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Thread: Lovely Losers are Joyous and Jammin in January

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    Carol, I notice I'm freezing sometime in the beginning, but maybe it's faster with injections. I'm sorry you had a no show! I enjoyed hearing your description of how you feel full on 2.0 and 3.0. You answered a question I had. I only get hungry during TOM, but there is definitely that empty feeling on OP foods.

    Jessie, thank you! I hope you're having a great day too! I have lots of stalls but only gained a lb. once in all the rounds I've done and I never really was sure what caused it but suspect it may have been from progesterone cream. I hope whatever it was for you doesn't happen again. I know how it feels to try to sleuth it out! Happily, stalls are often followed by nice releases!

    Natalie, I use Stevia in my tea every day, and have Zevia once in a while. I haven't noticed any issues. I'd just keep an eye on how the daily Zevia affects weight loss/cravings. I guess it could cause cravings, but I think that is a neat idea to have a fizzy drink to look forward to every day! I tried a SodaStream once and unfortunately didn't like it. The water tasted like metal to me, but a lot of people love them. I'm a fizzy drink lover too!

    Sarah, Congrats on the huge loss in a week!

    Pearly & Christy & others that do "maintenance rounds", I feel for you two and at the same time I'm happy for you that you've found the answer (repeat rounds) to keep the weight off. It might be maddening to re-lose the same few lbs over and over, but much sadder to keep it on. I am getting it more now too that gaining just 5 lbs is noticeable. When I was over 300 lbs, it took a LOT of weight loss to even notice anything gone, but now at closer to 200, I can feel and see the difference in "just 5 lbs". So at your weights, it must be even more so. I am finally under LDW ... it has taken 6 VLCD to get here. What a waste of first week weight loss. I'm so thankful you hang in there and keep doing it and give me a glimpse into what might be ahead for me. Pearly, I like your idea to have a set # that is the must start a round #. I'm also going to have some super tight jeans or something like that and if they don't fit well...it will be time to take action. Lovelies: YOU ROCK!!!

    Hi M! Congrats on the new rapid releases! That happens to me after stalls sometimes. Love it! I started around the same weight as you, and I know what you mean about it being hard to notice the weight loss at first, but it will start showing soon. It helped when I realized I was wearing my old, baggy clothes hanging on my hips, and too loose clothes that no longer fit! Once I started wearing smaller sizes, the weight loss started showing more. SO happy for you that you are doing this while you are young! Take care of yourself! It is worth it!

    Lovelies, 5 lbs from onederland! I hope to get there this round! I have not weighted under 200 lbs in a looong time, and every time I've gotten close, I've gotten pregnant. (Not this time, OK!)
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    Manhattanite...drink hot tea .... keep going you are sooo close to single digits. Wonder if it's time to reduce your dosage. You can do it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natalie View Post
    That was exactly me a few days ago when I went down to 176.2 and up to 177 yesterday and then 177 today. It's part of the hcg ride and miracle!
    Exactly! Day before yesterday 144.2, yesterday 144.8, this morning 144.2. It can be sooooo frustrating!
    I'm at the spot I stabilized at in 2010 and understand it might take a few days to break through. Mental games for sure!
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    Good Morning,

    TES roller coaster can be maddening, but just keep on riding because it will work out.

    Wednesday's are Donut and Bagel day in the office. My co-workers (males) are also looking to lose some lbs and when they heard the donuts were here they both almost ran to get in line... smh...

    .8lbs loss today. I'm starting week two so I have a feeling things will slow.
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    01/09/17: R7: 172.6lbs~LDW: 152.2 09/18/17: R8: 181lbs~LDW: 159
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    Good morning, Lovelies!

    Has anyone heard of this??? Pork Panko - Pork Rind Breadcrumbs
    I MUST try them! Maybe in P3.

    My circulation seems to be getting better, but it's hard to be sure. I've upped my carbs and am taking additional supplements, as well as arnica montana (cream + oral pellets). If improvement isn't completely obvious by the weekend I'll switch over to 2.0 protocol. I'm also adjusting my dose (down) because of hunger. I'm now cutting these microscopic pellets into quarters. Each dose is so small it doesn't even feel like I'm taking hcg, but miraculously it still works.

    So hunger has subsided, but the TESS hasn't been very cooperative. I probably have some extra inflammation from my toes/circulation issue. As the wise and wonderful Ms Pearly would proclaim... ONWARD!

    I hope everyone has a great day!

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    Good morning Lovelies!
    I missed yesterday but looks like lots of activity!
    Carol – so excited to watch your progress! You are going to do great  I usually freeze but my office is so cold anyway I have a heater right at my feet.
    Kar – I still have my half n half too (did with all my rounds). Glad you are feeling better but sorry the scale didn’t cooperate today.
    Natalie – Great willpower to eat your chili instead of Chick Fil A.
    T1ghtwad – You are doing so well!
    Montague – 19 pounds is amazing! You will see the results before you feel them.
    Beachy – onederland is calling your name!
    Gigi – How exciting to reach that stabilizing weight. You so got this breakthrough!
    Sarah – good for you on resisting the call of the round ones (donuts and bagels).
    Hello to everyone else!
    Whew I haven’t done personals yet on this journey.
    AFM – Finally shook the scale loose. Didn’t realize just how rouge I had gone until I re-read the list of allowed foods. I should have remembered but maybe I just didn’t want to . Now officially 10 pounds away from where I maintained for a year + (before lovely Lexapro had its way with my fat cells). My co worker and friend just started her round yesterday. She’s a frequent flyer on the HCG plane so I now have a companion in the office. YAY!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Montague View Post
    Hey everyone! Just checking in. I have been steadily losing less and less weight since Ive started but suddenly I am losing more than before. Didn't do anything different but at least that is a bonus. I cant believe i have lost 19 pounds , unfortunately I do not feel the difference but I do notice slight difference in the mirror at least. Well that's all, see you people around.
    WOW WOW WOW!!! MEGA Congratulations!!!!!! You will start feeling it, trust me! You will start sleeping better, having more energy, etc., etc. You are ROCKING this my friend!!!!! Keep it up!
    S T R E N G T H DOESN'T COME from what you can do
    it comes from O V E R C O M I N G the things you once thought YOU COULDN'T

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    i CAN do THIS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montague View Post
    Hey everyone! Just checking in. I have been steadily losing less and less weight since Ive started but suddenly I am losing more than before. Didn't do anything different but at least that is a bonus. I cant believe i have lost 19 pounds , unfortunately I do not feel the difference but I do notice slight difference in the mirror at least. Well that's all, see you people around.
    AWESOME START Montague!!! I’m so happy for you. HCG Works when we work it and stick to it. Watching for your updates and continued progress. You’re in the 2s Montague!!! Blessings and Joy

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    VLCD16 - Down 9.4. OP.

    Looks like everyone is hanging in there! I've gone nine days of no alcohol and staying POP. I'm pretty proud of myself. It helps that I've been super busy at work. Woke up this morning to a 1.4 loss. Yay! I'm hoping I see 171-172 by the weekend. My ultimate goal is to lose 20 this round and get back down to 165 but I don't know if that's possible with my cheat 10 days ago that set me back and a 28 day round. We'll see what happens.

    I'd love to be in the 60s again for my San Francisco trip Feb 8-12. I'm debating on whether or not to do a PI or go right into P3, then get back into P2 beginning of March. That will give me almost a month in P3 (not exactly the long break I should do according to OP) but I've done well with cycling here and there and still maintain (when I'm not overdoing it on the booze, carbs). It would be nice to take more of a break but at the same time, I don't want to lose momentum. I'll gauge it and see how I feel and either go right into P2 again after my trip or stay in P3 still March. I'm going to Puerto Vallarta for a week near the end of April so I'd like to do a second round before then to get closer to my goal of 150. If I go into P3 until second week of March, then I could do a long round to lose more before Mexico. Hmm. Decisions. My brother who lost about 30 lbs on hcg last year is going another round. He gained back some of that so it's like he has to start over almost but he's determined to weigh less and feel better before our Mexico trip. I'm so excited to take a sibling trip with him. It will be so much fun and a great way to reward ourselves for working hard to get healthy.

    Hope everyone has a great day! Down, down, down and ONWARD.

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    VLCD 11 for me, and I was expecting to see a gain this morning, so I am pleased to be at the same weight. Tummy was really feeling quite miserable last night, but not backed up... Couldn't eat second meal, and went to bed early to read. Feeling a little hungry this morning so I may up my protein a bit today to compensate for yesterday.

    I have a busy day today, as I have to catch up on lots of housework and cook a huge batch of chicken and get it all weighed and bagged... Then I will be prepped for the next 10 days for protein. We have a storm moving in today and the temp is dropping already. I, too, have been feeling very cold, so I am adding layers and taking breaks under my heated blanket.
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    P3 - Week 6

    Hello Lovelies!

    Doing a fat fast today. Will weigh tomorrow to see if it works for me. Going to Costco on Friday to buy a reasonably priced filet for a Steak Day on Sunday. Jim wants to do one as well (he has edged up 5 pounds in the past few weeks), so it is a Steak Day on Sunday.

    Carol – my sleep Sistah – I am SO WITH YOU on “don’t wake me up without a good reason”.

    Buttercup angry.jpg

    I need to go out to the 3.0 FB site and start reading!! I’m hoping if I do a 3.0 round and lose as well as on 2.0, I might (praying here) be able to talk my daughter and her hubby into at least TRYING it.

    Jessie – re: gaining while on a P2 round, I share my “go-to” visuals again.

    Body Weight Daily Fluctuations.jpg


    I hope these Visuals help. Remember, your body does not see a reason to lose weight, so it fights to keep it.

    Sarah – 9.6 in 7 days – GREAT!

    Kar – I’m I.F.’ing, this week, trying to keep my food between 1pm and 7pm, with carbs below 30, plus throwing in 2 “special” days (see above). Will see where I am next Monday.

    Tightwad – good job!

    Montague – 19 pounds GONE!! You’ll “feel” the difference in your clothes really quickly now, if you don’t already. Keep going, we are SO! cheering for you. (Me especially, since my son-in-law weighs about 300 and refuses to even talk about hcg)


    Beachy – I haven’t found “The Answer” yet, darlin’, but as my tagline says, I NEVER stop trying!

    Nat – Yep, zero alcohol in P2 is tough for me, too. Oh, and no cheese.
    It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manhattanite View Post
    I am feeling a little discouraged-- I haven't lost for two days and I have been really hungry. I'm craving avocado and cheese-- I cannot wait for P3! I am not sure why I'm so hungry... I haven't changed my dosage or anything, but I am 11 pounds from goal weight. Could that be it-- less stored fat to tap into? I have one more week on VLCD. Please tell me I can do it. <3
    Maybe a decrease in your dose is needed. This usually happens to me as timr goes on... I need to reduce dosage. (I'm on Tapatalk app and cannot see your method.)
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