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Thread: LOVELY LOSERS 2022 - FIT & FOCUSED in February!!!

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    Howdy all!

    Yowza, this thread is back to spinning along! I didn't check for a few days and there were PAGES added. Good for all of you. Welcome all newbies! You will get good advice here!

    AFM, checking in. I had 3 days of the same weight, with .2 fluctuations, just .6-.4 below LIW. Sort of thought whew, but still worried I was not out of the woods yet. Yep. That 3 days has been followed by 3 days of gains and NOT .2's but half a pound to a pound a day! Dang it. Down a smidge today, and still in my window, but on the WRONG side of LIW for my taste. Ugh.

    I know part of it is this cold, cold winter. I can do breakfast fine, but lunch -- I don't want COLD food and can only eat home made soup so often. So, I snack while I work, apples, almond butter, cheese crisps and dip, cheese sticks, etc. then I'm not hungry for supper so just nibble on some chicken, then am starving before bedtime. NOT a good schedule.

    Well, it will be spring soon, and I will be able to get outside again. Today is still below Zero. We've had more snow, but NOBODY is shoveling their sidewalks so far. LOL. TOO COLD. I am starting a new part time job in a couple of weeks, so that will give me more structure and I am sure that will help.

    I do not want to do another round for 3-5 pounds! Good grief. I also don't want to 'settle' for a higher weight than I wanted. I already did that. For 8 years, I tried to get 5 pounds lower than I ended this round, and had trouble keeping it. Now I am having trouble keeping the higher weight. NOT GONNA DO IT.


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    Jan 2013: 173 to 126.8. Multiple rounds since then to stay there! Back Again!

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    A very quick update:
    I am down 1.4 pounds today! I don't know why but gosh am I psyched. I also ate an earlier dinner and walked more inside my house while making phone calls...

    Welcome new friends! Pearly Hi! I will read back later. I slept in so I am Rushing!!!!

    Fondest Wishes,

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    Down 7 lbs my first week and this week, it's 3.5 so I've slowed possibly stalled I felt like I wasn't losing the daycand a half I tried zucchini and steak so no more for me. Just chicken and bland veggies. Goody. So 2 weeks in. I hope it kicks back up I need 6.5 more to hit -17 lbs. My goal.

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    Start Weight = 268.0 lbs
    Post Gorge = 267.8 lbs (-0.2 lbs)
    VLCD 1 = 262.4 lbs (-5.4 lbs)
    VLCD 2 = 258.4 lbs (-4.0 lbs)
    VLCD 3 = 256.4 lbs (-2.0 lbs
    VLCD 4 = 254.6 lbs (-1.8 lbs)
    VLCD 5 = 252.2 lbs (-2.4 lbs)
    VLCD 6 = 250.4 lbs (-1.8 lbs)
    VLCD 7 = 249.2 lbs (-1.2 lbs) **WOOHOO THE 240's AGAIN**

    Total loss to date = 18.8 lbs

    I so desperately wanted to see the 240's again and it happened. Was my lowest weight loss day, but I'll take it!

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    HI Lovelies,

    No weight loss for me today, but given my big loss yesterday, I am OK with that. Hope everyone has a great weekend and keep losing!

    Best Wishes,

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    Happy Saturday! It's a cold one here

    Mitch amazing losses for you! It's so fun to see those new numbers on the scale.

    Rk when I don't lose I just keep recalculating my losses and sure enough I'm within the .5 per day average (for women) anything over that is icing on the cake ha ha!!

    Pearly it seems for me every dang year I get a couple of pounds up that just refuses to come off. I agree doing a round for 3-5 pounds would really suck.

    AFM the last two days were amazing losses! Thursday down 1.4 Friday down 1.5. Last week was just kind of terrible up/down for a final week net of PLUS .4 but I'm back on track now!

    Week 1 - 7.7
    Week 2 + .4
    Week 3 - 3.1
    Total 10.4 yay!

    Start weight: 163.5
    Current weight: 153.1 haven't seen that number in a few years!

    How is everyone doing?

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    I won't weigh in until next week, too busy (packing all my food on ice to go) for day trips.

    Anyway, I'm hoping for 199. My lowest weight is 180, I never get to keep it my body likes 185 to 195 and if I don't watch it then I pop up to 205 or 215 has been the highest a couple of times since 2015 (I started hcg at 260 ugh yikes). So I get it back on track. I am comfortable with my weight and skinny at 185 190. It's higher than "most" people like but people start telling me I'm sinking in and too thin which cracks me up bc I'm like I'm in the 180's not 130's but my body hides fat I suppose and I weigh about 35 lbs more than I look a lot of times (a good thing but not really b/c then I can weigh 205 and look 170 and fool myself and everyone which is NOT good). My plan is to be 195 by end of this diet, do again in April get to my 180 again and WATCH my weight better but I also can't help all my thyroid adjusting over covid, etc so there's that.

    Anyway...I'll be so happy to be 180 again in May lol. I'll take 190's for now. : ) I wish I did big numbers like everyone else but it's always 17 lbs lol. Which is bettter than any diet on earth for me or exercise.

    Also, take into consideration I have EXTRA MUSCLE because I hiked the crud out of last year, walked my dogs and HILLS daily for over an hour. I have a lot more muscle than Normal too, so there is that factor with my weight.

    I think I am planning a round with HHCG drops in Fall to go to 170 lbs I want to see if I can do it and I also want to hit the gym with weights and gain strength/muscle so muscle weight will most likely go back on . I really miss lifting weights and don't want to do it until I'm down to 185 or under again and I'm close but not there this round.
    Started JULY 2015
    Ended 4 rounds November 2016
    -80 pounds!

    I keep gaining 20 to 25 of it back, I take off 5 pounds myself and then I do a round and lose 20 lbs. So I have done a total of 7 rounds. I am on my 8th round, taking the SAME 20 lbs off. ugh. But at least I don't gain 80 back!

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    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks for keeping Feb going. Here is the link to the March thread. Lovely Losers 2022- MARCH'ING On!!
    The Moderator currently known as Coco :

    Stable @ 150 for over 7 years. Height - 5'10
    Starting Weight: 220 lbs.
    Lost 70+ lbs. in 4 rounds.
    Went from Size 14/16 at my heaviest weight to Size 4/6 NOW !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmasavannah123 View Post
    I know right!! I couldn’t believe it

    Umm so I went for it. I ate:
    - bread with butter
    - chocolates
    - crackers
    - desserts
    - cheese

    So ya. I’m definitely to blame here but by the end of P2, I felt quite deprived. None of the things I mentioned above even tasted that great! It was so odd.

    Any advice? Apple day for sure today…
    Need a protein day not an apple day. Seems like u skipped P3 and jumped to P4. Just do a real P3 and maybe some of the gains from starches will drop off Even tho you blew it you can put it aside and move forward back on track.
    2011 R1 start206 R2 6/2011 176 R3 03/2013 156 R4 06/29/2014 162.R5 05/09/2015 154.4 R6 2017 148.2 liw 137.6 R7 LDW 137.2 R8LIW 142.8 3/8/20 liw 144.2 LIW 149.4 Aug 2022LIW 141 Mar 2023 153.4. LIW 145.4 Mar 27th

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