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Thread: October 2013 Loaders

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    Nov 2010
    Los Angeles
    R3 p2 hHCG
    LisaB you are sooooooooooooooooo lucky!
    Although surprisingly during my first round and now this round I never really crave wine. But I'm still jealous.
    10/1/2013 Starting weight 170
    10/30/2013 first day P3 152
    Current weight 147!!!!!!!
    Goal weight 140ish. I'm 5'9"
    And I'm back.
    3/14/2015 starting weight 170.7 Ugh.
    Week 1:-2.6,-1.7,-1.8,-.3, -.6 (Total loss -7)
    Current weight 163.7

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    Well just got home, got called out on a three day trip. I did good, brought my food and ate out once had a steak salad with a little blue cheese. Scared to get on scale tomorrow but this is the first time I had to go fly since I started on my vlcd days. We will see what tomorrow holds. Hope to catch up with everyone tomorrow (if I don't get called out again) lol.
    I am 5'4" 44 yo. Was stable at 123 last round, lost focus, back at 144.
    R1 1/11 Started at 170lbs got to 140. Another round 9/12 got to 123. Goal is to get back in that area and hold under 130.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisab110 View Post
    Debbi the good thing is, am enjoying the last glass of wine!

    Rounds- Many Started 2011 at 235
    7/1/2017 - 44 day Rx Injections Started $168.8 LDW 147.2
    10/1/2017 Loading

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    Feb 2013
    Oh my... Not a good morning... Ready for the first injection... Figured I would test it to make sure it was potent... NOT.. Loaded for 2 days, gained 4 pounds... $&:!?(&;@... Ok trying not to swear... Breathe, Lisa, breathe. Will call company today. Also ruined supplies... Damn, damn.. Ok I'm done now. Hope everyone has a better day.


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    Let's try again! hHCG
    Good Morning! Looks like everyone is losing...small or larger amounts...we will take any amount of loss.
    ALways funny to me that I'm disappointed with a small loss when I would have celebrated with that much loss
    IN A WEEK at WeightWatchers. Just love how this program works!

    Catered lunch yesterday was challenging but others around me commented about my self control in not piling
    my plate high. Still loss .2 this AM even with a few nibbles of foods off P2.

    Dani: Can't wait to hear what the scales had to say. Good for you for sticking with the plan while away.
    Lisa: I'm sorry about the HCG not being good. Hang in there and see what the company has to say.
    August 2014

    Started Monday, 8/11
    As of Friday, 8/14: - 10 lbs

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    North of Toronto, Canada
    R6P2 using the patch
    Woot! Back down yesterday's gain

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    Mar 2013
    R5/ injections Last round finally!
    Quote Originally Posted by Lisab110 View Post
    Oh my... Not a good morning... Ready for the first injection... Figured I would test it to make sure it was potent... NOT.. Loaded for 2 days, gained 4 pounds... $&:!?(&;@... Ok trying not to swear... Breathe, Lisa, breathe. Will call company today. Also ruined supplies... Damn, damn.. Ok I'm done now. Hope everyone has a better day.
    First, you said you loaded without hcg. That is not protocol. You should have injected hcg on both loading days. One of the reasons for loading days is to get the hcg into your system so that you arent hungry on your first few vlcd days. Next, you should test your hcg again. You can buy good tests at Dollar Tree for $1. I always pick up several. They have all been good tests. Be sure to use enough hcg to totally wet the window so that it can move across the test. You only need a faint line to signify positive. If it still tests negative, then it is bad.

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    From reading everyone's post it seems several people are struggling at times with this round, just as I am. It seems I do great for a few days, drop a couple of pounds and then a social situation comes up and I don't have the self control I had on my first round.

    I'm also not as focused and don't have the time to plan and prepare meals like the last round. I'm helping my boys (triplets) with their college applications and recently they've had a lot of deadlines to meet so I'm preoccupied with assisting them.

    I was down to 148 week and I'm up 2 pounds the last two days.....bummer. My goal is to get to the low 140's by the end of the third week....doesn't look like that's going to happen. But today is another day and I'm determined to continue and have success.

    Have a great day everyone!!!

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    last day of week 2 and i got a -1.4 which puts me in the 140's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This feels amazing. Its moments like these that trumps the other 1000 moments where i feel like i am done and cant go.
    debs and Slynky- Cant wait for you guys to get to 140s too- It feels better than we thought it would feel like.
    Gjo - Hang in there. This diet is really hard when you have social obligations. Its my best friends birthday today and she asked me if i can just cheat once to go to sushi. We love sushi but it is going to be a horrible cheat so i told her i will take her anywhere she wants but i cant cheat. With any other diet one cheat is ok but for this diet a tablespoon of something can throw u off. So we are going to push it till after the 26th. She must think i am a horrible vain friend

    Mm lisa wineee..i want to try but i already get heartburns at night as it is.
    FK- Awesome loss!

    Happy Tuesday all.

    Weight: 168; Post load: 170.4
    WK1- 6.8lbs -163.6
    WK2- 2.2lbs -161.4 (bc this pumpkin eater cheated
    Wk3- 2.8lbs -158.6
    VLCD 24 -157.6

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    Jun 2012
    R3, P2, Injection
    Blog Entries
    Even though I don't really have whoosh days, I'll have to say that at least the whoosh fair flew over my house last night and sprinkled a little weight loss dust because I dropped -1 lbs. My losses are always around .5 at best, so this was a nice surprise. Will admit I seriously upped the water yesterday and I'm sure that helped.

    Jules - way to go! What a nice loss you had!!! Congrats on being a 40's gal!

    GJo - it's tough with a busy household to manage! I'm working on college apps for just one son, so multiplied by 3 would be, well, YOUCH!

    GA - I feel you! I have a work training today and you KNOW there is going to be good...trying to focus my resolve now so I won't be tempted.

    Thomygirl - WELCOME! I'm with you...bread is like kryptonite! I'm not a huge bread eater but I love baking it for the family and that's when I get in trouble. I think my #1 source of krytonite is Cheetos Cheese Puffs!!!!!! They have absolutely no nutrition, contain tons of nasty, mysterious thing, but DANG! I just love them...can't have them in the house, even for the kids because I will go into fake cheese induced coma otherwise. Heavenly nastiness!!!!!

    FKDD - Yay! It always feels go to drop those pesky unwanted upswings. Well done!


    R1: 42 Days; Start 210#; Stabilized 188.4#; -24"
    R2: 32 Days; 190.4#; Stabilized 178.4; -12"

    R3: After Load - 183.2
    R3/Week 1 - 178.2 (-5.0)
    VLCD #8 - 178.2 (-0.0) NO CHANGE!
    VLCD #9 - 177.2 (-1.0) YAY!

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    I'm New!
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    Oct 2013
    Middle of nowhere, Michigan
    P2 D8
    I am new on here, and just looking for support. I am on round 1 and did my load days 1 and 2 Oct. I did okay for the first week and lost 9lbs. But then work and sick children stalled me for a week. I am trying to refocus back into it this week, I maintained my weight in the week that I was not diligent. I am just having a hard time staying focued on it. I am a single mom of three boys ages 5, almost 3, and 7 mos. Its tough cooking an eating seperate. I guess I am just looking for motivation and accountibility.

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    Dah...another small loss day. 0.3 - I'm trying to stay positive but I'm still slightly annoyed. I know a loss is a loss and should be celebrated. I just hoped after two days of smaller numbers I might see something over a half pound. Ok - vent over and I'm moving on. Perhaps tomorrow will give me a number I'll get excited about.

    I'm a 40 day'er too. It's tough to stay going that long but I like to get it done and over with! It helps if I countdown the weekends since those are the hardest days.

    Have a great day all!

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