong fertility drug too lls but yes apparently the hcg injections can cause false positives; I've never experienced this (well I've never taken a preggo test on hcg either lol)... but there are many threads about it in here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristy Reed View Post
    Hey everyone. Iím going to order a new round tomorrow for 30 days. While I canít eat out I may as well do the plan. Checking in to see whoís lost how much in a 30 day round of hcg injections. Trying to prepare myself!!

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    I searched a lot on 30 day rounds because initially I was going to do one (but thanks to Rona) I'm going to do an extended round now. Seemed to be the 30 day rounds dont produce more than a 20lb loss . Good LUCK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palgal89 View Post
    Hi everyone!

    It's nice to see that I'm not the only one that started a round during COVID. I figured it would be the perfect way to avoid temptations because well...there's no one around to tempt me!

    I did my last round in January and lost about 20 lbs, and gained about 3-4 back (partly because of my period which just happened) and am on day 4 of VLCD. I've lost..ELEVEN POUNDS SO FAR WHAAAT!! I guess I must have been retaining a lot of water but hey, it still feels good to see the numbers go down on that ugly scale...which isn't looking so ugly anymore

    Lemonstevia I would definitely recommend starting now!! P3 is so much easier and by then we will be back to normal? Maybe? Hopefully?

    I'm excited to follow everyone's journey and support each other!!


    nice drop 11lbs is great ... good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristy Reed View Post
    Savannah-yes it will show positive on a pregnancy test for a couple of weeks-my experience- however I tried 10 YEARS to get pregnant with IVF and IUI with no luck. Did this diet 3 times and got pregnant the following month-EACH TIME. I have two beautiful babies from it LOVELY LOSERS 2020 - Marching Forward in MARCH!!!!LOVELY LOSERS 2020 - Marching Forward in MARCH!!!!LOVELY LOSERS 2020 - Marching Forward in MARCH!!!!LOVELY LOSERS 2020 - Marching Forward in MARCH!!!!

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    #gasps ... runs to throw hcg away!!!!! lol

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    LOVELY LOSERS 2020 - Marching Forward in MARCH!!!!

    Happy Friday ladies!

    I laid off the tequila last night and spent yesterday throwing logs on a bonfire and skipped weights. Today, Iím down a whole pound. Itís a very good morning knowing what I am NOT with child (that would have not been even ok for me health-wise.)

    Rosey, youíve got some willpower lady. Iíve heard the slow WIFI is happening across most major cities in America. Hell, even the folks from my mortgage company are working from home. Itís an interesting time to be alive right now.

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    Hello, Lovelies!


    It's P3D5 for me and I'm up 1.4 pounds from yesterday. I'm still within my window, but yikes! I suspect almonds as the culprit. I was hungry and they were staring at me. So no almonds today.

    Funny... I have a full "social calendar" after work today, as I've received invites to 2 separate "happy hours" via video conference. Fortunately, I can make an appearance at both since it won't take long to "travel" from one to the other.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roselanoue View Post
    Haha didnt read your post but i just posted the same experience. Btw how has hhcg worked for you I know this round hcg at 130 dose is working great for me but i wondered if hhcg would be same hard to adjust does as hcg tablets
    For me hhcg worked just fine and better results than the too high dose of the tablets. Travels well too. The biggest pain is remembering to take them 3 times a day. I finally set a reminder on my calendar for 2pm and that helped. I had no hunger and never had to adjust dosage. The best part is that 3 months later I am stable. I used intermountain pellets. 3 pellets, 3 times a day. The pellets are tiny little rolly polly round things. If you need to adjust, you would just take one more or one less. Pretty simple. Just be sure to wear your reading glasses when you pour them out as they have a tendency to try to escape

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    R3 SW: 135.9 LDW: 130.9 October 2017
    R4 SW: 137.0 LDW: 132.0 March 2018
    R5 SW: 142.6 LDW: 132.1 November 2018
    R6 SW: 144.8 LDW: 136.1 December 2019

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    Hello Lovelies!

    So impressed with how everyone is handling the stress and changes of the days we are in and continuing to watch their health as well. Good on you!

    I am still wallowing in headaches and dizziness, which gets better and then slides back to worse. I totally screwed my transition days and this is certainly not my best P3. I don't even know what day I am on. I finally have a 'tele-appointment' at doctor but not until Monday afternoon, so will probably sleep a lot this weekend! I think I need steroids to get rid of inflammation in sinuses and ears, but hey, what do I know. It's just my head. Antibiotics did very little besides make me sea sick all day.

    But otherwise, I'm fine! LOL. We are all well, here, and staying close to home. I do go to my sisters and take the kids and dogs walking up the gravel road (out in the country) several days a week when the weather allows. We all need to get out of the house and off of screens for 30 minutes!

    We finally were able to get grocery pick up scheduled at our local King Soopers (Kroger) while Safeway and Walmart are still saying No reservations Available for 7 days, then the calendar is unavailable for the rest of 2020, so even 7 day is not true. I know the stores are getting stock, but apparently their computers can't keep up in order to do pick ups. Both my sister and I put in orders on Wed. afternoon for Thurs eve pick up, and I went by and got them both. We both got about 2/3 of the stuff we ordered. I may go do Old Folks Shopping at 7 a.m. next week and see if there are things we can get in person. I am old enough (66) but am hoping I'll get carded... :-)

    Weird things are out of stock. She was out of baking powder, (I ended up taking her half of mine) and they couldn't fill that. The clerk who brought the groceries out to the car said they were also out of yeast. Yet, he said, the bread aisle is completely full and the bakery is turning out bread that no one is buying. Guess in addition to meditating, reading worthy books and doing art, people are also baking their own bread... Yeah, well spring break is almost over, so back to E-Learning on Monday.

    My sister and I agree with this lady: Tamaula Tranvia

    I will update my ticker in a bit. I am around 3.6 above my LIW. Sigh. And steroids! If I do get them I can count on a ten pound gain. But at least I'll get my garage vacuumed and my roof swept.

    Onward! P
    PearlyMae (AKA Polly Pocket)
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    Happy Friday Lovelies, or as we are all calling it now, "day"-- as they are all blending together ha ha,

    Savannah: Great news on TOM! I have been on both sides of that fertility issue, and there is nothing like getting your period when you want to get it.

    Rosey you are so funny! Hope you did not throw away your hcg ha ha.

    Pearly hang in there! I have a really dumb couple of suggestions, if you have taken your patience pills. First, I suspect an inner ear issue, and they sometimes resolve themselves with time. Do you experience more dizziness when you move your head rapidly? Or does it come and go? I once had some inner ear issue with both symptoms and they resolved over time. Something about the inner ear crystals...Second dumb idea: When my kids had ear problems/dizziness issues, my brother the dentist made them gargle/drink tea with zylitol. He said it was "bacteriostatic" (killed and stopped bacteria). I of course did not believe him, did it to prove him wrong, and of course he was right....So just an idea that can't hurt. You can even add it to tea or coffee.

    Linderlou: How are you doing buddy? Yes those pellets love to go everywhere I agree. But I think it is the most cost effective and best way to do this diet--and we need the money for smaller clothes ha ha.

    Kar: I had an issue with walnuts early in P3. Just do regular clean eating and I know you will be ok. I would not add anything new for a few days, I know you know this...I tend to forget the obvious things.

    Welcome back CoffeeGirl and welcome PalGal! Yes this is a great time to do a round! No dining out and no distractions!

    AFM: Back down to 128.4, stable and solid here in P4. I am a real chicken and have not tried bread, even Ezekiel bread, but am starting to eat other things. I am back on wine, tequila, bourbon, and champagne... I start my day with a version of an inflammation smoothie and black coffee. Just a great way to get some veggies in and feel fuller. To the inflammation smoothie I add a piece of pineapple and some turmeric or curry powder.

    My current recipe:
    1/2 cucumber,
    piece of ginger,
    1/2 lime or 1-2 key limes, seeds removed, unpeeled
    spinach if I have it,
    maybe: slice of frozen banana if I think of it,
    1 piece of frozen pineapple or 1-2 strawberries,
    tumeric or curry powder (just a little)
    coffee or cooled tea or water thrown in with 5 ice cubes.

    I drink this before I am awake enough to notice ha ha. Then a bit of exercise. Then breakfast.

    Mom and Dad have finally begun to get it about the Corona virus. Mom said she was going to use up her groceries before I go to the store, so that would be helpful. I am cleaning her house and mine, so getting a workout in. Yesterday it hailed here at 2 am, woke me up.

    I have an instant pot and I have been very intimidated to use it. I made a whole chicken in it yesterday, and then made soup in it from the bones and wow it was good. Is anyone using an Instant pot? Where do you find the best recipes? It is still intimidating, but what a great time to use it.

    Lovelies, Wishing you a day of great wooshes and weight loss.
    Have a great day and stay safe and cheerful!
    I refuse to give in to the gloom. How about you?


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    Thank you, rk. Questions welcome!

    First, tho, I am so happy for you AND so envious of 128.4. My long time LIW has been 126.8 but this time around, I could only get to 129.8 and now I have to get back to that, even! Sheesh. Good For YOU.

    As for ear crystals, I have had one little place that was like that, for years. Usually only notice it at bedtime if I lay the wrong way. Seems strange to me that I would get them in all directions over night! But hey, could be! I had an ear infection about six weeks ago, and although no outward sign of it this time around, an inner ear infection seems likely.

    Do you mean xylitol the sugar substitute or Zyzol the antihistamine? (the one with the owl).

    Funny thing is my sister is now saying she is also having headaches and dizzy. So I'm thinking it is SOMETHING (else) going around!

    Completely different subject:
    Just saw an old guy (probably younger than me, but men, whoo, they get old fast!) walking along for exercise past my house, in the street. Slowleeeee walking. Carrying a long walking stick. In one hand with the bottom end about six inches off the ground. The entire time. No, it never hit the street. Have to wonder what he thinks it is for.
    PearlyMae (AKA Polly Pocket)
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    Jan 2013: 173 to 126.8. Multiple rounds since then to stay there! Back Again!

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