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Thread: Lovely Losers - Astounding! Astonishing! Awe-Inspiring in April

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    Thank you so much! I’m so excited to be here with you guys! I’m glad to hear that a small bounce back is not uncommon. I’m ready to keep going and losing more weight! I do work out a lot, and I’m thinking that may cause some fluctuations in my weight. I am OK with that as long as I continue losing inches!

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    Been away for a spell. Stepdad passed away. He and my mom were together for 28 years so lots of history together. He really did hold my mom back from having a full, happy retirement and although she’s only 70, I wish she would have been able to do the things she loved a long time ago. I didn’t get along with him, alcoholic, political arguments, not caring for Mom, but she loved him so I’ve been helping her through this time. She’ll be living my sister and family up in Idaho and I think will be happy there spending time with the grandkids, working on her stories, get a little part time job with my sis at the library. I’m happy for this new chapter in her life.

    I started hcg but then stepdad passed and Mom needed us, so i fell off. I’m pretty sure, without weighing cause I’m scared, that I’ve ballooned up to 195. Makes me sad and sick that my progress is lost and i need to start over. Hopping back on after 4/15 and with my head in the game fully, I’ll have a successful round.

    Thanks for you lovelies and all your support! Xo

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    I just had the Chike High Protein Coffee and it's yummy! Anyone have any thoughts on why it would not be ok on P2 and P3?

    Cal - 140
    Protein - 20g
    Total Carb - 9g
    Sugar - 3g
    Fat - 2.5 g

    Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. Thanks

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    Catching up on Personals

    Ok, after yesterday's post fiasco. Let me see if I can finally catch up.

    Oh @Ronnie, I am so sorry you are having a tough time but so glad you finally got to go your Anniversary Date night. Happy belated Anniversary by the way! Good Luck on your round!

    @Christy, yup, 300% agree. HCG sometimes makes us think we can reach that goal in a flash moment then reality hits… Oh well, slow is better than none!

    To sleep I was taking the pain killer for my back but before or when ever it happens I take valerian root (natural) or the generic for unisom. I will look into that Theanine, thanks! Never heard of it.

    Funny, before marriage, I used to sleep in a dark all silent room and DH in a room with light and had to have a fan noise. Now, we have “merged” and our bedroom has to be dark and we need the white noise! LOL We use a small air filter by DH nightstand.

    Yes, WOE is what I am calling it these days too, mainly because I can see myself doing Keto for the rest of my life with the casual indulgence/treat every now and then. It IS after all a lifestyle we are to embrace (which ever one it is we do to maintain)!

    Thanks for the new thread; always love the names!

    Congrats on a great round @Jeep!!!

    @Rthin, You are very welcomed. Horray for no gain this weekend!!! Yess!!!

    @Pearl, you can do this dear! WHEN ever you decide, you WILL be able to do it. That is one thing I have come to the conclusion with my round; I guess I was not in the right state of mind because I sure have made a royal mess aaaaaaaaaaall aloooooooooong!!! Oh well… ONWARD! ….wonder where I learned that from?!

    Hi there @LMHMommy, @Coffeegirl & @Angel, welcome and good luck on your round! @Angel, Have not heard about the Chike High Protein Coffee but just by the name, perhaps is for that same reason? Too much protein? It seems to have too many calories for just one meal too (for P2). Which program are you following? If is the 3.0/Keto it might be ok.

    I am so sorry for your loss @Natalie. Not the ideal situation there, but still a loss for your Mom. Spending time with the grandkids will be an amazing blessing for her and great therapy! I know how you feel about starting over. But you will fine, you know that right? You’ve done so great in the past, it will be ok! BIG Hugs!
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    Now to spill my guts....

    AFM, this past weekend was a “WHAT THE HECK, wild unbridled lose horse” type of weekend. It was 3 days that started out smoothly and ended up all crazy. Drove Thursday afternoon/evening, spent all Friday through Sunday afternoon. After all the indulgences that I had carefully detailed on the message I had tried to write yesterday and got lost, which would probably tempt anyone to no end so is a good thing it got lost... I can tell you TESS reprimanded me accordingly with a whooping +9lbs gain. YES, you read right. NINE.

    And guess what? I AM OK. Yes, I am OK. Why?
    1. Because I have come to terms that food has, is and will always be part of all celebrations and events in my life and oh well, that is the way it is.

    2. Because I had an AMAZING time and it was worth it. Friday I spent the whole day with a very dear friend, celebrating her early bday, with lunch at one place, dessert at another, and late dinner at 3rd different place. All with different people and we all had an amazing time catching up, laughing and celebrating her. Then on Saturday DH and I had some time for ourselves, had a nice lunch, then went out bowling with another couple friend of ours. Then on Sunday, Easter and DD bday celebration and time with our grandson. So yes, it was an amazing weekend. To that, add the inflammation of 5hrs drive there, 5hrs back and the work we did in the yard on Saturday.

    3. And because I have also learned that there is no physical way to gain 9lbs of fat overnight. I know a lot of that is water and inflammation. Evidence of that is that after being back to my P2/3.0 macros on Monday, on Tuesday morning I had a -4lbs and today another -4lbs! So, TAKE THAT WHAT THE HECK WEEKEND!!! LOL

    With that, yesterday was my last injection day and I am NOT nearly where I wanted to be, counting the next 2 days of no injections to close this P2, I will have survived, yes endured and survived, 76 days of HCG and by tomorrow, I hope, I have lost only 15lbs. I had no idea how long I had gone until I counted yesterday. My goal was to finish the HCG and see what would happen.

    I have to say, I did not feel any immunity during these last weeks or any side effects but I know am VERY tired; mentally. I tried, and that is all I have got to tell myself. I will continue on P3 and will calculate some sort of deficit that will allow me to at least keep on losing some at a slow pace, which is actually an understatement in my case right now…

    Looking back, I guess my head was not completely in the game after all, way too many weekend events in my calendar, and I need to think really hard before starting the next round. I have mixed feelings about it cause I want to lose as much as I can before our vacations at the end of May to Puerto Rico and more than anything, to lose even more for my DD’s wedding in September. We’ll see….we’ll see….

    Well dear lovely losers, I cannot find the words to thank you all for always putting up with my way too long posts. Thanks so much for all the support. Saturday starts P3 and I already have another bday party to go to on Sunday to which I am making the cake for. Can we all say YIKES????!!!!

    Happy Wednesday/Hump day everyone! Just 2 more days till the weekend!
    S T R E N G T H DOESN'T COME from what you can do
    it comes from O V E R C O M I N G the things you once thought YOU COULDN'T

    Start 319.8 Goal 145/150 &/or Comfortable Clothing Size that I love myself in
    i CAN do THIS

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    @Carol, that's a good point. It is definitely too many calories for just coffee but as a meal replacement, not bad, no?

    Round 1 was all OP and I lost 10lbs before catching the flu and having to stop. This is round 2 and I started on OP but tried to move to 2.0...stalled for 5 days and am now coming back to OP. Day 13 and I've ONLY lost a total of 5.5lbs. Argh!!

    I'm not a vegetarian but I tend to sway my food choices in that direction so I am always looking for protein alternatives other than meat options. Hence this seemed appealing.

    I'm pretty distracted at work and so a meal replacement option for lunch would be great. At dinner, I'm usually doing eggs or chicken. I know, I know, sounds boring...but, no pain, no gain...or loss...or whatever.

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    First day in the books and I am happy with it. I only had half my calories as I wasn't feeling well tonight, but at least I didn't cheat. It looks like there are only a few of us starting P2 right now. I hope we all have a great month!

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    Hi! I’m new to the thread (and to HCG diet) and today was day 1 of P2 VLCD. I’m happy I found this site and this support as I embark on this next 3 weeks!

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    Welcome to everyone else that’s new
    After my .4 gain yesterday morning, I had a 1.2 loss today. Yay!! So I have a total loss of 9.2 and I’m on day P2D6 today. I hope everyone has a great day!!

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    Natalie - I'm not weighing yet either. Don't want to see the numbers. Just plugging away until I'm ready to face it.

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    Mommy - reading through this thread, your posts add up to 10 pounds - not sure if that is right but if so, that is an amazing five days!

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    Day 5 of P3. On Day 1 my weight immediately jumped up 1.8 lbs, as is typical for me (and not surprising after eatin at China Buffet for Easter with all that salt and oils). It has hovered between .8 and 1.8 above my P2 end weight since then and I feel like it's stabilizing better than my other rounds. I'm not having big cravings or the urge to stuff myself all day long. I'm eating well and on protocol. Again, I don't know if it's my mindset this time or the brand of HHCG I used this time, but it feels good.

    Next hurdle will be going out to eat Saturday. We had planned on going to a favorite dive bar for prime rib for Dad's birthday. I told everyone I was still going to go even tho Dad is gone and they all want to go also. Dad would have wanted it that way. So I will eat prime rib and veggies and skip the bread and potatoes. I can do it! : )

    Happy ThursdayAlmostFriday!
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