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Thread: July 2020 Loaders - True Grit

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    Happy Friday Friends with Grit!

    Tightwad :big virtual hug and welcome back.

    Roselanoue: Wow! you are doing great!

    I seem to be losing weight every other day, which is a bit messy for my head to take in. Yesterday I lost 1.2 pounds, and today I lost nothing! But ok, just staying the course. Today is P2 Day 8 and I am overall really pleased with my progress. I am down 9 pounds. My back still hurts so I am not doing the walking I had planned to do yet. I may adjust my goal to give myself a 3 pound cushion. My current theory is that because I just recently gained this weight it is coming off easier than before?????

    I am ripening up some non P2 fruit I had in the refrigerator and then I am going to chop it up and freeze it.

    My daughter is also doing great, she is down 10 pounds on day 8. Nice to have real company on a round. Poor hubby is also losing weight due to what is being prepared for dinners and no desserts.

    Everyone have a wonderful weekend!


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    P4 update 139.6 4.6 lbs under LIW This week the scale has stayed in the 139 area for most of the week. I had slightly upped My calories last couple of weeks so maybe the creeping losses like more food. I added beef at least once a week. Try to vary my veggies for nutrients. Overall happy. Maybe this year instead of gradually creeping up in weight i will very gradually creep down. Isnt that a pleasant thought? Lol I am keeping a food diary...not rigid but generally to see what my body responds to, Have had peanut butter, nuts, various cheeses without any issues. I do have to say most of the time i have had all my calories before 6 though occasionally i have had protein or a T of peanut butter At 8 if i am hungry, Also non gmo corn tortillas seem to be fine.
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    That's a great report, rose. I think that is a good observation that your body is responding favorably to a bit more fuel.

    I've been having some creeping losses too which I hope will continue. About 7 pounds over a 3 week period.

    Oddly this didn't happen from any food changes made. I'm attributing the downward trend to two things: the joy factor of having my sister here for a week (we always have a great time together.) and some stress that dampened my appetite for a couple weeks. I've consistently been eating whole foods to satisfaction and avoiding things that are processed. I do use xylitol and stevia and carton nut milks, but that's about the extent of it. I've been making my own sourdough bread from glutenfree whole grains and stay away from most dairy except irish butter and a small amount goat/sheep cheese. I tend to eat my big meal at mid-day, and sleep better if I have a small snack in the evening.

    I did have some incremental gains over the last year, but am now back to a comfortable place. Still not in the 130's but close enough that clothes are back to being comfortable again. Here's to that "gradually creeping down" blessing that seems to be on us right now. ^_^
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    My recent HCG round was with DietDoc. A full review of my experience and how the round progressed can be found here: my Diet Doc review and my Hcg coaching blog is here

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