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Thread: October 2013 Loaders

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    chili052, I did not know that. I might try it tonight and see what happens. Btw, congrats on a great loss

    I am taking multi-vitamins for hair, skin and nails. My last round I had bad hair loss right after I finished it, so I want to make sure it's not as bad this time. It does not affect my losses. I also use my normal skin care, I don't think it affects the losses much either.

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    Dec 2011
    North of Toronto, Canada
    R6P2 using the patch
    I take a multi-vitamin, vitamin D, biotin, magnesium, and potassium.

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    Dallas, TX USA
    R2 / P2 / RX injections
    Chili: You and I are very close in weight. I was down another 2 pounds this morning and I am dreaming of ONEderland (weight of one hundred something versus two hundred something). We can do this!

    Katya: I have an alcoholic drink probably once each week, either wine or vodka/soda/lemon. It has not really slowed down my losses, but I usually skip a serving of fruit when I do it. What it does do is make it tough to not eat the next morning, so it becomes less and less appealing to me. I did not realize until I started this program how many parties, business dinners and happy hours I go to. It is tough to always have water when everyone else has wine. My go to when I don't want to trade fruit for booze is club soda and lemon, which feels like a treat after the liters of plain water we drink all day. And that way no one really knows I'm not drinking, so I don't feel deprived and I don't have to talk about it.

    Debi: Glad you're here and back on track as a looser!

    Re vitamins, I take a multi-vitamin (Alive, which I love), vitamin D and magnesium.

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    OK u all..........I am really struggling. It seems that since my daughter left to go back to college Tuesday night I am emotionally a wreck and that is not helping me on this protocol. Haven't done real bad but last night I at the whole box of Melba Snacks and woke up to a .5 gain. Went for a long 45 min walk with my dog and the sun and beautiful weather did help so today at lunch I went and walked in the park a little. I need to get this out of my system and rock this round!! Time will heal I am sure and I just really need a life. LOL

    Hope everybody has a good "on protocol" kind of day.

    R1 clinic inj
    R1 P2 start weight = 225
    R1 P2 weight lost = 27 lbs
    R1 LDW = 198

    R2 inj
    R2 start weight = 203
    VLCD1 = 206
    VLCD10 = 195.3
    VLCD17 = 194.4
    VLCD18 = 192.2
    VLCD19 = 191.8
    VLCD25 = 190.7
    VLCD27 = 190.0
    VLCD30 = 188.7

    ~ Nothing taste as good as being thin feels

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    Great, thank you! I'm going to add my multi-vitamin back in and L-Glutamine, it helps with carb cravings.
    I use my normal skincare as well.

    yes egl..I can't WAIT to be in ONEderland again. I gained 50 lbs with my pregnancy and I am so anxious to lose this weight.
    Starting Weight: 224.6
    When calculating my losses I don't count the load weight!
    Week 1 Loss: 6.8 lbs
    Week 2 Loss: 4.8 lbs
    Week 3 Loss: 3 lbs

    PI for 4 days (gained 5.8 lbs)
    VLCD19: 215.8 (ugh)
    VLCD20: 214.2
    VLCD 21: 211.4
    VLCD 22: 209.8 (-.2 from my pre PI weight!) Finally!
    VLCD 23: 208.8 (-1.0)
    VLCD 24: 208.0 (-.8)
    Week 4 Loss: 2 lbs

    VLCD 25: 206.6 (-1.4)
    VLCD 26: 206.2 (-.4)
    VLCD 27: 204.8 (-1.4)
    VLCD 28: 204.6 (-.2)
    VLCD 29: 203.6 (-1.0)

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    Oct. s

    Hi Everyone-hoping to find a good support network I have tried hCG 3 times and never made it past the first week. After last time and finding this forum, I am thinking my dosage was off because I could have eaten furniture when I was on the VLCD. I am going to keep that in mind and try playing with my dosage to see what works best. I plan to load this Sun, Mon and start on Tuesday with Hucog sublingual

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanielleY View Post

    Ok so I have the hardest time getting any veggies in and pretty much hate them all, lol. I started last night and its not too bad, doing green type smoothies. I did 1/2 cup ice 1/2 cup water blended that, then add 1 cup kale, blended for awhile til most of pieces are liquified added in a little ginger and 4 strawberries and stevia oh and 1/8 of a lemon and 1/8 of a lime peeled and seeded. It was actually pretty good! I may be able to get in my greens after all!
    DanielleY, I love your idea. I might try it with apple instead, because ran out of strawberries.

    Have any of you had vanilla extract in Phase 2? I have Vanilla-Crème stevia drops, but I just don't like them.

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    Thank you girls for the advice. I will try my best to stick to the diet. I really don't want to waste what I've achieved so far. I'll let you know how it all went.

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    Apr 2013
    Let's try again! hHCG
    Lost the small gain from yesterday plus a tad more. I'll take it.

    Lisa: If you can get your dosage correct, you won't be hungry. It is more of a mental game for me.

    Thanks for the posts about vitamins. I am going to start taking the biotin for hair and nails. Having a little bit of hair loss and trying to be
    proactive this round.

    IHaveHope: You have done such hard work to lose weight. I know your daughter is proud of your success. Keep going and get healthy for all those fun times ahead with your daughter...she will be home again before you know it. Surprise her with additional losses!
    August 2014

    Started Monday, 8/11
    As of Friday, 8/14: - 10 lbs

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    Dec 2011
    North of Toronto, Canada
    R6P2 using the patch
    Ugh. Up .2 this morning. Possibly because we ate dinner rather late (almost 8 pm), quickly followed by our fruit "desert", and bed time at 10:30. Couldn't be helped - had to make a batch of vegetables for the dogs (and no, they aren't vegetarians, they are on a raw food diet and get a small serving of pureed vegetables with their meals, which we prepare a big batch of every 6-8 weeks )

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    Aug 2012
    Dallas Texas
    good morning everyone! down .8 to a flat 133.. getting there ounce by ounce, VLCD 9 total 7.4 .. dying for something chocolate last night, was lurking around a fast metabolism facebook page found this and its pretty good, cocoa not on POP but thought it was pretty OK.. ice , water, coffee, cocoa , stevia in blender, it did the trick.. i used decaf it was around 8pm and had a little instant pack leftover from the plane

    Debbi - 1lb thats awesome especially after a gain! oh the dreaded week 2

    Jen - .5 loss is great especially after you lost big the day before and in week 2, WTG girl break those darn week 2 stigmas

    Katya - YAY 140's!!! Congrats!!!

    Chili - 1.2! whoop whoop, That's great stay strong this weekend and remember how this feels, we can do anything for a few weeks! Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! (at least that what I tell myself it may taste as good but i hate myself in the am, lol, and feel like crap after eating... , well... crap)

    egl - wow 2lbs good job! here comes Onederland!!!!!!

    Ihavehope - just get back on POP it will come off quickly and then some, dont beat yourself up we are only human

    Lisa - welcome and good luck!

    terepr - i have not had any vanilla extract but thats a great idea!

    Gal - YAY for losses!
    I am 5'4" 44 yo. Was stable at 123 last round, lost focus, back at 144.
    R1 1/11 Started at 170lbs got to 140. Another round 9/12 got to 123. Goal is to get back in that area and hold under 130.

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    aahh, up 0.2 today. Ughhh.. i was on protocol yesterday ..didnt change anything. so hopefully this is because inches are coming off. I will trust that this diet knows what its doing..hopefully.. I did wake up an hour early today. Had an early meeting at work. So that could be it. Also the dreaded weekend is coming so i really couldve used a loss today to keep me motivated through out. oh well.. i'll just come here and stalk you guys!

    Its so weird with this diet, sometimes I am totally fine , i feel no cravings and desires and i feel i can stick to it. And then there are other times i feel like i cant go on at all and it takes willpower from every single cell in my body to not cheat. I make myself think of a situation where i felt really bad when i was heavier and that makes me stick to the diet- Probably not the mentally healthiest way to do this but at this point whatever works i will take it.

    I cant believe almost a week and half is gone but then i also cant believe i have to do this for another 2 weeks. lol Its going slow and fast at the same time lol. I am so anxious to get to the end!

    Happy Weekend all!

    Weight: 168; Post load: 170.4
    WK1- 6.8lbs -163.6
    WK2- 2.2lbs -161.4 (bc this pumpkin eater cheated
    Wk3- 2.8lbs -158.6
    VLCD 24 -157.6

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