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Thread: November 2019 Loaders - Never Surrender

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    I found my first week that a small loss was followed by a good woosh so I am hopeful that happens for you. I would love to stay at 138, so I was thinking of actually going to 136 to give myself a cushion. I usually do a Planned Interruption each round. I think it helps with losses, but the danger is you really need to give yourself a pep talk to go back to POP after an interruption. I also only use hHCG pellets from Intermountain, so no immunity. The last 5 pounds are very stubborn!

    Not hungry at all today but really enjoying a good cup of tea. Have a wonderful day!

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    Good morning! Happy Friday!

    Down 1.8 this morning to 140.2! Very excited! Had chicken yesterday instead of beef. Sauteed it in chicken broth with plenty of garlic powder. Then I rinsed the pan and sauteed mushrooms with the same. Yum, yum. All that cooking actually filled me up, so by dinner time, I really wasn't hungry (well, I haven't been hungry for a week now), and only ate about 3oz.

    RK, I thought about doing a PI because I was dreaming about avocados and artichokes with mayonnaise last night. So far, I'm on the "push on through" plan since I've got good momentum going right now. Once things slow down - and I know they will, unfortunately - we'll see how I feel at that point. I'm not sure if I would have the strength to get back on the horse after a few days off. Hope you're able to get goal and the extra two lbs of cushion as well.

    Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

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    R3 SW: 135.9 LDW: 130.9 October 2017
    R4 SW: 137.0 LDW: 132.0 March 2018
    R5 SW: 142.6 LDW: 132.1 November 2018
    R6 SW: 144.8 P2D6: 140.2 -4.6

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