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Thread: Lovely Losers 2021- MAKING IT in May!

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    Lovely Losers 2021- MAKING IT in May!

    Hello to all of the Lovely Losers out there from sdwis aka Coco. This is your thread for MAY 2021.

    This joyful and jubilant group of HCGíers have been starting new threads every month for years to prevent people from having to sort through literally thousands of old posts, and making it easier for new people to join in.

    Please note as you read through the posts:

    We are all in different phases of HCG.
    We all use different methods of HCG.
    What is right for YOU, is right for YOU and we respect that. We donít judge.
    We discuss ALL aspects of our individual journeys to a healthier lifestyle.
    And MOST importantly, while we can be a little naughty and nutty (always with humor!! ) we are NICE to each other!!

    So, whether you are just starting, finishing, or are somewhere in between . . .
    Let's continue to SPRING Forward and not FALL Back into those old habits that brought us all to HCG!
    The Moderator currently known as Coco :

    Stable @ 150 for over 7 years. Height - 5'10
    Starting Weight: 220 lbs.
    Lost 70+ lbs. in 4 rounds.
    Went from Size 14/16 at my heaviest weight to Size 4/6 NOW !!!

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    Yay Tracy! So happy you got your visit from the whoosh fairy!

    I had an unexpected 1 lb P3 drop this morning! I did weigh a little over an hour later than usual, so that probably had something to do with it, but still, it was a nice surprise. Sitting 1 lb below LDW today. Didnít eating any nuts yesterday, maybe today. I did have a nice big glass of red wine with dinner last night though. I also had tuna salad for lunch with plantain chips (thanks Leez!). Iíve noticed whenever I have tuna I have a good weigh in the next morning. I think I will have tuna salad again for lunch today. I need something portable to eat at my daughters soccer game so it should be perfect. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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    Lovely Losers 2021- MAKING IT in May!

    Thank you, Sdwis, for the May thread!

    Well, I got my ďsignĒ that I go back to P2.

    I had absolutely nothing different to eat in the last couple days than what Iíve been eating for the last three weeks, no different quantity, no additions.

    And Iím back to 135. Well it was fun being 133 for two days. But the deal I made with myself was if Iím up by Saturday, today, I go back on P2. And up I am so back I go!

    I canít start today, because I have family things outside of the house all day, and my nephew was here all morning to help me with chores, so I really donít have time to mix. Iíll try to mix tonight before bed and start a very careful load tomorrow And Monday.

    That will give me time to hide all the P3 food Iíve been buying lately! LOL Iíll put the cream cheese and sour cream in the back of the fridge, freeze the breakfast sausage and the grated Parmesan,use up the mayo and shredded cheese and get the tilapia and spinach Front and center in the freezer!

    Yo! onward!

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    PearlyMae (AKA Polly Pocket)
    Live Like You're in Love & You WILL Be!
    P3 plus or minus

    Jan 2013: 173 to 126.8. Multiple rounds since then to stay there! Back Again!

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    JGD, happy for your P3 cushion.

    Tracy, congrats on your whoosh fairy.

    Today, the hcg has left my body for my PI. I woke up 1.2 pounds under LIW and went to breakfast. I had half a Denver omelette with a side salad with oil and vinegar. The various veggies and fat was very satisfying.

    Wish for everyone to have good losses and great stabilization this weekend mixed with fun!

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    P3 Day 5

    Day 5 of P3 and I'm 1.5 pounds more than where I started this phase. I was worried when I almost immediately went up 1.8, but then our old friend TOM showed up so I'm guessing that had something to do with it. >_< Have been wearing my skinniest jeans to work...which is from home, over video calls where no one sees below my shoulders anyway, but I know!!!

    I made a lovely avocado ice cream last night: Blended 2 avocados and a 1/2 cup of plain greek yoghurt until smooth, added fresh lemon zest and powdered erythritol with a few drops of stevia to taste. Separately, whipped 1/3 cup egg whites into soft peaks. Gently folded the avocado mixture into the egg whites, keeping as much airy texture as possible. Poured into an oblong glass dish about 7"x4.5" and froze 3ish hours until firm and moussey but not hard. I decided that made two servings, so we'll see how the other half is after freezing over night.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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    Lovely Losers 2021- MAKING IT in May!

    Thanks for the new thread, Coco!

    JGD, NICE!

    Polly, good luck on your remainder in P2! Technically though, you are within normal fluctuation. Not to tempt you but you may be down tomorrow LOL

    Happy PI, Savannah!

    Karbee, sounds like a yummy P3!

    AFM, down 0.8 this morning. I hope for another 0.2 tomorrow so that my loss is exactly 4 pounds this week. Then I hope for another 2 next week so that I have some wiggle room for my last round where I hope to lost 18-20 more. Next round and weight goals are aligning just perfectly as far as the time in between, a planned interruption for a camping trip (where I usually lose weight because I am more active), and all that goes so I am excited. So far it looks like next load is June 23 & 24.

    On another note, tomorrow is our Easter (Greek) and I may have some lamb and a small piece of rib eye. I will eat around the fat as much as possible. I may also have a teaspoon of some delicious framer's cheese spread (sweet) that is pretty irresistable. It depends on whether my kids decide to all eat here or not. If not, I won't be tempted but if we decide on a bigger meal, it will be too hard.
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    Maintaining well, but at 160

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    Hello all! I am on my 1st load day today. I did hcg about 10 years ago and of course, stopped paying attention to what I put in my mouth and the weight just kept creeping up on me. My son is getting married in June and the dress I bought doesn't quit zip up so I am starting loading today in the hopes of being able to fit in to that dress by June. HCG is the only diet that I know I can't cheat on....so I don't. I will most likely do another round after wedding to hopefully get down to 145 or close to it. I am currently at 181.7 #'s today.

    Good luck to everyone with whatever stage you are in!
    Phoebe~ a.k.a. Karen (Phoebe was a nickname I grew up with that my late dad used to always call me)

    Taking it one day at a time!
    Today is a good day to have a good day!

    Starting R1P2
    Starting weight 183.5
    R1 LDW 165.7 (25 days of vlcd)
    R2 Start weight 170
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    Height 5'8" & 53 years young

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    Hello Lovelies,

    Coco, Thank yo for this thread.
    Phoebe Welcome!
    Mrs. Strong Happy Easter
    JGD: Nice drop!!!
    Pearly/Polly: Sorry you have to join us in P2, but glad you are moving forward toward your goals (and keeping me company in P2, what a pal (giggle).
    Tracy: Congrats on the woosh!
    Savannah: Nice drop Wow!
    Karbee: Nice that you know why you are up! That Ice cream sounds so great!

    I have to be quick as I am way behind but good news, I am down a pound and my stall has ended. Hope to post some nice numbers and get done with P2--but I usually need to do a full long round, so I have to temper my dreams. Today Is P2 Day 14--I have a way to go.

    Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

    Have a great weekend.

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    Hi everyone, I just started my first injection tonight and will load tomorrow and Monday. I am nervous but excited about starting this journey. I really am thankful for finding this forum for support and advice. Happy May!

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    Lantisk... i find it interesting that you are doing you injections at night.. wondering if it may not lead to hunger at the end of your day... leading to cheats...? Just a thought.... Would be interesting to see Vovo and Leezís point on this

    Good luck on your round ***
    ~AKA Yvonne SA~
    Greetings from Sunny South Africa!
    Round 3 - Loading 16 Apr '21 - start weight 76.4/168.1
    Round 2 - Jan-Mar '21 - lost 5kgs/11lbs
    Round 1 - Sept-Nov '20 - lost 10kgs/22lbs

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    Welcome Lantisk! This is an incredible group of losers, so glad you found us!

    The whoosh fairy was busy this week! I'm down today another .2. Chipping away at that food baby...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlirtyFlo View Post
    Lantisk... i find it interesting that you are doing you injections at night.. wondering if it may not lead to hunger at the end of your day... leading to cheats...? Just a thought.... Would be interesting to see Vovo and Leez’s point on this
    Night injections can work well if you are a night shift person. If not, the problem only comes in if you find you need a dose adjustment, because the time you would be assessing hunger on a skip day, you are asleep.
    At goal since 2015. \(ᵔᴥᵔ)/ Total HCG loss: 77# [5'5" 210-133] Maintenance strategies overview

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    Medical Disclaimer: My statements are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition.

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