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Thread: thanksgiving Loaders. I need to be in this group!

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    Hey guys!
    Sorry I've been mia for a while. I've been sick, cold or something, and have not been perfectly on protocol. I'm up 2lbs from the lowest on this round, not sure if its all me or can I blame the cold a little? Ha ha no i'm sure it's me. I really need to get my head back in this! I have quite a bit of hcg left, not sure how much longer it will be good, my hucog should be here any day. I plan to go until I fit into my jeans again, or until I run out of hcg. Hopefully the former comes first!! I'm already able to wear some more comfortably than when I began this round and that's awesome! I will not go back!! I do not have any more out of town weekends planned for a while and that will help immensely with staying on protocol. Hope this week was good to everyone!

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    My last dose was Friday morning so I am moving into P3 for a week, gonna call it a planned interruption. I just couldn't get back on track after Christmas and while my low was 133.4 and this morning I was still steady at 134.2, I just needed a break. Hopefully a full week of P3 will cure my cravings and then I can go right back to P2 for another 12 days.....saying 12 days because that's all the needles I have left lol. I would go until I ran out of HCG but I am too lazy to order more needles. Marley, I ordered Hucog and they sent me a replacement brand called Zy or something like that. I do plan to order more hcg real soon and another injection kit just so I have it ready but wont be using it for at least 6 weeks after this round.
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