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Thread: Lovely Losers- Amazing & Ambitious in April!! (2015)

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    Good morning Everybody!!

    Brick - Great pics. Sorry about DH's family's lack of acknowledgement of the 13s birthday, but I like what you said - you kind of expected it. I agree with Randi - your Monroe is better looking! I took some generic zyrtec yesterday and while it stopped the itching eyes a bit, they remain bloodshot. It also made my quite drowsy so I took a nap - unusual for me.

    Janeen - sure hope you had a huge whoosh to undo the inflammatory response. What an unwelcome shock!

    I'm way behind on the posts. I'm hoping everybody gets a huge whoosh or maintains with ease.

    AFM: I was out shooting pics yesterday. I'm in a photo exercise - photo a day in May, and had to take a selfie. I NEVER take selfies. I did though, and got a great pic of my bloodshot eyes from allergies. LOL!! Thank God I'll be done for a year soon.

    I also found a field of tulips. Someone had a whole yard full of tulips, and some dafodils and hyacinths. Stunning! I noticed some lupines will be blooming after the tulips are done. Wow!

    I'm within range. I even had a piece of sprouted wheat bread, toasted with butter, and half a pot sticker as samples at Costco yesterday, along with a serving of dark chocolate covered coconut bites (13 pieces).

    Here are my selfie and the tulip field.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kansas View Post
    Brick: I loved what you said

    Allergies really kicking in. if you take Allegra for two days(half a pill a day) and then you stop

    what I'm asking is. By taking Allegra does it make allergy worse when you stop

    it makes me feel Squirrelly so I .. I dont like it.

    Oh, Brick I wish I had camera, my plum trees have flowers all over them. Even if I never get fruite they are so beautiful and I'm so grateful.
    I have very bad allergies this year, too. It comes & goes every few years. Must be bad season. I take Allegra also. Dr said it takes 6 days for any allergy med to build up in your system, so if you skip a day it just lowers the amt you have in your system & symptoms return.

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    Katt, you're adorable! Good on you for being stable! Love the tulips, so perfect they look photoshopped, but I know they aren't.

    Hi Lola!

    Ok, everyone quit posting here and move over to the new May thread so everyone sees you!


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    Quote Originally Posted by brick View Post
    I have been reading about the vitamin a thing. Lots of talk about gluten issue not allowing proper absorption of vitamin a.
    That is exactly my understanding, as well. There are other things that can block absorption, as well, such as other grains and seeds, but gluten is the most common culprit.

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    Lovely Losers- Amazing & Ambitious in April!! (2015)

    Well, I'm down almost 2 lbs, so now a bit more than 5 lbs over LIW.

    You know how everyone says when it comes on quickly, it goes back off just as quickly? I do not find that to be true for me. It comes back off slower, but even worse, I can never seem to get it all back off, no matter what kind of correction days I do!

    For example, eating the wrong thing can easily leave me with a 4 lb gain the first day and another 1-1.5 up the second day. A good steak day will drop maybe 3 of those. The 3 may stay gone or I might bounce back a little from that. A protein day might help me keep the loss, but is unlikely to cause more loss. Another SD does not help.

    So, in all, I'll maybe be able to get back down half of what I gained. You can see how this quickly results in creep, and the need for yet another round.

    It's a problem. I really can't have the big splurge, knowing I'll just have to do a SD. But much, much worse, I become afraid to test things, knowing that if it doesn't go well, I will gain and not be able to get it back off.

    I do not have a solution, but am open to ideas.

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    There's a May thread? Is it May already???

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