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Thread: Lovely Losers - Astounding! Astonishing! Awe-Inspiring in April

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarahSmiles8 View Post
    hmm my losses slowed last round too, and I don't think I ever changed my soap out to the "safe" stuff either. You got me thinking now.
    As to that response about using it on load days, I went a step further and used a bar coconut oil soap as well as slathering my body with coconut oil after the shower - lol!

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    Hello Lovelies ~

    Opus Hello!.jpg

    I’m finally on the mend, and back at work, with just the dribs and drabs of the cold (or whatever the hell it was). Still on meds, but feeling 100% better. I'm such a horrid sick person. I get SO BORED with being sick and not feeling like myself. I get super grumpy and annoyed. AT least I didn't have a double session of the flu, like a cousin had - SIX WEEKS of nastiness.

    After looking at my calendar for May, I’m gonna have to put off my next P2 until after Memorial Day weekend. May is a super busy social month for us. Many birthdays (5), graduation parties, our 34th wedding anniversary, and Mother’s Day all in a 4-week period. As good as I am at holding firm in P2, I know myself pretty well, and since just one cheat can ruin a whole week of P2, I'm gonna wait it out. Better to eat clean as I possibly can, up my daily activity and wait until the last week of May. So far June looks very quiet for social activity.

    I’ve done pretty well so far, stabilizing around 170/172 (my final goal is to be at or below 160 – I’m a size 8/10 right there and I feel super good at that weight) - being so sick and simply not eating much of anything for over a week probably is responsible for that. My challenge for May will be to get back under 170. I have been quite the slacker on my daily water, so I need to get better there. A new season of Project Runway just released on Hulu, and I have a deal with myself - I can watch it, if I'm on the elliptical and only if I'm on the elliptical.

    Ahhh, the head games we play with ourselves!

    Beachy! Congrats on hitting ONEderland! So happy for you.

    Bubbles Buttercup Loving my Sister.jpg

    Charlie – I’m very sorry to hear about your Mom. Prayers, darlin – hang in there.
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    Sarah, yay!!! We are on the same schedule. Itís nice to have some buddies. I allowed myself to get into some foreign territory and was down 2.2 today so itís a start. I am angry with myself because I allowed myself to gain about 10 additional pounds in a month and a half. So now I have to knock that off first and am looking at least two rounds. Such is life.

    Itís going to be interesting dealing with my stress this round without drinking or eating crappy foods. I plan on walking my pup more which benefits us both.

    Happy Monday to all of you. Itís sunny here in Portland which is a welcome sight. I have some yard work to tackle this week. I hope everyone has some great losses this week!!

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    Happy Monday, Lovelies!
    Glad to see Christy perking up!
    I'm only down 0.4 from VLCD1, but I've already had to pee about 100 times today, so I'm optimistic about stepping on the scale tomorrow.
    Hope everyone is having a great day.

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    I've been busy but wanted to catch up with everyone. Good to see more people joining in! I ended up having a good weekend, so checking in before a hard time really helped me. I hope you all have a successful week!

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    Hey! I’ve been super busy too! I did NOT do very good this past weekend! I’m back on track now & will weigh tomorrow

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    Good morning everyone! I had a pretty rough weekend with a couple for friends being in town, out to eat one night (I swear, I haven't gone out to eat in 6 freaking months!), a family party at my house Friday night, a BBQ Saturday night and another BBQ Sunday. While I didn't go too far off of protocol, I did have some wine and am paying for it. Only down .5 since Thursday, so 12.6 total on VLCD 16. It is what it is. Bag on the wagon! Happy losing!

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    Christy!!! Glad you're back and on the mend! You've done really well with your weight, I see

    Sarah: 5 lbs for loading is normal lol Sorry you're sore from softball but it helps to stay active, so good job!! And good job staying so close to LDW!

    Charlie: I'm with you on gaining 30 lbs. and not having any idea how. Well, I know how...but it was just a shock!

    AFM: I'm down exactly 9 lbs. since my VCLD1 last Monday. Not bad for my first week but I have a long way to go! I wanted to be about 140 this round but, as fate would decide, I must end my round on 05/04/18. That'll be my very last VLCD so I'll stop my drops 2 days prior. I have 2 trips coming up and I've been exercising 5 days a week so I think I'll still be good. My brother is doing a keto diet so that helps! My BF is also eating better and exercising with me. If I can squeeze out 10 more lbs. in 10-11 days, I'll be more than happy but I also don't expect it lol

    As Pearly always said, ONWARD!
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    Taking a quick break from cleaning. Only 3 hours sleep each of the last 3 nights, so I am exhausted...but we are almost finished with what can be done before my father-in-law arrives. The baby I watch is sick AGAIN, so I was exposed to another bug. Hopefully I was diligent enough to keep the germs away, but when they sneeze in your face, you just can't avoid it! We went for a nice walk and then played with the swing, so it was great to get some exercise besides cleaning! My fluid levels are a little better, but still a lot of edema at the end of our 16 hour day, so I slept in the recliner with pillows and took my rx water pill w/extra electrolytes. I am down only 0.4 today, but also did not feel like the water pill worked well.

    I am still on protocol. I did have an extra ounce of protein last night, but I needed it to get the janitorial account done mostly by myself as hubby had an extra errand to do. I actually feel better today than I have in about 2 weeks, so I am thinking I've turned a corner, and will see progress at last... 7.4 lbs this round (I think), and I am VLCD22.
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    P2 vlcd2

    Awe-Inspiring Lovelies,

    Woke up to a 3lb loss. I think that's pretty good considering I hardly had any water. I'm busy at work so I forget about the water. I'm also still sore, but on the mend. I'm sure it will be just in time for me to get sore again tomorrow at softball, if we don't get rained out. I guess eventually I will stop getting sore after while! Then I just to keep up with staying active.

    I hope everyone is having a great day!
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    Looks like everyone is on track and a small loss is still a loss because you could be shedding inches. I woke up to let the dog out at 6:30 was only down .6. Then o went back to bed for another hour and a half and was down an additional 1.2 Lovely Losers - Astounding! Astonishing! Awe-Inspiring in April. Go figure. The moral of the story is to sleep more
    I just ate too much chicken and am going to tackle my lawn with a push mower which is brutal. The grass is so long and my landlord usually mows it.
    Hope everyone has an awesome day!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vee55 View Post
    that is so helpful. So you used the cream during P2 and it didn't effect your loses at all?
    Hi Vee55, The cream does cause problems for me in P2 now, but it didn't when I did this diet years ago. This time around I am sensitive to all fat-even put on my skin while last time I was experimenting with coconut oil and did fine. Someone else also commented that it could have made me stall this time because it's a hormonal issue. If you try it, just take note to see if it changes anything for you.
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