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Thread: November 2010 Loaders

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    Well its the end of day #1 loading...........ok this is seriously not as fun as I was expecting. I could not eat nearly as much as I was hoping and planned on. I got really full fast and felt so sick for HOURS after eating. I could only eat my 3 meals (which I loaded up with fats and kept my sugar and starches on the low side) and had one snack of some mixed nuts. I hope I ate enough. I am still stuffed and I ate dinner almost 4 hours ago. Does the HCG start kicking in this early? Like I said...I normally can get full and within an hour or so it goes away. SOMETHING is going on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarte-tatin View Post
    Weekends are bad for me too, and I am absolutely a stress and boredom (and celebratory!) eater. Weekdays are so structured so they're do-able, but on weekends having to negotiate around plans, social obligations, etc. it's hard to strategize. Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with my great-aunt which means I'll have a chicken salad (hopefully where ever we go will have a chicken salad), pray that the chicken doesn't have anything on it, otherwise the chicken will have to go to waste, and then figure out how much of the chicken I can eat. It's hard to eat a portion of the chicken when it's staring you in the face. Although I know that I could ask for half of the salad to go (with red wine vinegar) I feel like it's just drawing attention to how I'm eating.

    I had a bit of a melt down on Wednesday. I woke up freaking out about doing a round again - much different than the enthusiasm I was spouting on Monday. I went back and forth about whether or not I could last the three weeks, and then I realized that again, the weekdays are no big deal, if I could get through two more weekends then I was home free. Also, waking up each morning after loading and seeing the scale barely creep down - still 2 lbs after stabilization weight is not motivating at all. It looks like I'm going to give myself serious pep-talks every morning. Blah. Feeling... uninspired right now.
    Well thats why we have this forum for times when we are feeling uninspired. I am still on my first day......haven't got to vlcd yet, BUT I am so glad I found this forum. I really feel like its going to be my backbone thru this. Tomorrow is a new day! =) Hopefully you wake up feeling better in the morning and inspired!!

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    Hi I am also loading on these days too..im doing the rx injections..Good luck Dana

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    Hello all, I just came across this thread, I didn't even know before loading that there was a section for hcg loading so I made a thread on the general hcg section called, "Loading too much?" I loaded last weekend, Oct. 30 and 31, started injections on the 30th. and I was not sick, I was hungry. I even started early on the 29th, I walked straight into a wonderful and very healthy potluck with all the loading possibilities laid out before me, and everyone seemed to be eating with gusto and I joined in. I would've injected that day, but I hadn't bought a fresh empty vial then, so I injected on the 30th, then enjoyed all the load foods all day, and went to a family style buffet, on the 31st we went to a buffet at a casino. I also loaded on Monday, the 1st, all day. wow, it seems like it was a 3-4 day load, so needless to say I was up more than 10 lbs. on the first vlcd morning. to be honest I was up at least 14 lbs. from that weekend loading! now it is vlcd #5 and I am down those 14 lbs. so I lost 14 lbs. in 4 days, after gaining the same over 4 days! During those 4 days I posed the question if it's possible to load too much, because I was just eating and eating, like I 8, n8, and I felt gr8!

    Also, I like the injections I am taking, hucog and the mixing, I haven't been hungry really, just was happy to adjust to eating very little in vlcd, and vlcd 1 I had a whopping headache all day, and I was in meetings all day at work, and I think it did affect my performance there some. I felt a bit wheezy that day and the next. but the weight has dropped off quickly, I felt a bit lost on Friday night, since as others mentioned, weekends are party time. but this is my round 3, so I am used to it, and relieved that I don't have a lot of social obligations. I am just nervous, because I planned to only do a 23 day round, but wondering if I should do longer since I loaded so many days. My goal is at least to 135 lbs., that is the lowest weight I have ever been, My real goal is 132.6. last round my LIW was 138.6, but it didn't stay there, I didn't stabilize well, but then I didn't do a very good round either, I had lots of obligations and I cheated here and there, the first round was 135 days, but I didn't cheat at all! but my dosage was low (from a doctor) and I always felt weak, I didn't load as much as I should have either, due to inexperience. Well, I want to keep it simple and not complicate this thing. but not sure how long to do this round, I have enough hcg for about 35 days, even with remixing. I just get tired and fed up with the limited food choices on P2 after the 25 days.
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    I am loading on Thanksgiving....anyone else? It will be my 2nd Round....
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    tarte-tatin - I completly understand what you're talking about. You do have to give yourself a pep talk daily (at least I do) but you're also right about the weekdays being a breeze. Just think about how great you'll feel (and look) when you get through a couple more weekends. You know this works, it just sucks for a bit but it will all be worth it.

    Kelli - I see you have a tracker. How was your first day? And Yes, HGG will cause you to fill up faster on your load days, especially if you ate fat.

    Nena-wow three rounds!! Thats great. Welcome.

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    Thumbs up Loaded Fri and Sat 11/5 and 11/6

    OK. So loading was fun. Actually it wasn't much different than i had been eating... thus the reason for this HCG thing. So, I will weigh tomorrow and let ya know how it goes. Felt a little sick and very hungry this morning. Feel much better this afternoon. PS. I created a ticker but not sure how to add it on here. Any help please?

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    Copy the url from the ticker site and paste it on your profile page in the signature block.

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    When someone here said after we do this diet everything changes, things we used to not be sensitive to, we can now be, ( in P3 and P4 etc) and vice versa, Is this for ever? Or only during P3 and 4? I'm freaked out to think I've changed my body forever... I've just gotten to know it over the last 18 months, and I think this part I didn't realize before staring HCG...
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    I'm on my second loading day and I'm having trouble b/c I'm not hungry!! I've been trying all day but nearly threw up drying eat a couple oreos! I usually a big eater and was looking forward to this last hurrah before starting.... could the hcg already be reducing my appetite??

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    Kelli- I didn't develope any food allergies or anything like that so try not to worry. Things like milk and bread don't affect (or is it effect - I can never remember) me any differently.

    Emmaline- yep, that's the HCG. It's already in your system and starting to want to burn your other energy. But remember, loading is VERY important. How's your day so far?

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    OK. Day 5 of diet. Weigh in results. MINUS 7.5!!!! So excited. 50.5 to go! Rock ON!!

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