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Thread: November 2010 Loaders

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    I would definately load. I am going to a weight loss clinic with mine and they say the load days are most important not to feel hungry and sick. LOAD while you can!!

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    Thank you for your response. I'm not hungry at all, but I am going to go ahead and load anyway. I guess it's better to go ahead and load today than to not load enough. Planning on having salmon with dill sauce for dinner tonight, then vlcd1 tomorrow!! Hopefully I'll meet my goal and this will be my last round, I'm also hoping for a short round, 23 days. At least I can be in P3 during Christmas. Fingers crossed!

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    I am on load day 2 today. This is also my second round.
    Heading to a 23 day round but maybe will extend it a bit longer. Just wanting to be able to wrap my head around this, as some have stated that round 2 is harder. I'm not hungry either, but will eat so I can stay loaded.
    Round 2. HERE WE COME.

    Congratulations to all hcg'ers. I am so happy to have found this program. Wow! feels so great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
    I am on load day 2 today. This is also my second round.
    Heading to a 23 day round but maybe will extend it a bit longer. Just wanting to be able to wrap my head around this, as some have stated that round 2 is harder. I'm not hungry either, but will eat so I can stay loaded.
    Round 2. HERE WE COME.

    Congratulations to all hcg'ers. I am so happy to have found this program. Wow! feels so great!
    How did your Day1 go? I hope that round 2 isn't harder for us, but I've heard that also. I didn't buy any melba this round, I was told you have better results if you don't eat the Melba or Grissini, but I'm so addicted to carbs I couldn't go without it last time. Until the very last week and I did have better results. So this time I'm not even going to have them in the house. I sure looked forward to my apple today though! Thank goodness for them, such a sweet crunchy treat!

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    thanks for asking. I'm here lurking, hungry, and about 1 1/2 hrs. before bedtime. I probably need to have some tea.
    No Grissini? hummmmmmm that's interesting. I'm not a big bread lover, but I do enjoy that Grissini. I think I'll see how things go before I cut it.
    I do know that sometimes it gets me through that long morning when I am waiting for lunch.
    VLCD1 went pretty well. The morning's are usually the worst but tonight seems harder. I'm really hungry. I know it's normal, at least I think it's normal??? Any clue. I am not going to cave in, so no worry, but I cannot sleep with it like this. Any ideas for future hunger pangs?
    Lunch was delicious. I had my steak (George Forman grill), chopped cabbage with apple. and yes a Grissini. Dinner was slow cooked chicken, lettuce, and an orange. Oranges are so yummy this time of year. Picked up some really good ones. I'm picky about oranges and was happy we can have them. Found some grapefruit already cut up and without added sugar. How'd your day go? Can't wait to get on that scale in the morning. Have you ever tried putting your sweet apple with chopped raw cabbage? It's very good with the salad and so filling. I was surprised how quickly I fill up. But it felt good to eat P2 today. Keep it simple. I don't know why but I find I'm better at making dinner for my family when I'm cooking something special for myself. However, I have found it easy to fix the protein for them the same as me, (they can add their own whatever to it to make it more for them) and then I cook them a veggie, have a salad of some sort, add fruit to the table, and of course they get their starch. My husband is very thin and needs all I can get him to eat. Tonight I put the chicken in the crockpot with a can of tomatoes (no salt or sugar added) and it was delicious! So easy. Ok. I'm talking too much about food. I'm hungry! But this will pass.

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    Maxine - When I get hungry I just drown myself in water, green tea, other tasty teas and homemade soda pop. That hunger will wear off I think... as long as you're not wanting to eat yer own leg er nothin. I was way more hungry at first. I'm on VLCD10 now and it's just getting easier and easier every day. I forget to eat now. ha ha ha... I just love that!! I think mornings are hardest for me as well. Maybe I'll try eating a cracker AND my fruit before lunch for a change. ooooh yahhh I did that on R1 and was able to wait to eat lunch until later in the day (around 2) which really helped in the evening.
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    On my first round, I couldn't go to lunch without food either. I had my fruit and melba in the morning. This round, I'm loading up on lemon water first thing, then green teas. It helps me feel full till lunch. What I learned the first round is you should NOT be hungry, you will of course have "wants", especially when you have to cook normal food for a family (I do too!). But as far as hunger, you should not be truely hungry. Are you on the drops or shots? I'm doing drops and started at 10drops 3Xday, then was told to try 6drops 6Xday, I eventually got it right at 7drops 6Xday. Seems to be working ok this round too. I've also read several times, that too much can also cause hunger, so you have to play around to find the right amount for you.
    I just got back from vacation, where I gained 6lbs! Oh! the shame , but this morning I had a 3lb loss!! Never had that much before, but I'm sure alot of it was water weight from vacation. I'm just happy to see it gone. Hopefully it won't take long to get back to my ending weight of the first round, then start on those last pesky pounds!! I am determined to not cheat at all this round, I did on the last round and let me tell you... it's not worth it!!
    Good Luck to you today!!

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    Finally hit the 20lb mark. AWWWEEEE! 2 days short of 1 month from load days.

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    apple6nd: way to go! so excited for you! I remember that feeling. You are where I would like to be. I am still at 217.1. Can't wait for the 100's.

    Zami and mombo, thank you for the info. and the encouragement! It really helped me to be reminded of the lemon water and green tea! I'm not a tea drinker so I'd forgotten, but yes I had some of both this morning and doing fine. I lost 2 pounds yesterday. Lost the load! so now comes the real work. I'm .5 under ldw. Yes, I do drops 10 drops 3X day. I'll remember the adjusting if I see I need it, but I think I'm ok. I want to wait a day or two and see what happens. Last night the hunger got bad but then stopped and I was able to sleep deep. Lots of energy this morning. Little headache, just detox though. Doing fine! During P3 I never had to do a steak day as I just increased protein on days when things started to creep up. Hoping for a 40 day round! Here's to all us losers!!!! WAY TO GO!!!

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    What about cheating?

    Ugh. I had a very bad diet weekend. Friday night I got so hungry and was up doing Christmas stuff really late. Totally blew my diet. Sat was day number 30. I am suppose to go into maintenance today. Do you know how a couple of falls off the wagon will affect maintenance? Suppose to do 3 weeks of maintenance. Then taking a break and starting another round on Jan 4 and 5 will be loading.


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    Just finished my 2 day weekend load on 40 day round. Today is day one of VLCD - thank god! I found the loading harder than I thought it would be. I'm doing subQ injections and I felt an immediate reaction to the HCG. I really felt my body going through some sort of change - hard to explain like energy source shifting away from what I was eating to stored energy. Weird also - I ate a a lot - high in fat - yet I felt hunger all day on load days 1 and 2. I realized one small mistake was I wasn't drinking enough water on load day 1, corrected this on day 2 and seemed better. Since I'm on Corion which I read is stronger than others I wondering if I should reduce my dose from 200IU down, but I'm going to wait a few days to see if I do better on VLCD vs. loading - just a one time adjustment to the HCG. Anyways glad to have found this forum, helpful!

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    Hey all!

    vivere: go to Grammy's groupies! P1 questions. she is awesome and very familiar with all the injection measurements and adjusting.
    I do drops. No needles for me! ha ha

    apple6nd: just get right back on track. sorry this took so long for me to answer you. I had to work today. what did you decide today?
    I read on here that when we fall off then hcg allows us to just jump back on, much easier than other diets. sure we stall, or gain, but it
    just takes a little time and we are on our way down again.

    Finally got my stall to move. I'll check back tomorrow. I'm home tomorrow. Good luck!

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