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Thread: Who is Ready to start in SEPTEMBER?

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    Cool Who is Ready to start in SEPTEMBER?

    After over 8 years I am back! My first experience with Homeopathic HCG was very successful. I am hoping this time is as well. I will be starting next week. Anyone else starting in SEPTEMBER?
    Ain't nothin' to it but to do it!

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    I put the September Loaders thread up a bit early for you. Maybe we'll get a group gathered up before the month even starts.

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    I was all set to go with the InterMountain pellets, and I CAN'T FIND THEM! I'll be tearing the house apart over the next few days, and if I don't find them by this weekend, I'll order more. Ugh, lol!

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    Hello - it's been close to a year and I am back I sound like a broken record and know when I let my eating get out of hand it's game over. So here I am, using some frozen syringes and I will order from Diet Doc again but think these are fine for now. I picked the best time to start when we are moving in five days (sarcasm) but I needed to grab hold of the reigns and get back to a healthy weight and stop eating my emotions. I have done many rounds and lost count but know that this works and really need to focus on maintenance once I get there. I know women like Leez have kept it off and she gives incredible advice.
    I am on VLCD 1 today so it is on. My name is Charlie and I am hoping to drop about 20-25. I know a lot of this is bloat and the first 10 will fall off (I hope) and then it's about refocusing and gaining control. I tried doing Noom and it was slow but it did work. I think that I just know that this is the fastest way to drop the fat and I have maintained before back in 2012-2015 and then my mom got sick and I just went into a spiral.
    Excited to watch the folks on here feel good and get healthy!!


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