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Thread: January 2020 Loaders - Holding on to Hope

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    Had a bit of a bumpy day yesterday, had some rather pushy family members in town and unfortunately I ended up caving into having small salad at a local Mexicali's. Thankfully it was pretty basic but I have woken up to a gain. Around 1.5kg....however now this is where I want to know whether anyone else has had this experience. After I had the salad, I felt great...it was like my body was saying I need this fat...and this has given me a huge push and I'll now be doing another 10days! Has anyone found this with a cheat they've had? As a note, i am at no point proud of my cheat but it definitely has helped me refocus and push myself for another 10 days.

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    Well you certainly turned a negative into a positive. I dunno b/c I've never cheated but I have had things like a diet soda.
    Started JULY 2015
    Ended 4 rounds November 2016
    -80 pounds!

    I keep gaining 20 to 25 of it back, I take off 5 pounds myself and then I do a round and lose 20 lbs. So I have done a total of 7 rounds. I am on my 8th round, taking the SAME 20 lbs off. ugh. But at least I don't gain 80 back!

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    Today (Sunday) will be my last day on the drops. I've had a pretty rocky week and I realised I'm pushing myself way to far. I should have just stopped at day 21 and gone on to the 3 days. However I've learnt a good lesson and have just managed to maintain my loss, despite a couple of bad days. All I can say from here....is I'm looking forward to p3!!

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    Just an update...my last 3 days were painful! Definitely should have stopped and trusted my gut. However, 4 days into p3 and I'm maintaining really well. Have been having healthy fats (like citrus olive oil which is amazing!), avocados etc...it seems to be working for me because I've managed to stabilise today and have had no erratic scale readings. As they say though, don't take your foot off the throttle. My dear mum is being a great accountability partner and keeping me on track. I'm planning another round once I've finished p3 it will be slightly shorter even though traditionally with the OP you should do longer rounds I do find I get the same results with a shorter round and I my will power seems to last only to a point!! Thank you to everyone for your support!!

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    I'm in p3 today, 28 days total and 26 injection days, -17 lbs.

    I took half a potassium pill per day or 1/2 to 1 full Nuun electrolyte tablet in water or 1 pickle per day, staves off lightheadedness, fatigue etc.

    I was in bliss of no hunger at 130 ius. I almost should be went a few more days!

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    You did great cupcake, congrats on your result!
    "The only thing stopping you is you."

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