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Thread: August 2011 Loaders

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelBell29 View Post
    Hi everyone! Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 29...from California...been overweight my entire life. Have 200 pounds to lose. Have lost 60 pounds on my own prior to HCG but seem to have hit a brick wall for the last 8 months. HCG just makes so much sense.
    I'm on R1 P2 VLCD 8 (started loading 8-20) and am down 17 pounds and 21 inches. I couldn't be more thrilled and am so thankful for this board. I have been reading for weeks and have learned so much.

    just keep drinking lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of water!!!! congratulations!!!
    "Obsessed is what the lazy call the determined" -Anonymous
    "We must do the thing we think we cannot do" -Elanor Roosevelt
    "It is never too late to become what you might have become" -George Eliot

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    Jacqueline and Freckle Face, Load day 2 for you guys? Never thought I would be so grossed out by eating! I woke up at 2AM and was still full. Off to eat again, Good Luck!

    Load day 1 - 164
    Load day 2 - 167
    VLCD 1 - 167.4
    VLCD 2 -165.2
    VLCD 3 -163
    VLCD 4 -160.8

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    R1/P2/D3 sublingual drops
    Ok - its September now and P1D1R1 for me! When will the September thread get started - anyone know? Thank you!

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    I started today P1D1R1 I am loading and really feel like throwing up... maybe I should just get a chocolate shake. Doesn't that have a lot of fat? Could I just eat a shame stick? (shame stick Eaten in shame, a shame stick is a stick of butter covered in sugar.) IDK I think I have just been loading on sugar and it is making me sick

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    HCG is big business

    Quote Originally Posted by StacyR View Post
    Hi Everyone
    Im very new to this forum and am scheduled to see the dr on thursday to get on this diet. Im just wondering if anyone can give me some facts on if the shots work better than the drops. I did the drops for one week and lost like 8 lbs but i was soooooo hungry and felt lightheaded but the drops only cost me 30.00. the shots are going to cost me 1000.00 for 40 days... Any info would be appreciated.
    Hi. I wanted to let you know that, although I'm not encouraging you to do this without a doctor, that $1,000 for the shots for 40 days is ridiculous. I ordered everything for the shots from ADC (with a friend - 1/2 and 1/2 everything) FOR $65.00 each. That is for TWO rounds of 26-30 days EACH. So a short round will cost us $32.50 including all supplies, and shipping. There are mixing instructions on this forum, dosage advice ... I'm just sayin', I think some professionals are hopping on the popularity of this diet and inflating the cost.
    I had to let you know. Good luck. I hope you do really good on the diet!


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    R3/P1/trying to decide
    How did you do. Getting geared up to do R3 and really apprehensive since i will be purchasing without prescription. Any advise?

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