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Thread: Leptin Questions

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    Leptin Questions

    This is kind of a 2 part question...
    So I ended P2 March 19th and phased into Leptin reset at the end of P2 ..I stabilized well. I find that I am fluctuating now on Leptin with the same 4 lbs...
    I had the sweating thing already (actually I noticed a sweating pattern change during P2) sleep is better ( I actually got my dreams back) , my hair has stopped falling out ! YAY! and I am not hungry for most of the day... My gym experience has also been great , having a good time with the weights. Most mornings I am rushing to get out the door very early and most times I go over the 30 mins.. Could that really be messing me up? And how bad is HWC?
    When will I actually start shredding weight???

    I started my husband on this program also , he did not do HCG though. He dropped a couple lbs and this is like the 3 into 4th week for him. He is really frustrated because his weight has not budged at all. IS cheese something he should really cut out and see what happens? I was under the impression that you cut it out and added in later??
    R1 , - 27 lbs LIW 166
    a major meltdown and holidays occur and gained a few..
    R2, P2 VLCD 22 (back to 162!!)
    Down 6 sizes in Jeans !!!
    R3 gained back what I lost over the last year..
    3/8/15 R3 P2 inj
    LLW 204
    4/6/15 - 185 major fail....

    Im back
    R4 195lbs LLW 197.8
    VLCD4 185

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    I don't know very many women who have lost weight on the leptin reset. It can help stabilize things if you've got any problems left after hcg (many of us don't though) but long term, I've seen more women gain rather than lose. I'm not sure why. Men usually do better but your husband's issue might be dairy. It's a VERY common allergen.
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    I tried the leptin diet before I got onto HCG. It was the only diet on which I could lose any weight (hypothyroid issues) before HCG. I lost 5lbs in a month on it. However my losses could've been due to no more snacking and just an overall calorie reduction.

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