Happy Monday All!

Hope everyone had a fun or relaxing weekend - whatever you prefer

Where is everyone? I think Xexy is on her work trip, but where is Nat, Kat, Skinny, Blondie and anyone else who hasn't posted for a while? Are we abandoning the Loading thread and just jumping onto the current monthly thread? Just asking, cuz I get really tired of just talking to myself

AFM: P3D17 and 132.9. Seems that my body likes that number Still finding that I am having to remember to eat rather than being hungry, but fitting back into P3 eating just fine. Had a nice quiet weekend and even got some work done, so hoping things slow down just a bit this week. Also I'm going to try to bump up my calories a bit and see if I can get a little more breathing room rather than being at the top of my window. Geez, if I stay there, that would mean I really only lost a net of 3 pounds this round! That sounds REALLY bad!

OK - Hope everyone has a fabulous week! And Happy Halloween!!

ETA: There's Nat! We posted at the same time