I see, at the top of the forums, a little yellow banner with the following words pasted into it:
"HCG is going away. Last chance to buy while supplies last: Compare 4 reliable Hcg sources & save $150-238: Nu Image, Riverfront MD, Diet Doc, Triumph. Can't decide? See reviews & exclusive offers thru Jen's Guide: Where to buy Hcg? (the REAL stuff!)"

Where is it "going away from"...? From Nu Image Medical (a little clinic)...? Certainly not from all existence, right...?

And seeing as how I can still get it via prescription from my doctor, then go buy it at any number of USA, or Canadian, or even compounding pharmacies in the USA (still, as of this moment), then hCG is not, actually, 'going away'....right?

What I do know for sure, legally speaking: there has been a bunch of re-classifying stuff that has happened in the USA regarding what type of substance real, hormone-containing (read: NOT 'homeopathic') hCG is.

So little clinics and so forth, and compounding pharmacies that have made their living off of selling pre-made hCG are no longer able to sell hCG. This is because they do not have the level of 'permission' (legally speaking) to sell hCG in its new classification. But hCG in and of itself is not 'going away.'

You can still get it via prescription from a doctor who understands the protocol -- 'off-label use' is still accepted for it and will be now that it has been re-classified. This includes the industry standards such as Novarel and Pregnyl.

And because you can buy hCG from other compounding pharmacies that are not small compounding pharmacies -- this includes national compounding pharmacies in the USA, as well as Canadian compounding pharmacies, and overseas pharmacies and so forth -- that little yellow banner is not very helpful without further explanation. This is because the new classification primarily affects clinics that do not have medical licensure to sell hCG in its new classification, but not all clinics. And not all pharmacies, domestic or otherwise.

It would be nice to not be given a heart attack when reading through that little banner text. It took me a moment to realize what it was likely referring to.....but it would have been equally nice to not have been frightened for two minutes after reading that, and to have seen a forum announcement explaining that 'announcement.' Something that was more comprehensive than a scary way to announce a sale at Nu Image Medical (a clinic, not a pharmacy....a clinic that obviously lost its ability to sell hCG in its new classification).

And no, I do not need to buy any hCG from anywhere that is linked to in that announcement. But I would appreciate knowing what is behind that announcement in the little yellow banner.

If there is another reason why that message would be posted, please elaborate.