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Thread: P3 - Confused about nigthshades and HDL numbers

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    P3 - Confused about nightshades and HDL numbers

    Sorry to repost this message, but didn't see this specific thread existed until now. How do I delete my original message in the general Phase 3 thread? Aahhh, sorry everyone! I'm the new kid on the block and I'm causing trouble already


    Hi! First post here from a newbie Aussie in R1 P3 D2 Ė Loving this forum, you all rock!

    Hope you can extend a little help my way as Iím confused about Leptin Reset (LR) in P3 and the suitability of nightshades and would really appreciate some help from anyone experienced in LR. Have been having trouble stabilising, currently 0.2# (0.1kg) below LIW which is great, but have needed 2 steak days to correct huge increases. Iíve decided to follow LR (loving my huge protein breakfast before work!) as I have a HUGE snacking problem and also suspect that either nuts or eggs were affecting me (uugh depressing!). Iím avoiding nightshades as a precautionary measure, purely because Iím confused about the rule that women with 60+ HDL can eat nightshades without a problem, and those with below 60 should avoid them. My blood test results state HDL Chol. 2.3mmol/L (which is above the recommended range of 0.9-2.1). Does this mean Iím OK to reintroduce nightshades, or is this measure not comparable to the "HDL 60 rule"? If needed, other lipid results are Cholesterol 5.2mmol/L (within range 3.9-5.5); Triglycerides 0.7mmol/L (within range 0.5-1.7); LDL Chol. 2.6mmol/L (within range 1.7-3.5).

    Thanks in advance for your help Ė you've helped me get this far (total 27lb/12.2kg lost and at goal weight)!!

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    P3 - Confused about nigthshades and HDL numbers

    I'm not sure what to tell you but maybe try on the Jack Kruse forum. They are experts and there's even an "Ask Jack" thread. Good luck!

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