Hello HDI Family,

As you may have noticed, the site was once again, attacked by spam bots and hack attempts yesterday, which crashed the forum databases, twice. In light of this, I felt it would be wise to explain what is causing this and how we can all prevent a reoccurrence.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been pitching in to help support HDI and to help answer all the wonderful people that come here every day for support. I also want to offer a personal thank you for those who have expressed their gratitude for the support they have received here at Hcg Diet Info. As many of you may know, it wasn't long ago that we had a severe security breach and a legal suit over contaminated overseas hcg; these required me to make a decision on whether or not to continue with these forums, or sadly, let them go. It was the thousands of "thank you's" I have received that prompted me to step forward, and dedicate this year to getting HDI back on the right path in the hopes that we can help another 100 million people like yourselves.

We have been making a vast number of improvements to the overall site- many that are in beta now (sorry for all the link madness- I promise it's not forever! ), and most of which are still to come. Our primary focus so far, has been site security and I want to explain why. We have learned that one major draw for the security attacks, is the posting of overseas pharmacy names, links and illegal activity references. In one SEO company's words... "It is like placing a target on your back." In light of this, and several other reasons which I will mention below, there are a few changes that will be implemented immediately and I ask that you PLEASE support the site and help us with this.

Here is what you can do to help:

1. PLEASE do not post overseas pharmacy names, links, and/or any details regarding any illegal importation of prescription drugs. In fact, please do not post ANY illegal references whatsoever, even in jest.

It has also been brought to our attention that some members have been receiving compensation and/or rewards for promoting websites, companies and/or products. Anyone caught doing this, will have their IP address banned and turned over to the authorities- something I do not want to do, but am required to, for liability purposes.

2. PLEASE do not post links to non fda-approved diet products or their companies. Note that links to legitimate resource websites, etc are still permitted and welcome.

Moderation of these changes will be effective immediately.

3. Any links or names to such pharmacies, companies, etc., will be moderated with the link or entire post removed, and the user will receive an infraction. Repeat offenses will result in the users IP address being banned (please don't make us do that!)

The damage from these references has been significant and has required thousands of hours to correct and address... and we are still not done! More than once, we have had hackers delete our content, insert their random affiliate links, and even point our incoming visitors to illegal file-sharing, and **** sites. And these are only a few of the things they have done.

In addition to the increased security threats, it only took a handful of references in the forums to result in several other issues, including HDI being blocked by Pinterest (we had over 64k organic pins... all gone now), Google +, various hosting companies, etc. Myself and my tech team have spent months trying to get these back, only to be told that as long as these forums appear to allow the promotion of illegal activities, they cannot be reinstated. These social platforms once recognized HDI as a leading resource site, yet we are currently blacklisted simply because of a members sharing illegal Hcg importation details. We are hopeful that we will have these back in good standing with your cooperation.

Thank you all, for your support and understanding. As usual, if you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to email me at hdihealth ((@))gmail.com.

Much love and light,

HDI Founder