HCG Diet Info (HDI) forum moderators can be denoted by their username being in purple text and the "moderator" title. Moderators are here to moderate the forum and to help HCG Diet Info provide a place for peaceful discussion of opinions and experiences.

HDI moderators are here to share their personal opinions and experiences to help you through emotional and physical support. HCG DIET INFO Moderators are here for you as a friend, not as a health professional. HDI accepts no liability for any outcomes or accuracy of the information or suggestions given to you by moderators on the website or contacted off of the website. Any forum posts, private message, e-mail, fax or other communications from HDI moderators, staff, or forum participants should never be considered medical advice or imply any action should be taken.

Do not make any changes to your diet, lifestyle, or prescribed treatment without first consulting with your personal health professional.


HDI Moderators deserve to be treated with gratitude and respect at all times. As volunteers, moderators are extremely generous with their personal time on the forums, and work diligently to help others. Please recognize this and express your respect and gratitude often!

The disrespect or mistreatment of a moderator is grounds for immediate banning without prior warning.


Moderators are here to solely offer emotional support, not for medical advice. All moderators and/or other HCG DIET INFO volunteers, should NOT be considered qualified to answer any medical questions. Their advice should not be taken as a substitute for that of a licensed medical doctor or other medical professional.

Moderator Statements
- Moderator statements should not be taken as medical advice.
- Moderator statements should be taken as their own opinion and experience.
- Moderator statements directed at others may not be appropriate for YOU, even if your circumstances are only slightly different.
- Moderator views should not be considered representative of those of other moderators, HDI staff, or the HDI website in general.

A medical practitioner is the only one who can assess you completely and should be the only one to give you definitive answers to your medical questions.

You should NOT ask the moderators questions such as:

Why did my doctor do this?
Was my doctor correct?
What is the best treatment for weight loss?
What dosage of my prescription should I take?
How long should I do this or take this?

You may ask moderators questions such as:

How did you cope with this or that?
What did you do to lose weight?
How long were you on the diet?
How did you care for your family while on the diet?

Applying any statements given by our moderators to your personal health protocol, is of your own choosing and should be discussed with your personal doctor AND any medical professional support team you have available.


HDI Moderators have the right to apply forum disciplines as necessary to maintain a peaceful and effective atmosphere on the forums.
This includes, but is not limited to the following disciplinary actions for any member violating the HDI terms of service and/or forum rules:
- Issuing warnings
- Issuing infractions
- Banishment; temporary or permanent.

Moderators have the right to apply these discipline actions without notice and at their discretion.


Actions taken by moderators have a very strong backing but can be reversed. If you feel you've been unfairly treated by a moderator, please send a private message to discuss the issue:

Lastly, our moderators love to hear "Thank you." Please be generous with your gratitude and respect for them at all times.