Welcome, June Loaders!

About the group name, Jumpstart for Joy: HCG is a very powerful jumpstart to reaching your weight goal, as you lose significantly and quickly. And that sort of success brings joy! So be encouraged that your decision will result in tangible change for those that commit to follow the program. And we are here to help you keep that commitment.

This thread is for you. Strategize, plan, support each other, ask questions, share concerns or just chat...its up to you.

I'll be around to address concerns or questions, but you may also have the benefit of some veterans going through this with you and that's always really helpful. But even if the whole group are first-time HCG users, you'll draw strength from each other. The HCG diet can be a lonely thing, because most people don't understand it and may even discourage you. It helps to have people you can lean on who are going through this with you.

Hop in whenever you are ready to start posting and good luck with your round!