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Thread: November 2022 loaders - Preppers

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    Thank you, roselanoue. Doesn't seem to be much activity anywhere! Lol. These boards used to be hopping back on my first 3 rounds in 2011.

    Anyways, just checking in. I'm still trucking along. Down 18.2 lbs and today is day 14 of p2. Hope all is well!

    That is wonderful! It's got to be hard to be on p2 in December. I was on it in Nov and was able to get by Thanksgiving ok but the holidays! Phew. Is your round almost over? I love p3! But am finding inflammation weight to be hard to battle at times.

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    Jess, I am almost to week 2 of p3. I was super determined so it wasn't much of an issue. Taking it slow for sure!
    p2d1: 180.4
    p2d30: 150.8 LDW
    p3d1: 149.4
    p3d21: 148.2 (zero correction days)
    p4d1: 147.4
    p4d53: 140.0 (zero correction days)

    p2d1: 141.6
    p2d27 (LIW): 123.8
    p3d1: 123.6 p3d21: 123.0
    p4d1: 123.2 p4d27: 122.0
    p4d56: 120.2
    p4d80: 118.2

    p4d93: 117.8 p4 p4d107: 117.6
    p4d119: 116.0

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    ketogenic diet - hhcg nasal spray
    Perhaps you need to try an elimination diet, to find out what causes your inflammation.

    For me, it's sugary carby stuff: I can see it in my face the day after indulging.

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