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Thread: Lovely Losers 2022 - Hot & Jazzy in JULY!!

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    Hello Everyone,

    Sorry I've been away on vacation since Mid-July, but below is your August 2022 thread.

    LOVELY LOSERS 2022 "ALL IN" for August!!!
    The Moderator currently known as Coco :

    Stable @ 150 for over 7 years. Height - 5'10
    Starting Weight: 220 lbs.
    Lost 70+ lbs. in 4 rounds.
    Went from Size 14/16 at my heaviest weight to Size 4/6 NOW !!!

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    Went away for a few days and stayed on protocol! Kinda
    brought my own food so was able to eat clean for the most part but we went out to dinner at a steak house Friday and had 1/2 8oz filet and steamed spinach (NO OIL NO BUTTER NO NOTHING- waiters thought I was crazy but dont care) I did have a glass of wine which I've discovered I have been taking for granted... was nice to slowly sip and enjoy

    Day 11 - 9 pounds gone. Chugging along this round. I'm almost at my set point prior to June 1st so a slow down might be right around the corner. I'm aiming for another 4 weeks if the liquid gold holds up that long. Pharmacy says yes up to 60 days, my good friends here say hogwash. If I feel it slipping, I will be asking them to mix another vial, this round was such a dramatic difference, when the dose is right: Losses are amazing and hunger is right were it should be.

    How is everyone?
    R3 injections June 2014: (Vanity Round)
    Load weight 138
    to date: 14 pounds/15 inches lost
    LIW: 124.4- Stabilized at 126.4

    R2 Injections April 2013
    Total weight loss: 16.4 lbs
    Total Inches: 15
    LIW: 133.4 Stabilized 130-133 @ 12 month mark

    R1 injections March 2012:
    Total weight loss: 15.8 lbs
    Total inches: 24.25
    LIW: 141.6 Stabilized 140.6 (4 month mark) (141-144 @ 8 month mark)

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