Wow I just read the Leptin Reset thread and was really impressed! I'm 31 but my hormone test came back a couple months ago and my NP told me my levels were of the bare minimum she would recommend for a menopausal woman!! And I'm still hoping to regain excellent health and have a baby! Sooooooo I am heading to the store tonight to buy some eggs and I am on board with waking up tomorrow, starting LR, and eating a big *** breakfast of eggs, salmon, and coconut oil!! I am planning to start Round 2 in 5 weeks. This past round 1, 38 days I only lost 17 pounds, so I am hoping that the 5 weeks on LR may help me lose more in round 2.

My only worry is wondering whether or not I could be allergic to eggs! The LR seems to recommend eating eggs for breakfast as part of the 50 grams. Hopefully eggs and I are happy together!! Has anyone tried jumping into LR in p3? Did you have any problems incorporating the recommended eggs right away??