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Thread: Lovely Losers - Splendid and Sensational in September

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    I forgot to Post the link to the October thread.

    Lovely Losers - Outstanding, Optimistic and Overjoyed in October

    Jump on over when you are ready!
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    Hi everyone! all you who did P2 is august-Sept--here we are in outstanding october and I am starting P4 at 2.5 lbs less than my LDW!! love keto. NO NO cravings--feel full, great energy...really the Keto people say I am eating too much protein but its fine for me..less than 40 grms carbs most days (fruits just berries and veges) I am just SO I don't want to stay Keto b/c I don't beleive its a sustainable life style for me and want to get to some good grains...but slowly slowly...haven's had nuts and very little dairy--a few full fat yogurts here and there..
    I tell you --SOMETHING is different here this time...I find myself making better choices...hope you're all doing great and best of luck to all those starting the journey or in the middle etc!

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