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Thread: Try again?

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    Try again?

    Hi everyone! After reading a bunch about Leptin Reset in May, I decided to try it in June. My health has been messed up since I was a child & the signs that you need to be reset pretty much describe me to the T. I had a REALLY hard time doing the BAB, I couldn't get it down w/in a half hour of waking & after 3 weeks, I had to stop because I was feeling incredibly sick trying to eat that much in the mornings. I've never been able to stomach eating a lot right after waking up. It was beginning to work, I was heating up a lot & my energy levels were changing. I have had hypothyroidism since I was 9, almost 20 years, and my levels are WAY off right now & the docs have been trying to adjust my medication. I think it could be from the reset. They've been trying to change my medication dosage for a few months, but I have to take it, get the bloodwork & then start a lower dose, every 8 weeks.

    I'm currently in P4 right now & am not sure if I should try again. I really want to be leptin sensitive again & fix everything, but The breakfasts are impossible & I'd need to wait until my thyroid issues are fixed. Has anyone had any similar issues?

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    I'd recommend you focus on getting the thyroid right first. You can find a lot of good information at http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/

    In the meantime, continue to eat Paleo.
    Just read Weight Loss Apocalypse which gave me new resolve.
    Currently getting back to the ticker weight.


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