Just like in life there are rules that you have to follow while using this forum, these rules are listed below and are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility as a user of this forum to keep up to date on the rules.

Posting on the forum

This is a community forum and is intended to provide knowledge and support for those wanting to lose weight. It is not a place to come and argue with, berate or belittle other community members. If you feel the need to lash out at somebody, close down the forum page and go take a walk around your block.

Harmful, illegal, violent, ****ographic material and the like will not be tolerated. There are many other places online that provide venues for those types of discussion and viewing. Members found abusing this rule will be given an infraction.

- Please refrain from posting affiliate links to sites on the forum.

- Please refrain from posting pharmacy links on the forum.

- Please refrain from posting marketing messages on the forums (this includes fake-posts attempting to appear as a true dieter.)

Those found not being able to comply and follow said rule will be subject to consequences explained below in the infractions section.

In regards to posting on the forum, private messages are also considered posting and may be viewed if appropriate to settle a dispute or for actions against the rules of the forum.

Forum moderators

Moderators are here to moderate the forum and to provide a place for everybody to peacefully discuss opinions. A moderator can be denoted by their username being in purple text and the "moderator" title.

Moderator Network

Moderators are here to solely offer emotional support, not for medical advice. Any such moderator or other volunteer, should not be considered qualified to answer any medical questions. Advice given to others may not be appropriate for you, even if your circumstances are only slightly different. Their views should not be considered representative of those at HCG DIET INFO. A medical practitioner is the only one who can assess you completely and should be the only one to give you answers to your medical questions.

Our moderators can share their personal experience and help you through emotional and physical support. They are there for you as a friend, not as a health professional. We accept no liability for any outcomes or accuracy of the information or suggestions given to you by volunteers contacted from the HCG DIET INFO website including these forums. Any e-mail, fax or other communications from HCG DIET INFO, its advisors, volunteers or forum participants should never be considered medical advice or imply any action should be taken.

Do not make any changes to your diet, lifestyle, or prescribed treatment without first consulting with your personal health professional.

You should NOT ask the moderators questions such as:

Why did my doctor do this?
Was my doctor correct?
What is the best treatment for weight loss?
What dosage of my prescription should I take?
How long should I do this or take this?

You may ask moderators questions such as:

How did you cope with this or that?
What did you do to lose weight?
How long were you on the diet?
How did you care for your family while on the diet?

Moderators on this forum may NOT be medical professionals, and their opinions should NOT be considered professional medical advice. Their opinions and shared knowledge is of their own personal opinions and not that of the HCG Diet Info website. Following any advice given by our moderators is of your own choosing and should be discussed with your personal doctor AND any medical professional support team you have available.

Current forum moderators

Actions taken by moderators have a very strong backing but can be reversed. If you feel you've been unfairly treated by a moderator, please send a private message to discuss the issue: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums/hcgdietinfo

Illegal products

There are some products that should not be promoted as they have been deemed illegal. If you are found to be mentioning these products on the forum or suggesting their use to other members you will be given an infraction and warning. Continuing to break this rule will result in a permanent banning of not only your username, but your IP address.

Some examples of these products are but not limited to steroids, recreational pills, drugs, etc.

Discretion should be used when posting on the forum. Moderators have the ability to edit/censor inappropriate posts as they see fit and a final decision will be made if it is needed.


An infraction may be given to a member by a moderator. Infractions can pertain to excessive language, rudeness, spamming, etc. Infractions are currently set as follows...

1st Infraction: Member is given one point and a private message is sent to member as a warning.
2nd Infraction: Member is given two points along with a private message and a 1 day ban from the forum.
3rd Infraction: Member is given 3 points along with a private message and a 5 day ban from the forum.
4th Infraction: Member is given 4 points along with a private message and a permanent ban from the forum.

If a member receives a 4th infraction the permanent ban will not be reversed for any reason. Members found re-registering under a new username/email address that have been permanently banned will also be banned as well. This will result in the permanent banning of the IP address and not just the usernames in question.

Post Content & Copyright

When you make a post on this forum it is assumed that you are the original owner of that content and giving HCG DIET INFO the rights to publish and share that content. If you are referencing other sources of content a link should be provided along with that source.

Any content unless otherwise protected by a previous copyright becomes copyright of the forum. This is set to protect members of the forum from having their content be used without their permission by another individual.

Closing Threads

When you create a thread you do not "own" that thread and the thread should never be closed unless approved by a moderator or administrator. The only time you may close a thread is one that pertains to yourself that you are using to keep track of and post updates.

You may not post a general thread aimed towards everybody and then later close that thread without the permission of the HCG DIET INFO team.


If you own a business that sells applicable products or services for our readers/members, please use the Advertise link up in the main navigation to submit your product for approval. HDI runs an extremely strict program for affiliates and advertising and only quality, appropriate offers will be approved.

Members are not allowed to market their sites in posts or make any effort to try to get people to visit your site. You may not have affiliate links posted in your post or your signature unless otherwise approved by the HDI team. This will be considered spam and may result in banning.

If you are found to be abusing these rules, you will be given an infraction as stated above. If improper actions continue, banning is a possibility.