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Thread: Mid-April starters... Let's do this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bean View Post
    Good Morning everyone! I had a 0.8 loss overnight. I'm down to 179.2!!!! 170's!!!! Here I am! It has been a long time since I saw a 7 in the middle of the number on the scale.

    Yesterday really sucked. I was hungry and weak all day. When I got home from work I had an egg and just poured the whites in -- didn't measure. I was sooo hungry. Then I threw a tablespoon of some salsa over it and I have no idea what was in it. I needed a flavor. My husband claims he didn't know I was working so didn't make any dinner. I think he just wanted to play WOW and not deal with it. So there he is blocking my kitchen making himself stuff when I got home. I warned him I was really hungry and may push him in the oven if he didn't move on. lol. I hope today is better. I'm actually surprised I saw a loss.
    Great job Bean!!! Keep it up.

    My husband is a recovering WOW addict :-). Don't even get me started. Now it's some stupid game on XBox but with 3 kids 3 and under, he has very little time to play.

    Keep repeating your motto...and today will be better.

    "The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” -- Scott Hamilton

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    Congrats on your losses too! My Dh basically goes from obsession to obsession so I'm used to it. Now it is running and WOW. I don't mind. When it was the house, he drove me crazy. I'd rather it be something healthy (running) --he has joined a running group, and he plays WOW with our son (18 yo) which keeps them talking. When it was kungfu and tai chi, he was never home. He has a history of compulsive eating so I am glad it is not food this time. He aspires to run the Boston marathon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MySmoochy View Post
    The Cornhuskers is just okay, it's what I've been using.

    And congrats on your wonderful loss!!!
    Thanks, MySmoochy. I'm pretty happy and can "feel" the loss even if I can't really see it yet.

    I used to use Cornhuskers years ago when I did a lot of gardening and canning. I've heard about an Alba that is ok to use so thought I'd look for it at the health food store. I think I've seen it there before. I have not changed any of my hair products, by the way, but I'm skipping the deep conditioner unless I need it...another "butter"! I color my hair and no way am I using something that's going to strip it out. Vanity, maybe, but mostly I would hate to waste the money I spend on color!

    As far as makeup, I use Bare Minerals and have for years, so no changes there. I'm doubting my little line of eyeliner will make any difference. There is a limit on what a girl can give up!

    Congrats on your loss, too! You are doing great!!!!

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    Everyone is doing fantastic. Way to hang in there. After losing 8 pounds in the first 2 days, I've lost only 1.5 pounds the last 2 combined. Was hoping for more than .5 this morning, but I guess i have to keep things in perspective. Is it normal to plateau for a couple of days?

    I feel good, not really hungry at all and am coping with things quite a bit better the last few days. Grumpyness is going away, and I'm sure the kids are thankful. Still have a bit of that fuzzy head feeling, however.

    Still hard to believe that i am surviving on 500 calories a day. This HCG stuff is really a miracle. Day 7 today. Do I skip my shot, or no?

    KIng crab is on sale for $6.99 a lb. at the local Kroger... Cant wait to get me some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallsie View Post
    So sorry about your Dad. It is hard to see parents declining. Good job staying on your track anyway.
    Thanks wallsie. It has been a hard road. There is nothing decent about cancer, it takes the life of a vibrant 57 year old and just takes over for three years...and as if that was not enough...the decline you have to go through to finally die is humilating. I will be relieved when his journey is over and he is free of misery and pain...
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    Flgator --- FIST PuMp! Great losses!

    Bayoucity--- A loss is a loss. Don't get discouraged. You are moving in the right direction... (and please save this reply to send to me when I don't show a loss...I am sure I will need encouragement too!) SMILES~

    mrsmicrobrew--- I know what you mean about "feeling: your loss. I can feel mine to... My jeans feel much more comfy now! I love your quote too! Thanks for sharing it.. I copied it down.

    Bean-- CONGRATS on the 170's. I cant wait to see that # again too! I also am always ready for dinner right when I get home. It really has heled me by precooking on the weekend, so that I can just reheat what I need. THen I eat while cooking the family's dinner and I am not tempted to graze.

    I cooked some cabbage in some low sodium fat free chicken broth last night. I smelled so good, my hubby came in the kitchen and wanted some. I just felt that I needed to change up the veggie situation.

    Also last night my hunger was crazy. I usually only eat a fruit during the day. I had one last night to alleviate my hunger. I took an apple and quartered it and put in a small micro bowl with a small amount of water in the bottom and covered it loosely with a lid. I microwaved for 1.5 minutes and then topped with 1 packet stevia and cinnamon. IT WAS DELISH! I almost felt guilty eating it! I even drank the water from the bottom of the bowl~
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    Just getting started. Injectable from local pharmacy.

    My tummy is noticeably flatter.
    I weighed at 2AM and was way down so I drank a liter of water.
    Down even more now and my urine is clear, (TMI?).

    No hunger.
    Looks like 150u works better for me than 200u.


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    *sigh* only down .2 today, I feel bloated and gross today. I don't know what I did wrong yesterday? It was the first time I'd mixed beef with tomatoes, I've heard some people have a hard time with that. I guess .2 is better then a gain right??? I just have so far to go that when I see a low number it kinda brings me down. I missed my fruit and last melba last night because I was full, maybe I needed to eat more? Who knows just hoping to see more tomorrow.

    anngiem- The apple does sound yummy! I may have to try that I crave sweets at night too.

    Todays menu:
    Snack: Orange
    Lunch: Chilli/ 1 melba toast
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    Rissa1979- My first round I started at 170.5, gained 3 loading, at the end I weighed 155 and lost 161" total. Round 2 I stated at 154 gained 2.4 from loading, end weight 144.4 and lost another 12.5". Round 3 I started at 145and gained 7.2 from loading (loading and camping are bad) and ended at 136.4 and lost 9.5". I usually end up stabilizing 2 pounds above LIW. And this will be my 4th round starting at 137.2, I gained 2 yesterday and am sorta loading today then starting 500 calories tomorrow.
    So that is where I am at today.
    4 short rounds done and at goal weight. LIW 127.4, Adjusted LIW 132.4, 5'9" BMI 19.3. Total weight loss 40 lbs in 4 short rounds, 48 inches lost.

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    How many days did you do each round? I was hoping to get to 145 after just one round, but with my current week long "stall" I don't think it will happen in the 25 days like I had planned. BOOO!!!
    Clarissa - 36

    Start Weight: 162.0
    Load - 164.0
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    VLCD 2 - 160.8
    VLCD 3 - 159.0
    VLCD 5 - 159.4
    VLCD 6 - 158.6
    VLCD 7 - 158.0
    VLCD 8 - 157.4
    VLCD 9 - 156.6
    VLCD 10- 155.4
    VLCD 11- 154.2
    VLCD 12- 153.2

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    I am new here! Started last week, load days were 16th and 17th. I am on r1p2d5 (i think I posted that right I started before load days at 193.5, 1st day of vlcd started at 195.4. I am now at 188.0. First day was great, with a 4 lb loss, but since then has been less than thrilling. I am hoping to see another good loss soon for motivation. It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. I am hungry, but not starving, and find that I could probably skip the last fruit and grissini if I wanted to. I may skip the grissini tonight and hope for a bigger loss in the morning. Have not been having my usually very regular bm's, so today I drank a cup of smooth moves. Now here is the big question.....My husband has informed me that my kids are coming home for mothers day and are taking me on a trip for the weekend...Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun. Should I....a)stop the drops on Monday so that I am off of them for 3 days and can eat out (we will be in a hotel) and just avoid sugar and starch...or b) keep up the drops and do my best to stick to diet. I am certain that eating out means that I cannot control how the protein and vegies are cooked and am afraid there will be hidden sugar/starches. I have read that you will gain quickly if you cheat. What would you do? If I stop the drops, I will have taken them for only 15 days. Also, if I stop them, then can I start taking them and doing vlcd on Monday without additional load days? wwyd.

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    taking injections day 2 (gorge day)
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    DOES THE WEIGHT COME RIGHT BACK ON WHEN YOU are off of the plan for a while? I am new and this is my first time!


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