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Thread: April 2021 Loaders - Bunnies

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    Lizard, so good to get your update! Sounds like you are doing great. And you sound really upbeat, good to hear. Thanks for checking in and keep up all the good work!

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    Hi everyone--
    Just wanted to come here and give an update.

    I started my HCG journey in April 2021 at 187lbs and successfully navigated through all phases, losing the weight and keeping it off. I ended up at 158lbs after stabilizing and maintained around there for a few months.

    In July 2021 I found out I was pregnant! I ended up battling hyperemesis gravidarum- which is extreme morning sickness, bringing my weight down to the 140s. A number I had not seen since high school. It was not healthy weight loss though, I had to actively try to put it back on. A battle I have never fought!

    I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and due with a baby girl in March. This came as a total surprise but we are very happy. Needless to say I have put all the weight back on lol but will eventually join you all for another round some time post-partum, breastfeeding, etc.

    Hope you are all doing well, just wanted to share.

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